Woman Was Touched By A Man On Her Chest While Riding A Bus And What The Conductor!

It is puzzling how, at this day and age, women still suffer from inequality and patriarchy.

Take, for example, the post of Facebook user Alyssa Paula Fernandez who experienced not only sexual harassment but humiliation on her route to work. 

On her post, she recounted the series of events. She boarded a bus going to Cubao. The bus was full and she had didn’t have the luxury of choosing her seat, so she grabbed the vacant seat between a student and a man on his 30’s. 

To pass time, she put on her earphones, listened to some music and closed her eyes. Moments later, the man next to her seemed to have touched her. As a courtesy, he gave the man the benefit of the doubt and assumed that it was coincidental. 

But it didn’t end there. 

Just as she was about to stand up, the man cupped her boobs in his hands. Alyssa, was of course shocked and speechless at first. Imagine how perplexing that could be for her.

She came back to her senses when she remembered what happened to Aika, another victim of sexual harassment. So she slapped the man, and even punched him. The man seemed to be caught off-guard and apologized to her. 

All the other people were looking at them because of the commotion, that’s why the conductor asked them what’s happening. Alyssa told the conductor that the man violated her. But instead of acting on it, he simply dismissed Alyssa. 

It was unbelievable. 

We are familiar with cases like this, and we have the capacity to make it stop. Being a decent human being is not an obligation but a trait that we all must inherently possess and practice.

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Man Touched This Woman’s Leg Inside a Bus And This Is What the Passengers Did!

Sexual assault is a prevalent issue nowadays. Numerous headlines featuring stories of sexual assault go viral almost on a daily basis. This only shows that there are people who cannot control their lustful desires.

Another alarming story of sexual assault is circulating online

Facebook user Angelica Macalisang witnessed the incident and immediately posted it to warn ladies about people who are ready to take advantage of them even in public places.

Macalisang’s post is accompanied by pictures and videos showing how passengers of a public transport vehicle handled the situation between an alleged sex offender and his victim

A Man Touched This Woman's Leg Inside a Bus And This Is What the Passengers Did! Watch This!

In the video, a crying lady was yelling at a man she was accusing of sexual assault. She repeatedly said that the unidentified offender rubbed his manhood on her legs. 

Although the video did not capture the exact moment he did it, the lady is certain of her allegations against the male passenger. She cried as she kept narrating the incident. She also reiterated that she just gave birth to a child. Meanwhile, the alleged offender repeatedly denied all accusations.

A Man Touched This Woman's Leg Inside a Bus And This Is What the Passengers Did! Watch This!

The other passengers on the bus sided with the lady as they backed up her claims. They said that she would not have cried if the accusations were untrue. 

They cornered the guy and did not let him get off the bus. One man encouraged Macalisang to take a video and pictures of the alleged suspect. They also asked her to post it online so that the suspect will be shamed publicly for his indecent act.

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Wife Caught Husband with Another Woman in Their Own Car!

A lot of cheating videos circulate online. There are various situations where cheaters are caught as they do their business. While some of them are caught having cuddling moments with their mistresses, people often go crazy when it comes to those situations where cheating couples are caught in the act doing intimate activities with each other.

This is the exact same thing that this viral video shows when it immediately dominated social media. This is not a typical caught-in-the-act cheating moment because these traitors were seen banging each other inside a car! 

This may be one of the most painful moments for the wife of the man featured in the video. When they opened the car door, he was actually inside an unknown woman who was half naked in the entire video. Although the footage only lasts for more than a minute, it is enough to prove that certain people do not mind hurting others just to do their business. 

According to boytrending.net, the wife was actually with her brothers when they saw what was happening inside the car. It seemed that the men in the background were angry at what they saw but they did not do anything violent to the husband or his mistress. They tried to remain calm although another woman can be heard screaming. Due to tremendous embarrassment, the mistress only chose to hide her face from the camera. She cannot move as she remained half-naked although several other men were surrounding her.

