Duterte to Trillanes: I’ll resign if Trillanes can prove claims – Must Watch

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – If Senator Antonio Trillanes IV can prove in court his accusations about large sums in President Rodrigo Duterte’s supposed bank accounts, the President will resign immediately.

This was Duterte’s response to Trillanes which he released through a video message sent to media late Thursday night, February 16.

“If Trillanes can prove his allegation that I have amassed P2 billion illegally or if that bank account under my name has a total deposit at one time of even just half a billion [pesos], I will resign as President immediately,” said Duterte.

“I would advise Trillanes to go to court and file the proper case against me and advise him further to stop opening his mouth when he has nothing to say,” added the President.

Duterte did not stop at responding to the lawmaker’s claims. He had accusations of his own to make.

He claimed Trillanes, among his fiercest critics in the Senate, profits from hiring many consultants.
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Congresswoman Geraldine Roman Destroys Senator Manny Pacquiao’s Statement

On February 13, 2017, Senators Manny Pacquiao and Rissa Hontiveros had a heated exchange on the subject of the Anti-Discrimination Act, otherwise known as Senate Bill No. 1271

According to a report by a popular online news source, “Senate Bill No. 1271 seeks to stop and penalize discrimination on the basis of gender identity, including a person’s nonconforming clothing choices such as cross-dressing.”

The argument was apparently started by Senator Pacquiao. The world champion boxer/senator reportedly began with the following statement to try and discredit the objectives of the bill:

“Even in the Bible, we can read na ang babae, dapat magsuot na pambabae at ang lalaki, magsuot ng panlalaki. That’s what I believe.”

Pacquiao’s statement that was lifted from his go-to source, the bible, did not sit well with Senator Risa Hontiveros who has been vocal about her support for the Anti-Discrimination Bill. 

Sen. Hontiveros responded with, “Yes, the Bible did narrate how man and woman were created and this is reflective on the bill…but I don’t remember the Bible directly ordering the type of dressing for men only as well as for women only.”

She also added another quote from the Bible, presumably to put Sen. Pacquiao in his place. 

“There is only one lawgiver and judge, the one who is able to save and destroy but who are you to judge your neighbor,” quoted Hontiveros from the book of James.

It looks like Hontiveros had the final say in her argument with Pacquiao. 

However,  in a recent interview, 1st District of Bataan Representative Geraldine Roman shared her take on the recent debate between Hontiveros and Pacquiao about the Anti-Discrimination Bill. 

“I respect his religious beliefs, but the basis of our laws is not the Bible. It is the Constitution where the tenet of equality is enshrined,” said the representative who also happens to be the first transgender woman to ever get elected as a member of the Philippine Congress.

Source: cosmo, VK

: Sara Duterte Challenges Sen. Antonio Trillanes About Her Alleged PHP 121 Million

Early on Thursday, Feb 16, 2017, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV brought back the issue of President Duterte’s so-called ill-gotten wealth. 

Sen. Trillanes made claims on Thursday that his most recent investigation revealed that the President’s common law wife, Cielito HoneyletAvancena is reportedly involved in the president’s accumulation of ill-gotten money. 

The senator gave out copies of an 18-page document to the media that contains what he believes to be proof that connects Avancena to the alleged millions that Duterte has supposedly illegally acquired. 

Trillanes’ latest revelation against the president’s common-law partner showed that Avancena also had numerous bank accounts under her name. The bank accounts were allegedly used by Avancena in transactions that handled about 200 million pesos. 

In an apparent callback to his first revelation of a similar nature last April 2016, the senator dared the president to “prove him wrong”. 

JUST IN: Sara Duterte Challenges Sen. Antonio Trillanes: 'Kunin natin at ibigay ko sa inyo lahat!'

“Ilabas mo ang tapang mo dito. Ipakita mo na mali ako,” Trillanes proclaimed. 

The senator added that he would resign as a senator if his claims would be proven untrue. 

A few hours after Trillanes spoke to the media on Thursday, Davao City mayor and presidential daughter Sara Duterte responded to the senator’s claims. 

Sara Duterte’s response to Trillanes’ challenge was a challenge of her own:

“If Trillanes can show where my alleged Php 121 million is right now and how it became illegal, kunin natin at ibigay ko sa inyo lahat.” 

According to GMA News, Sara Duterte also had the following to say for Trillanes:

“Wala akong postura labas sa kung ano ang nakikita ng lahat. I never pretended to be what I am not.”

Source: GMA, VK

Pangilinan Condemns Bato for Just Punishing Police With Push-Ups: ‘Anong Klaseng Kabaliwan Ito?’

Senator Kiko Pangilinan slammed Philippine National Police (PNP) chief director general Ronald Batodela Rosa for punishing cops involved in robbery-extortion cases of Korean tourists with just push-ups.

On his official Facebook and Twitter social media accounts, Pangilinan said that it is crazy that some alleged Korean drug offenders were hurt and killed when they refused to be arrested, while the policemen involved in these cases only received exercise as punishment.

