LP Senators Stripped off Their Positions By Sen Manny

Liberal Party (LP) senators were removed from their positions and committee chairmanships on Monday due to the motion of neophyte Senator Manny Pacquiao.

On the start of the session  3:30 pm, Pacquiao announced his motion to declare the Senate President Pro Tempore position vacant. Senator Franklin Drilon who held the position, seconded Pacquiao’s motion.

“I will not interpellate Senator Pacquiao. I second the motion,” Drilon said.

Upon Drilon’s removal, Pacquiao elected Senator Ralph Recto, head of Senate minority group, to fill the post Drilon left vacant. Seventeen other senators out of 23 voted in favor of Recto, among these is Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

List of Senators Stripped off Their Positions And Transferred To Minority

LP President Senator Francis Pangilinan was replaced by senator Cynthia Villar as a chair of the agriculture senate committee. Before Pacquiao’s motion, Villar was Pangilinan’s Vice on the committee. Also, another LP member, Senator Benigno Paolo BamAquino was also stripped off his position as the senate committee on education. Aquino was replaced by Senate minority bloc member Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

Additionally, Akbayan Representative Riza Hontiveros was removed from her post as the head of Senate Committe on Health. She was replaced by Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito on Pacquiao’s motion. Hontiveros ran under the liberal party during the May elections last 2016.

The three LP senators are now part of the minority group to be headed by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV due to Recto vacating the post. However Recto said Trillanes’ take over of his previous post is temporary until the new minority comes up with a decision on who should best assume the post.

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Actress Elizabeth Oropesa reacts to Jim Paredes: Gagawin mo rin sa akin yun?

Actress Elizabeth Oropesa took to Facebook to show her indignation of Jim Paredes’s  now infamous  ‘Look at me Look at me’ line while badgering a Duterte supporter.

‘La Oro’, as she is fondly called in the showbiz industry, delivered a controlled and yet strongly worded message to the singer-songwriter who was caught on camera bullying a group of Duterte supporters who “gate crashed”  in the Yellow party in Edsa Shrine to commemorate the 31st Edsa People Power 1 anniversary. Check  Jim’s Twitter post calling Duterte Youth gate crashers in Edsa confrontation.

The actress assured Jim Paredes if and when they cross paths and the singer-songwriter act the same way in the viral video, she will respond differently from the Duterte supporters he bullied.

Mawalang galang na Mr Jim Paredes.

Posted by Jacqueline Elizabeth Freeman on Saturday, February 25, 2017

The actress described Jim’s behavior ‘ugly’ and called him a coward.

She also told the singer-songwriter that she is disappointed because despite their differences in opinion, especially in politics, she will respect him no matter what his political color or beliefs.

Mr. Jim Paredes, mawalang galang na. Masayado lang akong naapektuhan doon sa ginawa mo doon sa bata kanina. Kung ako ba ang makakaharap mo, gagawin mo rin sa akin yun? Sasabihin mo rin sa akin yun “Look at me, look at me? Ilalapit mo rin ang mukha mo sa mukha ko?” Nagtatanong lang ako.

Sana wag magkaroon ng pagkakataon na magkaharap tayo, tapos gagawin mo sa akin yun. Alam mo hindi lahat ng tao kaya mo.

Hindi ko lang mapigilan magsalita ngayon. Pasensya ka na di ako kasing galing mo pagdating sa pang-alipusta, pagsasalita na hindi ko, hindi yan ang style ko.

Sobra lang ako naapektuhan sa ginawa mo kasi matanda ka na pero tayo matanda na. Showbiz ka at pareho tayong showbiz.

Napakapangit. Alam mo ang lumalabas? Ikaw yung duwag. I am so disappointed kasi kahit na, kahit na hindi ko gusto ang gusto mo, igagalang pa rin kita eh.

