WATCH : 3 Whistle Blowers Reveal Electoral Fraud Allegedly organized by Liberal Party

3 Whistle Blower revealed how Liberal Party cheat over this May Election. Their spokesperson, who is allegedly a supervisor in a government owned company revealed that they were used to manipulate the votes sent to Comelec server in favor of Liberal Party candidates. Watch the video Below:


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Do you know WHY Duterte will Not Attend on Proclamation day?

Its confirmed that President Duterte will now attend on Proclamation Day because he never attend any proclamtion before and he is so busy on building his cabinet. Check the full report below:

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duterte hang

audition video of liza soberano

THROWBACK VIDEO : Audition of Liza Soberano (13 Years Old)

audition video of liza soberano

Forevermore leading actress Liza Soberano truly hits this year and one of the star to be watched for. But do you wonder who did Liza started in showbiz and how did her career boomed in the Philippine scene?

Like any other stars Liza started from a scratch when she was first sited by a talent scout, then later introduced to Ogie Diaz. She was also a talent of Star Magic where she was introduced with other star magic talents including Julia Baretto.

Liza was 13 when she starts attending castings and VTRs.

Real name: Hope Elizabeth Soberano

Birthdate: Jan. 4, 1998

Birthplace: California

Parents: Filipino dad and an American mother.
Major appearances: Forevermore, Got to Believe , Must be love and Just the Way You Are (upcoming)

In the video Liza was only 13 at that very early age she stands 5’5 in height and has vital statistics of 36-24-36 which is really promising, her dream is to become a model and an actress. Her shyness can be noticed but it is also seen that she’s trying to fight it by even saying that she loves to sing and made a sample on Colbie Calliat’s hit song Realize. While when asked about her favorite part of the face she says it’s her eyes mainly because her eyes tell stories by just making a look.

She bubbly tells stories about her family as well, she mentions that there times she needs to defend or help his brother explain things to their father when in trouble. She’s maybe American in some of her physical features but truly a Filipino by heart. Her inspiration is her family who was ever supportive in all she has been thru. She grew up with her grandparents after their parents got separated.

A real actress in the making and something to look forward.


OTAP MAN : named Michael who selling OTAP at Victory Liners

Aside from “Carot Man” and “Gasoline Man” here is another sensation who caught the eye of  netizens. His alias is OTAP MAN who selling otap on the bus of Victory Liner. Check out his photo below:






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Incoming VP Leni Robredo Has a Promise To The Presumptive President Rodrigo DUTERTE!

The final and official tally of votes in the congress has already ended and the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wins the Presidential race while the Camarines Sur Congresswoman Leni Robredo wins the Vice Presidential race defeating the son of the late president Ferdinand Marcos.

Incoming Vice President Leni Robredo promised to personally speak with incoming President Rodrigo Duterte after their official proclamation on Monday.

“At least maka-pay lang ng courtest visit, para i-assure siya na makakaasa siya sa aking suporta,” Robredo said.

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duterte hang


duterte hang


MANILA – Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, who is pushing for the revival of death penalty, promised Saturday to hang a man tagged in the rape-slay of a toddler in Davao Oriental if he is proven guilty.

The man was arrested Saturday for allegedly raping and killing a three-year-old girl, who was found dead some 200 meters away from her house in Barangay Puntalinao, Banaybanay town last Friday.

Authorities suspect the child was raped because she was found half-naked and bore a large wound on her genitals.

The 51-year-old suspect is a neighbor and church mate of the victim’s family.

The rape-slay victim identified as Annjealhen Faith Malicse Alonzo was found dead on May 27, 2016 at around 11a.m. The crime scene was reportedly 200 meters away from the victim’s house in Purok Waling Waling, Barangay Punta Linao, Banaybanay, Davao Oriental.

The Philippine National Police revealed their initial investigation results to the media citing that when they retrieved the dead body of the rape-slay victim they also discovered a cigarette butt and ballpen in the crime scene.

With little clues about the suspect, the detectives formed a special force to hunt down the alleged killer believed to be a 51-year-old man who also lives in the area. On May 28, 2016, the police successfully captured the suspect identified as Eduardo Agoncillo.

The Alonzo family couldn’t believe that Agoncillo committed the heinous crime since they treat him like a true member of their family.

The family of the child has since appealed to Duterte to push for the revival of death penalty.

Speaking to reporters in Davao City, Duterte said he does not want to interfere with police investigation on the crime. “It’s a layered authority… Hindi ko overtake-an iyan.”

But, he guaranteed that if proven guilty, he would endorse the suspect’s execution by hanging.

“Gusto niyo kapag ma-implement iyan, hanap ako ng media, for show lang. Matingnan lang natin iyung effect kung paano mamatay ang tao sa hanging,” Duterte said.

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Angelic Face was Slashed with a Sharp Blade by Her Friend Because She was So Beautiful

Flower Zoe Geronimo posted photos of Haynna Medina, her friend. Haynna is a good-looking woman whose angelic face was slashed with a sharp blade and almost split in half after a violent fight with Nicole Cruz.
Nicole got jealous with her beautiful friend. She allegedly attacked Haynna with a sharp blade and slashed her face in half. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and is now under treatment.
Netizens had blasted Nicole for being jealous of Haynna’s angelic face. They insisted that Nicole should be put to jail for doing this.
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mocha uson

Mocha Uson open letter to Leni Robredo goes viral

An open letter written by Mocha Uson for incoming vice president Leni Robredo goes viral on social media.

Uson asked the CamSur representative to set aside her alliance with Aquino, Roxas, and the rest of members of Liberal Party where she came from for country’s welfare.

She also asked the incoming vice president not to “steal” the mandate from the president-elect Rodrigo Duterte and support him or she and the rest of Duterte supporters will remove her from her office.




On this video we can see that Baron want peace with the other side but the guy named Kiko still punched him. Both of them are drunk and out of control.  Check the video below:

Duterte message for baron geisler


Duterte message for baron geisler
Recently, Baron Geisler again made news on social media for raging on the day of his shoot in University of the Philippines Diliman for a student project. Although this issue might already been settled, the presumptive president stepped in and warned Baron Geisler to stop his bad boy attitude.

Last week Baron has a video that having fight with UP student and filled out social media feed. This video  supposedly use to social experimentation but the production crew failed to give the script to Baron beforehand that caused the actor to go ‘beast mode’ and attack one of their crews.

Now, this video of Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte warning Baron Geisler started to hit our newsfeed a week after the incident and by checking the date it was published, the video was posted not long after the issue came out but there is nothing to worry about because this video is just satirical.

After a few weeks another video came out. On this video Baron try to protect the bartender where he was insulted by American customer.