Jim Paredes slams again by Duterte Supporters: Ikaw ang tunay na idiot o bugok! Alam mo kung bakit?

On Wednesday, Duterte called former Colombian president ‘idiot’ following the latter’s article in New York Times titled “President Duterte Is Repeating My Mistakes”.

Jim Paredes, you know who he is, took to twitter and piggyback on the issue between the former Colombian president César Gaviria and the Philippine president.

In this day and age, you can’t afford to be dumb. I wonder why Crocodile Jim continues to be. Fact is, it was the US DEA agents, detailed in Colombia, who managed to track down Pablo. After Pablo’s death, Colombia had to contend with the rival Cali cartel. The Cali cartel bosses were more sophisticated criminal minds than Pablo. Pablo was dealth a blow when his cousin and chief lieutenant, Gustavo Gaviria, was arrested and killed by the chief of Search Bloc, Col. Carillo. What follows is the end of the Cali cartel after most of their leaders were arrested and extradited to the US where they also cut deals with the DEA. The cartel itself fought against the FARC and M-19 communist insurgents by funding the vigilante group, Los Pepes. Los Pepes was initially deployed to destroy Pablo’s network of cocaine labs and warehouses all over Colombia. They also assassinated the sicarios loyal to Escobar. As late as 2006, a sister of former Colmbian President, Cesar Gaviria named Leticia, was assassinated by unidentified gunmen in Bogota.

It is alleged that the Norte del Valle Cartel was formed after an event where the brothers Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela and Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, leaders of the Cali Cartel, came to an agreement with the Colombian government that if they surrender themselves and their organization to the Colombian justice system they would be given perks as imprisonment in Colombian prisons for not more than 5 years and with the promise of no expropriation of their large amount of property. It is stated that they organized a meeting with their lieutenants, main subordinates and junior partners in the business, to inform them that the decision has already been taken to stop all the illicit business immediately. There were members who refused to this sudden dissolution, including Carlos Alberto Rentería Mantilla, Juan Carlos Ortiz Escobar, Juan Carlos Ramírez Abadía, Diego León Montoya Sánchez and Orlando Henao Montoya. Those who wanted to continue with the business were the ones who shaped the Norte del Valle Cartel (North Valley Cartel).

Meanwhile, the temperamental but sweet Maharlika couldn’t contain her fondness for Jim and called  him ‘bugok’ and idiot for the same offense, failing to consult Google before posting insults against Duterte on Twitter. [Link here]

Jim Paredes ikaw ang tunay na idiot o bugok! Alam mo kung bakit? Tweet ka ng tweet o putak ka ng putak na hindi mo alam pinagsasabi mo.

Basahin mo nasa google kung sino ang nakahuli sa pinaka notorious at demonyo na Colombian drug lord na si Pablo Escobar.

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) o Amerikano ang nakipag tulungan para masukol si Escobar hindi yang kapwa mo idiot na si César Gaviria na dating presidente ng Colombia .

O siya nga pala, ayon sa mga nakakakilala mismo kay Escobar, hindi talaga military forces , Colombian police at DEA ang nakapatay sa kanya na pinalabas ng mainstream media.

Alam mo kung sino ang pumatay kay Escobar? Sarili nya (😂) yes! Nagpakamatay siya kasi yon ang usapan nila ng grupo niya na hindi sila pahuhuli ng buhay.

Bakit ko alam yan? Nandun ako noong mga panahon na yon!(haahah) seriously, natapos ko lang po lahat panoorin lahat ng documentary tungkol kay Escobar , kaya feeling ko nandoon ako ng nagpakamatay siya noong Dec 2,1993😂

Check the NY Times post here to understand where Duterte is coming from when called the former Colombian President “idiot”.


Inside a Tilapia Tapeworm Was Found by a Fish Vendor!

Filipinos love to eat, especially when the food’s fresh. Our culture has a wide variety of ‘ulam’ – our local term for viands – that even foreigners love to eat. 

Case in point – when former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres visited the country in January to judge the 65th Miss Universe pageant, she immediately posted on her Instagram that she missed pork sinigang‘, saying it would always be her favorite Filipino food. There was even a video accompanying her post. 

Among the most popular native viands that we have is the tilapia, a freshwater fish that is widely available. It is also known as the ‘aquatic chicken’ as it grows fast and breeds quickly. Tilapia is almost always the first choice for most Filipinos when it comes to fish dishes. 

So what happens when a fish vendor opens up a tilapia and finds a tapeworm inside? Gross, we know. 

Such was the case in a video that was released by YouTube user STPH Staff. The footage shows a fish vendor extracting a tapeworm from a tilapia that he cut open. 

It has already reached 51, 427 views as of this writing. 

The video begins with the fish vendor slicing the tilapia in half, as is the usual procedure when preparing fish for a meal. Apparently, a customer was filming the whole process. He sounded amazed and was heard saying, “Oh, yeaaahh” when the fish vendor began to cut the tilapia. 

But a few moments later he saw something strange – a long tapeworm clearly visible inside the tilapia! The fish vendor extracted it with his knife and the customer commented that he should “skim the fish.” 