Di ko maubos maisip na magagawa mo yun. Sana, wag mo na ulitin. Pero wag kang mag-alala, pag tayo dalawa nagkaharap, hihintayin ko lang kung gagawin mo rin sa akin yun.

Ingat ka lang talaga kasi hindi lahat ng tao ay may pasensya, hindi lahat ng tao ay kaya mo. Baka makatapat ka ng isang taong hindi ka sasantuhin. Maraming gustong maghamon sayo. Sighs.

Sayang, sayang gustong gusto ko pa naman ikaw noon kahit hindi tayo magkaibigan. Ang pangit eh, para ng wala kang pinagkatandaan. Sigh!


Jim Paredes, nambastos ng Pro-Duterte Youth!

Nagkaroon ng di inaasahang tensyon sa pagitan ng Pro-Duterte Youth at dating miyembro ng APO Hiking Society na si Jim Paredes, matapos itong magpang-abot sa EDSA Shrine kanina.
Gusto kasing paalisin ng grupo ni Paredes ang ilang miyembro ng Duterte Youth sa lugar kung saan sila nagdiriwang ng ika-31 anibersaryo ng EDSA People Power Revolution, pero hindi naging maganda ang inasal nito sa harap ng kabataan, na layon lamang na magpakita ng suporta kay Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte.


Atty. Rico Quicho’s Corruption Claims Against the Senator Trillanes

Rumors accusing Senator Antonio Trillans IV of corruption have resurfaced online. 

The popular trending political news site, Dugong Maharlika came out with an article about the “corruption in Antonio Trillanes’ Family” early on  Friday, February 24, 2017.

The article was a callback to the claims made by Atty Rico Quicho against the senator from 2015

For those who wish to refresh their memories, Atty. Rico Quicho served as former Vice President Jejomar Binay’s lawyer a few years ago. He represented the former vice president when he was being investigated for graft and corruption.

Senator Trillanes was very vocal about his disapproval Binay’s allegedly ill-gotten wealth. He seemed determined, in 2015, to put the former vice president behind bars. 

Is Trillanes Hiding Something? Revisit Atty. Rico Quicho's Corruption Claims Against the Senator

Naturally,  this did not sit well  with the former vice president’s legal representatives. In August 2015, Atty. Rico Quicho reportedly did his own research on Trillanes. And claimed that based on his investigation, Trillanes also seemed to be hiding something. He was refering to records showing that Trillanes hired consultants who seemed to him to be a little too overpriced. 

The article also added the following from Atty. Quicho:

“Trillanes also hired his brother Juan Antonio Trillanes for P71,200 per month, one of the most highly paid of the 55 consultants. From July to December 2014, the brother took home P427,000.”

Based on the investigation by Quicho, it was revealed that the senator’s consultants did not submit accomplishment reports to the Commission on Audit to help check the fees they allegedly received. 

According to Dugong Maharlika’s post from Friday morning, Quicho said the following when he was challenging Senator Trillanes:

“Ako ho bilang abogado, ang pagkakaalam ko ho kasi, pagka nagbibigay ka ng pera sa relative mo, donation ‘yon e. So may donor’s tax ‘yan. Any donation over and above P500,000 should be subject to donor’s tax.” 

“Ang tanong, Senator Trillanes, tama po ba si Atty. Quicho na may financial assistance kayo from a relative? Sino ho itong relative ninyo? Nagbayad ho ba ito ng tamang buwis? At bakit ho kayo binibigyan? Senador na ho kayo, mayroon na ho kayong sariling income, humihingi pa ba kayo ng ayuda sa kapamilya ninyo?”

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‘Gusto Ko Muna Po Makapiling Ang Aking Pamilya’ De Lima on Her Upcoming Arrest

Just In: Senator Leila De Lima has finally spoken up about her upcoming arrest following the order that was sent by the Muntinlupa RTC earlier on Thursday, February 23, 2017

The warrant was issued by Muntinlupa RTC Judge Juanita Guerrero. It called for the arrest of Senator Leila De Lima, Rafael Ragos, and Ronnie Dayan. 

