Female Passenger Shocked After This Jeepney Barker Shows His Manhood in Front of Her!

A female passenger just experienced the most awkward and harassing thing someone might ever experience.

A certain Pauline Fortuno shared on her Facebook post about her experience with a jeepney barker who harassed her by showing his manhood to her.

According to Fortuno’s post, she was riding a jeep going to Market-Market at 3 o’clock in the afternoon when she encountered the pervert. Fortuno said that she was just scrolling her facebook news feed when she heard the barker shouting: “ATE TIGNAN MO GALIT NA”. She then noticed that the man was looking at her while playing with his organ.

According to Fortuno’s post, the jeepney barker is Archie Navarro, 34 years old and residing in Guadalupe Nuevo. 

Fortuno also reminded everyone that women should be careful of these kind of people.

“Pinost ko ‘to para maging aware at magingat sa lalaking to mahirap na nagawa niya nga to sa public place at hapon what more pag gabi at wala talagang tao sa daan,” Fortuno said.

She also wrote in her post that Navarro got arrested after she filed a complaint against him. 

“Ingat tayong lahat, napablotter ko na rin siya, ngayon hawak siya ng baranggay ng east rembo,” she said.

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Barker Showed off his manhood to a female passenger! And this what happened next!

A pervert barker was jailed after molesting a passenger by showing off his manhood to a female passenger in Market Market.

Facebook user Pauline Fortuno shared a video featuring a jeepney barker who was seen playing his manhood while throwing “harassing words” to his victim.

The barker is identified as Archie Navarro, 34, and a resident of Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati. Take a look of the video posted below:


Suspect in College Student’s Rape-Slay Killed Inside Precinct? Is this true?

Following the recent arrest of the suspect behind a 2nd year college student’s brutal rape-slay, a recent piece of news from ‘ABS-CBN-Breaking-News.blogspot.com’ recently made waves online after it made wild, unverified claims.

According to the fake news site, residents near the police station claim that 10 gunshots were heard emanating from the precinct where the suspect, Alvin Delos Angeles, was being held. The bogus news site then claims that Delos Angeles was killed after he tried to grab a police officer’s gun.

No news regarding the alleged incident has been released by the official ABS CBN website. 

Additionally, ‘ABS-CBN-Breaking-News.blogspot.com’ was unable to provide any further information that serves as proof that Delos Angeles was really killed. 

Just to be perfectly clear, ‘ABS-CBN-Breaking-News.blogspot.com’ is a FAKE NEWS SITE

Although many netizens commented in favor of the news, expressing their delight that the suspect got what was coming to him, we should all be more cautious about the information that we receive online. 

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This Guy Sexually Abused this Girl, Her Father Did This To Him!

Fathers are naturally protective of their families, especially their daughters. They treat them as princesses and try to give them a wonderful life free from harm as much as possible.

You could only imagine the immense rage and agony of a father when he finds out that one of his beloved daughters got s*xually abused. 

The heartbreaking story of Jay Maynor will definitely cause you to cry out for justice.

Jay learned that his daughter, Julia, was s*xually abused by her adoptive maternal grandfather, Raymond Earl Brooks, between the ages of 4 and 9.

This Father Was Arrested For Killing The Man Who Sexually Abused His Daughter! READ HERE!

Filled with burning revenge, Jay brought justice into his own hands and k*lled Brooks.

He pleaded guilty last November, saying that it would cause his daughter too much pain if she had to relive the awful experiences she went through by attending court.

Jay was sentenced with 40 years in prison.

This Father Was Arrested For Killing The Man Who Sexually Abused His Daughter! READ HERE!

Julia, along with her father’s supporters, praised Jay for doing what a parent should.

“My father was protecting me, like a father should do. He is an amazing father – actually the best. He loves us so much.” Julia said.

The suspect, Brooks, was charged before as a registered s*x offender and was imprisoned for a mere 27 months.

Jay thought it wasn’t enough punishment. 

This is not the first time that Jay involved himself in his daughter’s life. He shot Julia’s abusive ex-boyfriend but he survived unharmed. Because of that, Jay faced attempted manslaughter and was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Jay’s supporters continue to take action on what they believe is unfair punishment for a father who only wanted to protect his child.

There is a petition launched on Change.org to collect signatures that will be sent to the Governor of Alabama to ask that Jay be granted pardon. The petition says:

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New Modus. This Guy Will Pretend to Order but In The End He Will Rob the Store

A daring robbery took place in a milk tea shop in Quezon City, with an armed hold-upper ordering a drink before committing his crime.


Pinoy hold-upper caught on CCTV robbing milk tea shop (Photo: Facebook)

The incident, which was captured on CCTV, reportedly took place at a branch of I Love Milk Tea.

The video shows the hold-upper scouting the scene before entering the restaurant. He then ordered a drink before drawing out his gun and threatening the customers and employees.