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DepEd to Lowers Minimum Age Requirement To 15 Years Old!

Due to financial difficulties, many students are forced to apply for certain jobs to sustain their financial needs while going to school. The number of students working for summer jobs is continuously growing every year.

Summer job workers are expected to double their number as the Department of Education recently lowered the minimum age requirement for summer job applicants to 15 years old effective this year.

DepEd released Republic Act No. 9547 which expands and strengthens the coverage of R.A. No. 7323 or the Special Program For Employment of Students. It has amended certain provisions including the reduction of minimum age requirement for those students who wish to apply for a summer job. 

Through R.A No. 9547, “poor but deserving students fifteen (15) years of age but not more than twenty-five (25) years old” can be considered employees of companies. This has been a major change as companies were formerly allowed to only accept applicants age 18 years old and above.

Aside from the age requirement, R.A 9547 also amended the following provisions on salary, application period and credentials of the applicants:

“paying them salary or wage not lower than the minimum wage for private employers and the applicable hiring rate for the national and local government agencies”

“shall only be employed during summer and/or Christmas vacation”

“that students employed in acitivities related to their course may earn equivalent academic credit as may be determined by the appropriate government agencies”

The DepEd officials also pointed out their aim is to ensure that students are still learning while earning on their vacation periods.

“We would like to make sure that they are doing great with their grades. We will look at their family income. Mayroon tayong mga hinahanap na talagang mas nangangailangan so napakagandang pagkakataon po sa ating mga mag-aaral na habang summer, hindi lamang po sila kumikita ay nagkakaroon pa po ng pagkakataong matuto, “ DepEd Spokesman Asec. Tomisito Umali said in a press conference.

ABs-CBN News’ Jasmin Romero also reported that applicants may wish to apply for a job in fastfood chains, restaurants and even in local and national government agencies.  

The DepEd secretary, Sec. Leonor Briones claimed that companies may also benefit from these amendments as they may choose their desired employees immediately. They may discover new talents, skills, and personalities who may then be hired as regular employees of their establishments.

“Namimili sila eh. Makakapili sila sino ang gusto nila. So they don’t have to go through the years na wala-wala, ang tagal-tagal ng proseso. So you teach them the basic things, no necessarily those which are memorized only,” Sec. Briones said.

Meanwhile, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) earlier announced that more than 200,000 jobs are available in the country for Senior High School students who aspire to graduate from their academic tracks.

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Filipinos Are Hypocrites When It Comes to Standards of Beauty?

In today’s age of technology and social media, some people have been branded “narcissists” or “self-centered” as selfies have become almost a norm in our newsfeeds. People are now also more willing to express their thoughts, sentiments, opinions, and whatnot through their own statuses and pictures. 

Facebook user Giselle Mabalot posted two pictures and claimed that people, Filipinos especially, are very hypocritical when it comes to their own standards of beauty. 

On her post are two different shots of girls. The left side featured an otherwise normal-looking girl with ordinary features but had no bra on, while the picture on the right showed a busty girl with a more attractive appearance. She appears to have no bra on as well.

Mabalot said that the girl on the left side was called a “fame wh**e” while the girl on the right side was highly complimented by Filipinos and had lots of likes, comments, and shares on Facebook.

 FAMEWHORE OR NOT: Netizen Claims That Filipinos Are Hypocrites When It Comes to Standards of Beauty!

 FAMEWHORE OR NOT: Netizen Claims That Filipinos Are Hypocrites When It Comes to Standards of Beauty!

Mabalot also hashtagged her post with “#hypocrites” and “#crabmentality.” She implied that just because the girl on the right side (the one wearing a white camisole) looked more attractive, people were quick to hit the “like button.”

Meanwhile, the girl on the right (the one wearing an orange shirt) was tagged as a “fame wh**” because she was not that attractive anyway—at least, that’s what Mabalot implied. 

Many netizens agreed with Mabalot’s view and said that what she posted about the girls and Filipinos’ perceptions of beauty were “true.” 