The three have been accused of violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

De Lima on Her Upcoming Arrest: 'Gusto Ko Muna Po Makapiling Ang Aking Pamilya'

In a press conference that was held a few hours after news of the issuance of her warrant of arrest broke out, a tearful but determined De Lima spoke to the public:

“Tuloy na tuloy po ang laban ni Leila de Lima,” said the senator and former Justice secretary. 

In her speech, the senator told the press about her plans for her upcoming arrest.

“Gusto ko muna po makapiling ang aking pamilya. Uuwi po ako ngayon gabi, at babalik po ako bukas ng umaga.”

According to CNN PhilippinesFacebook page, highlights of De Lima’s most recent press conference include the following:

1. The senator claims that she did not receive a copy of the warrant of arrest

2. She is determined to face all the cases that were filed against her

3. She will surrender tomorrow morning upon returning to the senate from her home

4. She made it clear that her safety must be ensured 

Following the press conference, some of the senator’s colleagues were interviewed by various members of the press about her upcoming arrest. 

In an interview with ANC, Senator Risa Hontiveros expressed her disapproval. She also added that she believes that the swift issuance of the arrest order against De Lima reflects the culture of double standard and mysogyny in the country. 

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SPO3 will be Charged With Perjury for Lying to the Senate!

Many senators are determined to urge the DOJ to file a case of perjury against SPO3 Atthur Lascañas after he publicly confessed that Davao Death Squad did exist. This is very different from his statements last year during the senate hearing on the alleged extrajudicial killings. He denied Edgar Matobato’s statements back then, who also confessed about the existence of the Davao Death Squad.

However, tables have turned and Lascañas has confessed that he led the DDS and even got his 2 brothers killed when they got involved in drugs. Some senators didn’t sit well with the confession noting that he already denied that same things.

Senators Want SPO3 to be Charged With Perjury for Lying to the Senate!

“Kapag nag swear ka under oath, open ka sa perjury.. makakasuhan siya.. definitely hindi maaring yung dalawang statement mo totoo” said Senator Ping Lacson.

Senator Win Gatchalian shares the same sentiment and urged the Department of Justice to file perjury against him.

“He should be made to pay for the grave disrespect he has shown to this institution,” Gatchalian said.

He also noted how it will be hard for Lascañas to convince them and earned their trust since he already lied to the senate.

“…It is clear that there are serious doubts about his integrity and the credibility for his new testimony,” he said.

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President Duterte Used ‘Kulambo’ At The Mansion!

President Rodrigo Duterte is known for his simple heart and his ordinary lifestyle. He takes pride in Filipino culture and tradition, which is why you can notice that he lives the way most people do.

If you ever visit his humble home in Davao, you might notice that it looks just like any other home in the country. He even indulges in a mosquito net fixture in his bed.

In his first night at “The Mansion” in Baguio city, Duterte took the time to pose for photos beside the bed where he’ll stay during the summer. 

MUST SEE: President Duterte's 'Kulambo' At The Mansion!

On the recent visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Davao city, he was welcomed into Duterte’s home wherein he saw Duterte’s simple bedroom with the ‘kulambo.’

MUST SEE: President Duterte's 'Kulambo' At The Mansion!

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Duterte to Trillanes: I’ll resign if Trillanes can prove claims – Must Watch

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – If Senator Antonio Trillanes IV can prove in court his accusations about large sums in President Rodrigo Duterte’s supposed bank accounts, the President will resign immediately.

This was Duterte’s response to Trillanes which he released through a video message sent to media late Thursday night, February 16.

“If Trillanes can prove his allegation that I have amassed P2 billion illegally or if that bank account under my name has a total deposit at one time of even just half a billion [pesos], I will resign as President immediately,” said Duterte.

