Video Of Molested Female Student Inside PUV. WATCH THIS

This video is taken by MAPUA student and uploaded to social media to confront a man that allegedly violated her.
In the Facebook post of the victim Feline Valenzuela DimaTulac, she narrated every detail how the man touched her thigh until his hands reach her private part.
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Meet Tantin the Sexiest Mechanic in Town

She is 21 years old mechanic from San Simon, Pampanga in the Philippines is making waves on the internet because of her skills in fixing cars but also have beauty!



Her name Tantin Legaspi Meneses wherein her family is came from mechanics– that’s could be the main reason why she also chose this kind of work yet she’s not your ordinary mechanic because not only is she a female, she is also quite beautiful!


What might probably surprise you is that Tantin studied at TESDA Gonzalo Puyat School of Arts and Trades in San Luis Mexico, also in Pampanga.


She knows a lot about cars and could probably take a car apart and put it back together much better than most guys can! Despite her chic beauty, this lovely lady is not afraid to get dirty – all for the love of cars!

Aside from being a full-time mechanic, we’re not surprised to learn that Tantin also works as a freelance advertisement model and also a cosplayer. She’s gorgeous and sexy, after all.






With all these positive attention Tantin is getting these days, we would not be surprised if the lovely mechanic would be gracing billboards in some near future or even land a spot in the entertainment industry. What do you think?

Marlou Arizala asking for 10,000 Pesos Talent Fee to attend a birthday party

A netizen asking for service to Marlou Arizala and now he is receiving criticizing from the netizens on social media.

Marlou was invited for a party by his fan on June 30, but since he is artist of ABS CBN, so he asking for 10,000 pesos talent fee.

He was also invited to become a judge of a KPOP Event in Trinoma and the artist also asked for 10,000 pesos.

The conversation has gone viral online and the netizens think that the talent fee of Marlou Arizala is overprice.


But Marlou’s supporters defended him and explained that he is only working and he is not related with the fan who asked him to attend their party on June 30.

Marlounatics also believes that the 10,000 Pesos talent fee to hire Marlou is already cheap for an ABS CBN Artist.

Kiko Matos, Sucker Puncher. This video will show how cheap artist is!

If we remember Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos has a fight before and ending up to have a real match on URCC. But since the real fight is not happening yet Baron tried to fix the conflict with them but on this vide you can see who really is Kiko Matos who cannot forgive.

This video just proved what a cheap shot artist this man really is!


She take her revenge by posting story,pics of ‘cheating boyfriend’ on Facebook

The girl posted on Facebook is now gone viral in the cyber world as she pours her sentiments about her ex-boyfriend who cheated on him.

Alexa, a netizen who got cheated badly in her relationship that lasted for almost 1 year and 8 months, she couldn’t bear the pain and the torment of being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend that left permanent scars that are very hard to heal.

After she express her expression using facebook it’s immediately caught attention by other netizen. She shared her story on how her partner cheated on her, and purposely exposed him on social media so that he may learn his lesson.

Read the post below:



VIRAL : Meet Kate Necesario, Baste Duterte’s girlfriend!

Baste Duterte is the youngest child of incoming president Rodrigo Duterte.

On June 11 he celebrated his child’s birthday. Pulong the eldest Duterte sibling posted some snapshots of Baste and his girlfriend that went viral online.



Photo courtesy of: Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte – Official Facebook page

Happy Birthday Anak Baste. #Yair #2yearsold #du30 #dancedancedance #dancesinglovelive #goodvibes

A photo posted by Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio (@indaysaraduterte) on

Her name is Kate Necesario, a former model based in Davao.

She was featured in FHM Philippines’ April 2011 issue when she was 18.





Arci, Andi, Yassi, Bela sing ‘Limang Bobo’ from the tune of Tatlong Bibe

Tatlong bibe song was became viral online. Many netizens create their own versions.

Arci Muñoz, Andi Eigenmann, Yassi Pressman, Bela Padilla and Kim Molina created their own version and changed the title it to “Limang Bobo”

But, it seems that actresses Arci Muñoz, Andi Eigenmann, Yassi Pressman, Bela Padilla and Kim Molina would not back down. The five beautiful celebrities shocked their Instagram followers when they did their own version of ‘Tatlong Bibe’.

“May limang bobo kaming nakita. Nagmahal, nasaktan ng sobra. Ngunit ang isa, siya ang pinakatanga. Siya ang nagsasabi na ‘mahal ko pa'”.

Source : abs-cbn

Jennylyn Mercado and Friends Trumpet Challenge

Trumpet Challenge is going viral online that’s why also some celebrities tried to do it.

One of the popular celebrity named Jennylyn Mercado tried it too.

The other girl in this video named Katrina Aguilar (Your welcome) 🙂

Check the video below:


Jose Manalo fell off the river while doing Kalye Serye show!

This clip of Jose Manalo goes viral online. On episode of Sugod Bahay this happened.


He was doing the usual pa-bibo moment as he want to cross the river with the help of a Rope. but suddenly he fell on the river and everyone laughed at him

They were in Malabon to do the usual thing that they do in the show. It was the part where Jose and Wally would go the house of the lucky winner who will get the prizes of the show.


It was indeed a hilarious moment that people could not help but talk about.

Watch the video below:

Professionally, Jose Manalo continued with the segment since it’s live. He rinsed himself in the nearest bathroom where he was filmed. Don’t worry because nothing private was revealed but just Jose Manalo’s very sport personality.

Watch the video below:

HOKAGE MOVES By James Reid Used to Nadine Lustre

We can say the one who took this video is certainly is a JaDine fanatic because with the hundreds of people around the Kapamilya couple only this person notice that James Reid was up with a plan – to simply hold Nadine’s hand.

james reid hokage moves

As Nadine’s boyfriend, James can held Nadine’s hand anytime he wishes but this video proved the nature of men in doing some pasimple moves to score to their girlfriends. In the video, James took multiple attempts particularly, four times just to catch the best timing on grabbing the hand of his girlfriend and on screen partner Nadine Lustre.

At first, James observed Nadine’s hand and thinking when will be the right time to grab it. He glanced at it for three times and thankfully on the fourth time, he was able to reach her hand. Nadine rewarded the gesture by tapping and warming James’ hand around her hand. Unfortunately, the moment didn’t last longer because someone handed a bouquet of flowers to Nadine.  But at least, James was successful in demonstrating a perfectly timed ‘ninja move’.