Here are some of their thoughts on the issue: 

Mark Jordan Cabural: “I don’t necessarily believe that labeling should ever be used, but if all these girls do is post on social media with nothing else going for them in their lives, then I believe they technically are just doing it for the fame.”

“I believe that all people are beautiful and you should feel free to express your body, but I don’t believe that its justifiable for her to only post pictures for likes haha” 

Lucienne Rosales: “Nothing wrong with showing your tits. It’s disturbing how the girl in the left receives death threats and insults, people are so miserable really” 

Tell us your thoughts below! 

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This Boy’s English Translations Will Make You Laugh!

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you couldn’t seem to translate a seemingly simple Filipino word into English?

Well, don’t worry, because you’re not alone when it comes to that.  

Most people generally assume that it’s easy to translate certain words from one language to another. 

Particularly in countries like the Philippines where citizens are expected to speak at least two languages, people assume that the ability to switch almost flawlessly from Filipino to English is something that comes naturally. 

What others don’t realize is that language is actually more tricky than what we all might like to think. Due to cultural and economic differences, sometimes, it’s pretty clear that certain words, no matter how simple they may seem, can yield different meanings in other languages. 

We also have to take note that the environment has something to do with how people perceive language. The media too has a hand in whatever words we happen to have in our daily vocabulary. 

But enough of all the discussions about how complicated language can be. Let’s move on to the lighter side of things for now. 

Recently, a clip of a boy from the Philippines giving out English translations for certain Filipino words has gone viral online. 

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A Priest Is Planning on Making Cory as Saint?

In our country where the separation of the Church and State is still largely debatable, and the people’s beliefs and values are heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic religion, it is not a surprise that some would want to beatify a political figure. 

In an interview with Joanna Rae Ramirez, lifestyle editor of The Philippine Star, Fr. Catalino Arevalo revealed that he is planning to start the process of the late president’s ordainment into sainthood. He believes that Cory has the qualities and attributes fit for a saint

Fr. Arevalo talked about Cory’s life and suffering she had to undergo, particularly the loss of her husband, the political destabilization during her time as President, and ultimately her fight with colon cancer which led to her death. 

Fr. Arevalo commended how she battled all of this out without complaining, instead, choosing to live a life of prayer. According to the priest, this just goes to show that she has an outstanding strength of character and tremendous levels of perseverance

“From what I know of Tita Cory, I see no difficulty whatsoever and I think that we should start thinking of the possibility of starting a process ourselves.” Fr. Arevalo stated. 

To further prove his point, he talked about how Cory was inspired by St. Francis of Assisi’s life. St. Francis, one of the many martyrs of the Catholic Church, lived a modest and simple life despite all the suffering he endured. 

He related that, when Cory went down from her Presidential post, she went to Assisi, and was moved by St. Francis’ life. She then returned to her hotel, went down on her knees, and prayed to the Lord, saying that she will not complain if suffering comes into her life. 

In the Catholic church, a person can only be nominated for sainthood if she has passed away at least 6 years prior to the time of nomination. This makes Cory eligible since she died in 2009

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Woman Suspected of Killing an OFW Surrendered to the QCPD!

Following reports of the manhunt started by the Quezon City Police Distrct for the group of students believed to be responsible for the death of an OFW on vacation, a 20 year-old woman has reportedly come out to the police with more information. 

Readers may remember that according to reports that have been circulating in the media for about a week now, a man named Abigail Gino Basas was killed in the early morning of  March 4, 2017 by a group of students who ganged up on him and his companions.

Basas reportedly went back to the country for a brief vacation. 

On Friday night (March 3, 2017), Basas went out with two of his friends (Marco de Leon,23 and Lloyd Melvin Lisondra, 22) to drink at a bar in Quezon City. 

On their way out of the bar at around 2:55 am, the three accidentally bumped into a man who was recently identified as  Fitz Mohammed. The little accident was apparently upset Mohammed who later followed the three to the parking lot along with his other friends. They then decided to beat up Basas and his companions at the bar’s parking lot. 