“I would advise Trillanes to go to court and file the proper case against me and advise him further to stop opening his mouth when he has nothing to say,” added the President.

Duterte did not stop at responding to the lawmaker’s claims. He had accusations of his own to make.

He claimed Trillanes, among his fiercest critics in the Senate, profits from hiring many consultants.
Watch the full video below:



Congresswoman Geraldine Roman Destroys Senator Manny Pacquiao’s Statement

On February 13, 2017, Senators Manny Pacquiao and Rissa Hontiveros had a heated exchange on the subject of the Anti-Discrimination Act, otherwise known as Senate Bill No. 1271

According to a report by a popular online news source, “Senate Bill No. 1271 seeks to stop and penalize discrimination on the basis of gender identity, including a person’s nonconforming clothing choices such as cross-dressing.”

The argument was apparently started by Senator Pacquiao. The world champion boxer/senator reportedly began with the following statement to try and discredit the objectives of the bill:

“Even in the Bible, we can read na ang babae, dapat magsuot na pambabae at ang lalaki, magsuot ng panlalaki. That’s what I believe.”

Pacquiao’s statement that was lifted from his go-to source, the bible, did not sit well with Senator Risa Hontiveros who has been vocal about her support for the Anti-Discrimination Bill. 

Sen. Hontiveros responded with, “Yes, the Bible did narrate how man and woman were created and this is reflective on the bill…but I don’t remember the Bible directly ordering the type of dressing for men only as well as for women only.”

She also added another quote from the Bible, presumably to put Sen. Pacquiao in his place. 

“There is only one lawgiver and judge, the one who is able to save and destroy but who are you to judge your neighbor,” quoted Hontiveros from the book of James.

It looks like Hontiveros had the final say in her argument with Pacquiao. 

However,  in a recent interview, 1st District of Bataan Representative Geraldine Roman shared her take on the recent debate between Hontiveros and Pacquiao about the Anti-Discrimination Bill. 

“I respect his religious beliefs, but the basis of our laws is not the Bible. It is the Constitution where the tenet of equality is enshrined,” said the representative who also happens to be the first transgender woman to ever get elected as a member of the Philippine Congress.

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: Sara Duterte Challenges Sen. Antonio Trillanes About Her Alleged PHP 121 Million

Early on Thursday, Feb 16, 2017, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV brought back the issue of President Duterte’s so-called ill-gotten wealth. 

Sen. Trillanes made claims on Thursday that his most recent investigation revealed that the President’s common law wife, Cielito HoneyletAvancena is reportedly involved in the president’s accumulation of ill-gotten money. 

The senator gave out copies of an 18-page document to the media that contains what he believes to be proof that connects Avancena to the alleged millions that Duterte has supposedly illegally acquired. 

Trillanes’ latest revelation against the president’s common-law partner showed that Avancena also had numerous bank accounts under her name. The bank accounts were allegedly used by Avancena in transactions that handled about 200 million pesos. 

In an apparent callback to his first revelation of a similar nature last April 2016, the senator dared the president to “prove him wrong”. 

JUST IN: Sara Duterte Challenges Sen. Antonio Trillanes: 'Kunin natin at ibigay ko sa inyo lahat!'

“Ilabas mo ang tapang mo dito. Ipakita mo na mali ako,” Trillanes proclaimed. 

The senator added that he would resign as a senator if his claims would be proven untrue. 

A few hours after Trillanes spoke to the media on Thursday, Davao City mayor and presidential daughter Sara Duterte responded to the senator’s claims. 

Sara Duterte’s response to Trillanes’ challenge was a challenge of her own:

“If Trillanes can show where my alleged Php 121 million is right now and how it became illegal, kunin natin at ibigay ko sa inyo lahat.” 

According to GMA News, Sara Duterte also had the following to say for Trillanes:

“Wala akong postura labas sa kung ano ang nakikita ng lahat. I never pretended to be what I am not.”

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