Once again, Kim Domingo was gone viral on social media because of Her latest video “NURSE KIM DOMINGO ”

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She was portraying as a Sexy Nurse and her video reached more than 400k youtube views.

In the  said viral video of Kim Domingo,  There are 4 patient with orthopedic issues, 3 of them were magically cured by the Nurse’s care. What happened to the last patient ? Just watch the video below.

This young brother lived in Cave for a year! Caputured the hearts of netizens!

Despite the modern world that we’re living in, the Garana brothers who were featured in the Father’s Day special episode of MMK still chose to live inside a cave in Camarines Sur for several years!
The grade school students who’re studying from Managle Elementary School in Sipocot, Camarines Sur caught the attentions of the netizens after their photos that were taken in their “cave home” were posted online!

The family actually started living in the cave back in 2014 after their house was destroyed by typhoon Glenda.

The cave was actually located at the peak of a hill. This cave served as their home that was consisted of a bedroom, a cooking area and a dining place.

The family survived living in this cave with no electricity and the only light that the only thing they have at night is their small lamp to light their home.

Despite the long journey, the teacher of the Garana brothers named Luningning Bagatua said that the two still managed to come to school everyday even if they lack food and school supplies!

Luckily, several anonymous sponsors volunteered to provide snacks for the boys everyday after reading Bagatua’s viral post.

Female passenger was raped and robbed by Taxi driver while she was drunk

A drunk female passenger in Taguig was raped and robbed by 25 years old driver.

The 20-year-old female passenger along with other friends went home from a club party when they took the cab who molested the victim.

When they stopover for some women to take a bathroom break, the driver took their drunk friend to a motel where he raped and also robbed the money of the victim.

After the incident, the driver even dared to take the woman back to her apartment. He later arrested and will face rape and robbery charges.

Watch the filed report of ABSCBN News reporter Jerome Lantim below:

Source: abscbn


A self-confessed AlDub fan named Diane Pitos has joined “It’s Showtime’s” ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ (June 13).

Diane Pitos sang Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and unfortunately, Yeng Constantino, signaled Ryan Bang to hit the gong. Yeng explained, “Alam kong masakit ito sa kalooban mo pero tatapatin na kita at ‘yung desisyon na ito bilang punong hurado ako ngayong araw, syempre ininquire ko rin sa tabi ko lalo na andito ang ating bagong winewelcome na bagong hurado Maestro Louie Ocampo. Talaga nag-inquire talaga ako na kung igogong na ba natin o hindi. Medyo naparami talaga ang flats mo. Ang kantang ito ay napakasikat at obvious talaga kapag ikaw ay sumablay. Pero ang mapapayo ko sa iyo, may quality naman ang boses mo, ipagpatuloy mo lang ang pagrerehearse, mahahasa din ‘yan sa pagdating ng panahon. Kaya, ‘wag kang tumigil pero naparami talaga this day. ‘Wag kang mawalan ng pag-asa. Sali ka ulit.”

Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis saw a resemblance between the ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ contestant and Maine Mendoza but they didn’t say anything about it. Diane’s get-up and her lipstick are some of Maine’s signature fashion in “Eat Bulaga’s” ‘Kalyeserye.’


Unfortunately, some AlDub fans are not happy to see a look-alike in the rival show.


In a series of tweets, Diane confirmed that she’s an AlDub fan and explained why she joined ‘Tawag Ng Tanghalan.’ She tweeted, “Yes! I’m #ALDUB fan, But it doesn’t mean i don’t have rights to be me as a singer in other network. #ShowtimeMayBago  #ALDUBALLMyLife”










Due to issued paper bag by Cashier on SM Dasmarinas, Facebook User named “Momregg Tapiru Lingad” has been making rounds on social media.

She sharing her sentiments over an SM cashier named Elaine Somera who allegedly lied to her when she asked for a paper bag when she bought pants for her son. The netizen claimed that she was being discriminated on having SM paper wrap and describing the lady as “HINDI KAGANDAHAN” and the SM paper wrap as “PARANG SUPOT NG TINAPA ANG PINANGBALOT,” is also a discrimination on the part of the lady and the SM.

The post has been gaining shares eversince it was posted.

Check the image below:


VIRAL : Students Twerking Inside The Classroom!

On this video students showing their talents on Twerking inside their classroom is now viral online.

The clip shows that these females students wearing minishorts showing their talents in the front of other students. Its look like she was teaching other student how to twerk.

This video was uploaded by Jake Lao in his facebook account entitled “Twerking is the new subject in their School”

Some netizens who commented on the video blames it on social media particularly Facebook as these students are said to be just following the dance crazes they seen on the giant networking site.

School Introduction using Hugot Lines gone viral!

Commonly on the school when you are new you new to introduce yourself  by saying your name, age, hobbies or anything about you.
Some people want to change how to introduce themselves so this guy tried it while mixing his introduction together with “Hugot lines”.
Watch this video, I’ll guarantee that not only will it make you laugh so hard but will also help you determined and innovative on how you can make your introduction.

Video Of Molested Female Student Inside PUV. WATCH THIS

This video is taken by MAPUA student and uploaded to social media to confront a man that allegedly violated her.
In the Facebook post of the victim Feline Valenzuela DimaTulac, she narrated every detail how the man touched her thigh until his hands reach her private part.
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Meet Tantin the Sexiest Mechanic in Town

She is 21 years old mechanic from San Simon, Pampanga in the Philippines is making waves on the internet because of her skills in fixing cars but also have beauty!



Her name Tantin Legaspi Meneses wherein her family is came from mechanics– that’s could be the main reason why she also chose this kind of work yet she’s not your ordinary mechanic because not only is she a female, she is also quite beautiful!


What might probably surprise you is that Tantin studied at TESDA Gonzalo Puyat School of Arts and Trades in San Luis Mexico, also in Pampanga.


She knows a lot about cars and could probably take a car apart and put it back together much better than most guys can! Despite her chic beauty, this lovely lady is not afraid to get dirty – all for the love of cars!

Aside from being a full-time mechanic, we’re not surprised to learn that Tantin also works as a freelance advertisement model and also a cosplayer. She’s gorgeous and sexy, after all.






With all these positive attention Tantin is getting these days, we would not be surprised if the lovely mechanic would be gracing billboards in some near future or even land a spot in the entertainment industry. What do you think?

Marlou Arizala asking for 10,000 Pesos Talent Fee to attend a birthday party

A netizen asking for service to Marlou Arizala and now he is receiving criticizing from the netizens on social media.

Marlou was invited for a party by his fan on June 30, but since he is artist of ABS CBN, so he asking for 10,000 pesos talent fee.

He was also invited to become a judge of a KPOP Event in Trinoma and the artist also asked for 10,000 pesos.

The conversation has gone viral online and the netizens think that the talent fee of Marlou Arizala is overprice.


But Marlou’s supporters defended him and explained that he is only working and he is not related with the fan who asked him to attend their party on June 30.

Marlounatics also believes that the 10,000 Pesos talent fee to hire Marlou is already cheap for an ABS CBN Artist.