“Anong klaseng kabaliwan ito?,” Pangilinan said. “Push-ups ang ipinakitang kaparusahan sa pitong akusadong pulis sa kasong robbery at extortion ng mga Koreano sa Angeles. Robbery at extortion ang kaso. Sa harap ng media, hindi sila kinulong, hindi sila dinis-armahan, hindi sila pinosasan.”

“Sa harap ng media hinayaan pang isuot ang mga uniporme upang lalo pang dungisan ang imahen ng PNP. Kapag mahirap na ‘nanlaban’ na addict, pinapatay. Kapag abusadong kriminal na pulis, pinag pu-push up,” he added.

Pangilinan’s co-senator Panfilo Lacson said Dela Rosa should not just limit the punishment to his policement by push-ups and scolding but should also undergo a “much-needed” internal cleansing.

“Magandang mensahe, symbolic ang push-up at ang mura and everything, but it should go beyond that. Ang hinihintay ng tao, ano bang positibong aksyon aside from meting out the appropriate or commensurate punishment?,” Lacson, who also served as the former PNP chief, said.

“After nito, anong gagawin para ang future incidents hindi na maganap? Yan ang mas importante,” Lacson said.

Last Wednesday, Dela Rosa condemned policemen from Angeles City who were involved with arresting three Korean tourists last December in order to extort cash from them. As a result, Dela Rosa ordered them to do push-ups.

“Ang lakas [ng loob] niyo maghablot ng Koreano, pu**** i**! Gusto mong sipain kita? Ang tapang ninyo. Next na magpunta ako dito, kayong mga opisyal pag meron pang ganitong kaso kayo ang parusahan ko. Yung tao niyo pinabayaan niyo,” Dela Rosa said in front of the media covering the policemen doing push-ups as their punishment.

Pangilinan Condemns Bato for Just Punishing Police With Push-Ups: 'Anong Klaseng Kabaliwan Ito?'

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Pinay OFW ‘curses’ Duterte on After Her Father Did Not Pay Anything After Being Confined in Hospital

Today, January 26, 2017, an OFW informed blogger Sass Rogando Sasot about her father’s recent trip to a government hospital.

According to the Pinay OFW, her father spent two weeks in a government hospital in Echague Isabela.

Upon discharged, the OFW claimed her family did not spend a single centavo including the medicine.

The OFW remarked that in the past, when you get sick, you want to go home even before you are cleared for discharge because of the hospital bills.

The OFW joked that after hearing the good news back home, she cursed Duterte for taking care of her father’s hospital bills.

THE OFW also asked why Duterte did not run earlier for president. If he did, perhaps her mother was still alive today because of Duterte’s free hospitalization policy.

Below is the full text of the OFW’s letter to Sass Rogando Sasot:

Ms Sass, ofw ako…

Lalalabas lang ng tatay ko sa hospital. 2 weeks sya sa duon, paglabas nya kahapon, tumawag ako.. halos lumuhod ako sa iyak..

Zero balance ang bill ng tatay ko, sa public hospital sa echague isabela.. pati gamot nya sa hospital nalibre, hindi ko alam kung bakit. dati rati kapag nahohospital ang isang mahirap na gaya ko, kahit hindi pa kami magaling, gusto na naming lumabas, kasi kinakabahan kami sa bill.

Putang-inang duterte yan, free medicine pati hospitalization bill namin cleared lahat. mapapamura ako sa kanya. bakit ngayon lang sya naging presidente, kung sana noon pa siguro nakapagpagamot din sana nanay ko at buhay pa sana ngayon.. sensya ka na sa typing ko nagmamadali ako kasi nagpe prepare ako ng dinner ng amo ko.

Naiiyak talaga ako kahapon pa. akala ko maglo loan na naman ako sa boss ko pambayad ng hospital eh..

Sana wag mo ipost name ko…eto pic ng tatay ko oh.. pls qag mo na lang ipublic ha…patunay na totoo ang sabi ng presidente.. may gad naiiyak ulit ako. 😟😟

As of this writing, the post has gathered 1,299 shares, 5,518 reactions and 253 comments.

Netizens praised Duterte for making good of his words of giving free hospitalization during the election campaign.

Your thoughts?

Sen. Zubiri Show Off His World-Class Arnis Skills !

Sen. Antonio Trillanes seems to be good at making enemies as he challenged Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri in a physical fight, a challenge accepted by Sen. Zubiri. Trillanes is skilled in hand-to-hand combat as a former member of the Philippine Marines

However, Trillanes might want to rethink his challenge as Zubiri was a former world champion in Kali-Arnis. 

“I did not become a world champion of arnis for nothing,”  Sen. Zubiri answered when Sen. Trillanes told him to “prepare for war”.

After their heated exchanges, videos of Sen. Zubiri displaying his superb skills in the said craft went viral across social media.

One of these videos was taken while he demonstrating his skills with GM Val Pableo.

Another video was when he did a demo for the FMA Festival which was held in Palawan last July 30, 2010.