According to reports, the robber was able to take some electronic gadgets and wallets.

Many netizens urged business establishments to hire a security guard for protection.

“Dapat talaga may security guard na ang mga establishment kasi pang discourage yan ng holdaper. Maprotektahan din ang mga customer kapag may guard kaya mas lalong babalik ang mga customer,” a netizen explained.


After She Humiliates her Boyfriend. This Guy Hit his Girlfriend!

This couple went viral online after their violent public confrontation was caught on video.

In the viral video, the girlfriend was first seen holding her boyfriend’s collar to keep him in place while she berated him. Although the specifics of their conversation couldn’t be heard on the video, reports say that they were allegedly arguing about a third party.

The boyfriend attempted to escape several times, however his girlfriend kept stopping him.

During his final attempt to escape, the woman was able to get a tight hold of him and repeatedly slapped him with the crowd gathering around to watch.

The boyfriend finally had enough and he hit her back, even following after her as she ran towards the crowd.

As soon as the couple’s confrontation started to get more violent, people finally intervened and separated them.

Netizens were divided about which side to take. Some reacted by saying the woman deserved it. Others countered by saying no matter how irritating a woman gets, no one has the right to hurt her.

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‘iPhone Girl’ Goes Viral Once Again After Commenting on Police Man Post on Facebook

Netizen Isiah Victoria, infamously known as ‘iPhone Girl’ to the online community, went viral once again after a cop reacted to one of her posts.

Renzo Trias, dressed in his police uniform, also went viral online for his sweet and charming face that had girls swooning.

Apparently, Isiah Victoria is one of his biggest fans.

After Isiah posted about her interest in Renzo, he answers her with a sick burn that had the fire department scrambling.


Although Trias did not confirm on his official Facebook account whether he was really behind the hilarious comment, he shared screenshots of his alleged reaction on January 9.

He again commented on his own post, saying that, although he doesn’t own an iPhone 7, he had an older model iPhone 6.

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After the Surgery Doctors was Shocked By What They Found Inside This Woman’s Butt

India is a country where women are typically still treated as secondary citizens and patriarchy is still largely prevalent.

This is one of the reasons why the majority of Indian men still exert authority over the women in their country, which often leads to abuse. 

Such is the case of a 38-year-old woman who was rushed to the hospital on Christmas day due to complaints of severe abdominal pain. 

The doctors immediately performed an x-ray examination on the woman. Unfortunately, the problem couldn’t be fully detected and the x-ray only showed silhouettes of a foreign material. 

To resolve the woman’s life-threatening problem, the doctors performed emergency surgery. What they discovered once they opened her up shocked them. 

Doctors Were Shocked By What They Found Inside This Woman’s Butt After Surgery!

The doctors found a 40cm rolling pin stuffed up the woman’s anus. Due to the alarming discovery, the head doctor, Dr. Kedar Shahi, alerted the police and Amita Lokhani, the vice-chairperson of National Commission of Woman in India. 

At first, the victim refused to explain what happened to her. But after three days, she confessed that her husband was the one who performed the terrible act. 

“I continued visiting her for three days and eventually she opened up on the third day while her husband was away. She told me she was infertile and her husband often tortured her,” Lokhani said. 

According to the patient, this was just one of her husband’s many acts of torture. She revealed that he forced the rolling pin inside of her and refused to bring her to the hospital. Her husband only agreed to take her to the hospital when her condition worsened and she could no longer bear the pain. 

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This Girl Offer her Budget Meal that any guys would really love

Promos are really effective in enticing people to buy a particular product. However, a girl named Kristina Jackson offered a promo that shocked many people!

Only a few weeks after the iPhone scandal, it seems Jackson also wants to have her own customers as well. Photos of conversations with her offering a “Promo/Happy budget meal rate” have been circulating in social media. Mind you, this ‘budget meal’ is not something you can buy in the carinderia

Facebook user Human Side posted photos of Jackson’s scheme.

Photos of Jackson’s body and a list of her promo can found in the post. Yes, you read it right – she offers lovemaking services with different prices and promos. She has also listed the dos and don’t’s of her special promo.

The only thing is the boys can’t avail the promo anymore as she indicated that promo was only from November 3 until December 20, 2016. 

This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!

This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!

This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!

This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!

This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!

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This Ginatilan Dancer Is Very Look Alike by Hollywood Celebrity Selena Gomez!

On January 5, the Sinulog Festival kicked off with the Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan competition. However, netizens tuned in to the festivities for another reason.

Here’s a picture, by Cebu Daily News, of a beautiful girl from Tribu Ginatilan leading the dancers – and she looks amazingly like Hollywood singer-actress Selena Gomez!

Netizens were curious over the identity of this striking look-a-like, so CDN held a small contest on their Twitter and Facebook account. The first person to give the correct identity of the girl would be awarded a prize from the news company

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