A few days ago, the QCPD announced that they identified three more people involved in the brutal mauling; Cyril Rada, Earl Grande, and a friend of theirs named ‘Jammel’.

But now it seems that the list of names of the people involved in the killing is complete. 

According to reports, one of the 10 suspects, a 20-year-old female student from San Sebastian College, gave out a sworn statement to the QCPD about last Saturday’s incident. 

Aside from confirming that the primary suspect was indeed her friend namend Mohammad “Pits” Marzan Piti-Ilan or “Fitz Mohammed”, she also gave out the names of other people involved in the incident. 

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s article from March 10, 2017, the woman also identified the following in her sworn statement:

Cyril Angelo Rada

Earl Brian Grande

Jameel Haron Benito

Angelo Mark Morata

Patricia Dianne Marquez

Joliena Talaman

Glory Mar Suba

Allyssa Ashley Garganta

She also added that some of the group was composed of college students from the National University (Piti-Ilan) The University of the East (Rada and Grande), STI College Manila (Benito), and San Beda College (Morata, Marquez, and Joliena).

Here is a photo of the group, taken before the incident:

More Suspects Responsible for the Recent Killing of an OFW in Quezon City Have Been Identified

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Sara Duterte Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby! Find Out Here!

At approximately 12:56 p.m. on March 2, the Davao City Information Office announced that its mayor, Sara Duterte, successfully gave birth to a baby boy. The mayor named her son Stonefish. 

GMA News reported that the baby weighed 2.42 kilos or 5.3 pounds and was delivered through a caesarean operation. Her husband, lawyer Manases Carpio, stated the following: “Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life.” 

The lawyer added that his wife is already “stable” and that she is “generally fine” after she underwent labor. 

Last August, Sara confirmed that she was carrying triplets. However, she lost the twins a month after as doctors confirmed that two of them lost their heartbeats. 

Sara is already a mother of two, Sharky and Stingray. Sharky is the nickname of her adopted daughter, while Stingray is the nickname of Mateo Lucas D. Carpio. 

When she lost two of her supposed triplets, her mom, Elizabeth Zimmerman, along with her brothers Paolo and Sebastian, stood by her side. Sara lost the babies after Davao suffered an extremely tense night market bombing on September 2.

JUST IN! Sara Duterte Gives Birth to a Baby Boy! Read the Details Here!

JUST IN! Sara Duterte Gives Birth to a Baby Boy! Read the Details Here!

Congratulations, Mayor Sara Duterte!

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Female Steals P200,000 in a Children’s Birthday Party!

Picture this scenario: You are at a birthday party, filled with all kinds of people, and you are enjoying yourself as you chat and mingle along with other visitors. You place your bag somewhere—-in a chair perhaps—where no one can bother it and steal your belongings

Suddenly, one of your friends grab your arm and lead you somewhere else where you can no longer spot your bag. You sense a trickle of danger coming in but you’re not thoroughly alarmed. You’re in a birthday party, anyway. You know most of the people who are there with you. 

This is the scenario that Janice Bersaba, the mother of the birthday celebrant, encountered. According to her, the visitors of the party reached a total of 150

In her statement to ABSCBN News, she said, “Maraming unfamiliar faces d’on sa event kasi inisip namin baka yaya o driver. So ‘di na namin inano na may ibang tao, kasi puwede ring sa supplier siya, ‘di ba?” 

It was reported that she left her pink bag in a chair after the event because they were supposed to take a family picture. The CCTV footage showed a long-sleeved woman approach the chair where the pink bag was. 

A few seconds later and the woman already has Bersaba’s bag. She walked away from the venue as if nothing had happened. 

Bersaba shared, “Napansin ko na nawala ‘yung bag ko. Hinahanap ko, then hinanap sa venue, uh… hindi siya nakita.” 

The stolen bag contained Bersaba’s cell phone as well as the cash which was supposed to be used for the party. She lost approximately 250,000 pesos in total.