The US National Library of Medicine cited that tapeworms in fish are one of the largest parasites that could easily infect people. 

Lots of netizens spread the video in an effort to warn others. They claim that people should be more vigilant when it comes to buying food from the market. 

Source: YouTube, VK


She Said She Gave Not Enough Change, But See What Happens When She Saw A Hidden Camera

Here in the Philippines, magicians are not only seen on stage, but also in public places, like a public market. 

The lady featured in a video has mastered a magic trick that is evidently useful in everyday life: the disappearing money trick. 

Yet with the use of technology and a handy hidden camera device, not even the trickiest sleight of hand can go unnoticed

In this video, a lady can be seen buying cocoa powder from a stall in a public market. After getting the powder, she paid 500 pesos.  

To be sure that he will give her the exact change, the male vendor took time to count the money in the woman’s hands. However, after receiving her change, the lady complained that she was short changed. Peculiar, isn’t it? 

The male vendor, sure that he gave the exact amount, tried to reason with the lady. The lady then showed him the contents of her plastic bag and even told the vendor to look around to prove that she received nothing more. 

When the man decided to look at his stall’s hidden camera footage, the lady realized that everything was caught on cam. It was at this moment that the lady magically ‘found’ the missing one hundred peso.

An untrained eye might see it as a mere accident or coincidence. However, once you focus on the video you will eventually see through the act and realize how she intentionally wanted to take advantage of the male vendor.  

Source: Facebook, VK


‘What is the most significant change you have seen in the world in the last 10 years?’

These celebrity transformations show how big of a difference 10 years can make.

They were adorable before but now they are… just WOW!

1. Liza Soberano

No longer a baby, but now a pretty lady! The 19-year old actress has captured the hearts of many. She’s so pretty, she even got signed as the new face of Maybelline in 2016.

2. Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla started his acting career in Gimik 2010 when he was 15 years old. Now, all grown up, he is the other half of the popular love team

3. Kathryn Bernardo

4. Nadine Lustre

Pa-tweetums before but now Nadine Lustre is one of the hottest celebrities around. She has bloomed to be hottie we know right now with bikini photos going viral recently.

5. James Reid


From being the boy who became the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010, James Reid is now all grown up and he’s just sizzling hot!

6. Kim Chiu

Another teen big winner from Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition, Kim Chiu has transformed from the newbie teenybopper into an experienced star.

Nahanap na kaya niya ang icing sa ibabaw ng cupcake niya?

7. Alden Richards

Who would have thought he’ll be the Pambansang Bae? Didn’t even take 10 years.

8. Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza probably thought she’d be a chef and not capture the hearts of the nation by becoming the dubsmash queen. Also, that was a phenomenal rise to stardom. Galing!

9. Enrique Gil

Both gwapo pa rin!

10. Charice Pempengco


Ann Mateo Transformed by Netizen from Daring Photos To This!

Viral superstar and FHM model Ann Mateo has been a trending topic on social media, in the aftermath of the rap battle between her boyfriend Shehyee and battle rapper Sinio.

Sinio said some unflattering comments as part of his rap set, including insinuating that Ann was a promiscuous girl. Such controversial remarks were heavily criticized on social media.

In light of the recent events, a Facebook user decided to lighten up the mood by injecting a little bit of comedy into this heated situation. 

Netizen Cedric Zamora showed off his photoshop skills, altered some of Ann’s revealing pictures and uploaded on Facebook. What he made was hilariously unexpected!

He transformed the otherwise sexy photos of Ann into more ‘conservative’  versions of themselves!


Di ko ginalingan dinamitan ko lang bes. Wag nyo na bigyan ng meaning gusto ko lang ipakita na pwede pala ako magka clothing line.”

The edited photos have garnered more than 11K reactions and 3,000+ shares on Facebook as of writing. 

Here are some of Ann’s photos tweaked by Cedric. The photos look pretty convincing if you ask us. 

Via: Kami , Facebook, VK


Children From Cebu Brought Back to Life by Brave Rescuers!

A Facebook user named Dee Dee Yhani recently posted two videos of children being revived by two brave rescuers. The videos were taken at a resort in Cebu. Yhani documented how the rescuers performed CPR on the two children who supposedly drowned.

Yhani’s videos came with the following caption:

“Happened in Alta Cebu today. Giinvite mi ug party, sa tunga2x sa among pagkaon, kalit lang man naay nishagit na naay nalumos. May gani naa mi kuyog na rescuers. Thank you for saving their lives Harvski Harvs and Wendy Padillo-Mirambel. Ang resort mismo walay nurse ug lifeguard.#patikanrescuer#preggyrescuer”

WATCH NOW! Children From Cebu Who Were Feared Dead Were Brought Back to Life by Brave Rescuers!

Yhani was staying at Alta Cebu resort when the incident happened. Based on her post, it seems that the resort did not have any life guards or nurses on duty that day. 

Yhani was apparently invited to a party held at the resort. While she was eating with her companions, someone suddenly  yelled that there were people drowning in the pool. Two children were apparently left alone in the pool area

Fortunately, two brave rescuers who knew just what to do in situations like that happened to be at the resort as well. One of them was even pregnant, according to Yhani’s post (see her #preggyrescuer).  