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Sen. Zubiri and Sen. Trillanes Had a Hot Argument Inside the Senate Session Hall!

At the start of the senate session earlier today, Senator Juan Miguel ‘Migz’ Zubiri expressed his frustration over Sen. Antonio SonnyTrillanes IV for accusing him and Sen. Richard Gordon of white-washing the investigation of the bribery case involving employees of the Bureau of Immigration.

Zubiri clarified the rules of investigation and accused Trillanes of having his own agenda for the agency’s reorganization.

Trillanes defended himself and stood by his accusation, even bringing up Zubiri’s involvement in a fraud case in 2007.

The two started grilling each other by recalling cases that were filed against them in the past. Things got more intense when Zubiri said that it was supposed to be Gordon’s Senate Blue Ribbon Committee that will investigate the bribery scandal involving Jack Lam.

Trillanes volunteered to take the case as the leader of the Senate Committee on Civil Service, Government Reorganization and Professional Conduct.

During their verbal squabble, Trillanes warned Zubiri of a possible war, which absolutely triggered Zubiri. Zubiri went after Trillanes but was seized and by fellow senators Manny Pacquiao and Tito Sotto

The intense scene was caught on camera.

Source: Inquirer, VK

President Rodrigo Duterte eats Durian and Suha with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is currently in the Philippines’ for his first state visit to a foreign country for 2017. As a show of support and camaraderie with the Philippines, Abe paid a visit to President Duterte’s hometown and bailiwick, Davao City.

While in Davao, Abe partook in a couple of local delicacies – Durian and Suha. The Durian is a fruit with a pungent odor and an acquired taste. The Suha, also known as a Pomelo, is a citrus fruit that resembles a large grapefruit. Both fruits are beloved by Filipinos across the country.

Watch the full video below:

Many netizens love the fact that a prestigious foreign leader like Prime Minister Abe enjoyed local homegrown Filipino fruits.

Rofel John Robles Oniola wrote: “This is what we should do….offer what we have…do not pretend to be somebody if your not…at the end of the day makita ng visita natin na tayo ay totoong tao at sincere walang halong kaplastikan.this is what our president clear message to all of us……”

Marie Paje Samonte wrote: “We salute you Prime Minister Abe, so gracious and very sincere and truly admire and respect the great sense of humility of our Pres. Duterte. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH…LONG LIVE TO THE TWO DOWN TO EARTH LEADERS!!!”

Jon Jones wrote: “Ngayun lang ako naka kita ng dalawang mabigat na leader na kumain ng durian sa kalye lang.napaka simply lang talaga ni digong.I LOVE DUTERTE I LOVE DAVAO”

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Senator Trillanes Ordered to Track Down Thinking Pinoy

The anonymous moderator behind the popular Facebook page “Thinking Pinoy“, who exposed the LeniLeaks scandal said that his life is in danger as he claiming that he is currently being tracked by an incumbent senator

On his phone patch interview with Cheryl Cosim on AksyonTV, he gave  clues about the identity of the senator. He mentioned that a high official from the government said that it was a senator who is fond of rice. 

“Isang senador daw po na mahilig sa kanin ang nagpapahanap sa akin.” the moderator said. 

While he did not give a name due to the risk of being filed a libel suit, he seems to be well-aware of who the senator is. 

Despite being unnamed, many were quick to conclude that the official is Senator Antonio Trillanes, tracing it back to a former interview with Senator Dick Gordon, where he called Trillanes a “sundalong kanin“.  

TP said that he is currently out of the country to safeguard his life and to prevent being tracked down. 

He also revealed that a cabinet official told him that on the next Cabinet meeting, they would consult an IT expert to check the validity of the LeniLeaks scandal. 

TP also asked the public to do a check themselves and to confirm the authenticity of the controversial Yahoo group thread. 

Source: Facebook, VK

‘Kung may mangyari sa’kin, sino ang number one suspect? ‘Di ba siya?’ – De Lima Accuses Duterte

The rivalry between President Duterte and Senator De Lima is far from over–in fact, it just seems to get more heated by the day. 

According to GMA News, De Lima said that the President should be considered the “the number one suspect” if ever something bad happens to her. Last Monday, Duterte stated that he will have narcopoliticians killed while also mentioning the Senator

The senator retorted, saying “Kung may mangyari sa’kin, sino ang number one suspect? ‘Di ba siya? And I’m making him responsible if something happens to me.” 

“If something happens to me, he is the one responsible, directly or indirectly dahil paulit-ulit nila akong dini-demonize,” she continued. 

Duterte did a speech in Malacañang when the oath-taking of the newly-appointed government officials took place. 

He said, “Magtanong ka ng isang pulis dito kung may sinabi ako na patayin mo ‘yang si De Lima o patayin mo ‘yang si ano. I never ordered. Ang sinabi ko lang… Remember that I declared war. I did not declare any just police punitive action. No, no, far from it.” 

According to De Lima, she continues to receive threats from her haters and “trolls” in her personal mobile number which was exposed during the Congressional probe on the Bilibid drug trade

Source: GMA, VK