They volunteered to revive the children in question. 

Source: Facebook, VK


3 Suspects in Aeta Girl’s Brutal Rape-Slay Finally Arrested

Authorities have arrested three out of the four suspects involved in the rape-slay of a Half Chinese-Half Aeta at Hermosa, Bataan. 

The victim, identified as Angelique Charlotte Bulatao, was discovered at the Subic Bay Freeport area in Hermosa, Bataan. A villager found the body hung by the neck on a tree and had been decomposing for 4 days. Relatives said that a wooden object was inserted in her private areas. 

In a report by GMA-7, the suspects include the Ricky Pendora (the victim’s uncle), Rommel Pinio (the live-in partner of the victim’s mother) and a certain Melchor Zapanta. Police are still looking for the unnamed fourth assailant.

According to the victim’s mother, she was drinking with the suspects until she was completely intoxicated. By then the suspects had carried out their heinous intentions towards her pregnant 20-year-old daughter. The mother said she awoke a few times from her drunken stupor and was witness to some of the atrocious actions by the perpetrators. 

Source: GMA, VK


Pervert Guy Asked For Her Nude Photos But What She Did is Really Unexpected!

Stories of harassment has been steady gaining attention from netizens these days. Some of these stories end up badly with either the victim getting blamed for it or the aggressor getting away with it. Some end quite unexpectedly like the girl who furiously punched a pervert in the face or the girl who immediately filed a complaint in the police station. However, these stories are becoming endless as another one went viral across social media.

This time, the harassment happened in a social media platform and was done through chat messaging. A man, whose identity is concealed, messaged another person asking for a nude photo. He also offered money if the person can give him a peek of her breasts. 

The other person agreed immediately and sent him a photo of her cleavage. But the man wanted more, so he asked her to give him a topless photo. The other person kept on disagreeing, but the man was quite persistent. In the end, the other person sent him a photo and the story turned into something really funny!

It was totally unexpected and as a result, the man immediately blocked the other person on messenger! Over 16 thousand netizens reacted to the post and over 4 thousand shared the story. 

This Pervert Asked For Nude Photos But Didn't Expect it To Turn Out Like This!

This Pervert Asked For Nude Photos But Didn't Expect it To Turn Out Like This!

This Pervert Asked For Nude Photos But Didn't Expect it To Turn Out Like This!

This Pervert Asked For Nude Photos But Didn't Expect it To Turn Out Like This!

This Pervert Asked For Nude Photos But Didn't Expect it To Turn Out Like This!

This Pervert Asked For Nude Photos But Didn't Expect it To Turn Out Like This!

This Pervert Asked For Nude Photos But Didn't Expect it To Turn Out Like This!

Source: Facebook, VK


Hit-and-run victim thrown in the air after wayward Hyundai sedan malfunctioned and accelerated

CCTV footage of a tragic accident in Lucban is going viral wherein a woman was thrown in the air upon impact with rampaging Hyundai sedan.

Based on the CCTV footage, right from the get-go of the 62-second video, a figure in the shape of a woman can be seen flying in the air, just above the speeding like she was projectile before crashing down into the roof of the makeshift stall of a sidewalk vendor.

The wayward car missed the vendor who was standing in the sidewalk by a hairline.

Shortly, many people went out of their houses to check what was the commotion all about.

Then, the cops appeared in the screen running after the rampaging Hyundai car.

According to the Inquirer report, at least 16 persons were injured after a white Hyundai sedan plowed into a group of pedestrians walking along a road in Lucban town in Quezon province on Saturday, February 4, 2017..

The driver, Roger Peñaflor claimed that Hyundai sedan suddenly malfunctioned and accelerated as he was leaving the parking area in the church compound in Barangay (village) 10 at around 2:20 p.m.

Police said the malfunctioning car plowed into the victims walking along San Luis St and hitting several parked vehicles causing undetermined damage.

Peñaflor claimed that he applied foot and hand brakes but still failed to regain control of the vehicle due to rapid acceleration.

The victims were brought to a local hospital in Lucban for treatment while those who sustained fatal injuries were transferred to Lucena City with better facilities.


Girl Is Still Missing And Her Last FB Message Asked For ‘help’!

JOY DIANNE ORATA-ANCHETA, a student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila is still missing. According to Facebook user Jojo Lindo, her family is still currently looking for her.

Ancheta was last seen in Farmers Market, Cubao. She was asked to bring 3 cell phones to a repair shop at around 10 AM – 12 PM.

According to Mary Jane Todoc, she brought a cellphone and around Php 2,100 in cash. The student was confirmed to be missing for 24 hours as of this writing.

She was able to send a Facebook message to her friend which merely said “help” at 12:19 PM yesterday. The 18-year old girl resides in Anonas, Quezon City.


JUST IN: This Girl Is Still Missing And Her Last FB Message Asked For "help"!

JUST IN: This Girl Is Still Missing And Her Last FB Message Asked For "help"!

Source: Facebook, VK