‘Kung may mangyari sa’kin, sino ang number one suspect? ‘Di ba siya?’ – De Lima Accuses Duterte

The rivalry between President Duterte and Senator De Lima is far from over–in fact, it just seems to get more heated by the day. 

According to GMA News, De Lima said that the President should be considered the “the number one suspect” if ever something bad happens to her. Last Monday, Duterte stated that he will have narcopoliticians killed while also mentioning the Senator

The senator retorted, saying “Kung may mangyari sa’kin, sino ang number one suspect? ‘Di ba siya? And I’m making him responsible if something happens to me.” 

“If something happens to me, he is the one responsible, directly or indirectly dahil paulit-ulit nila akong dini-demonize,” she continued. 

Duterte did a speech in Malacañang when the oath-taking of the newly-appointed government officials took place. 

He said, “Magtanong ka ng isang pulis dito kung may sinabi ako na patayin mo ‘yang si De Lima o patayin mo ‘yang si ano. I never ordered. Ang sinabi ko lang… Remember that I declared war. I did not declare any just police punitive action. No, no, far from it.” 

According to De Lima, she continues to receive threats from her haters and “trolls” in her personal mobile number which was exposed during the Congressional probe on the Bilibid drug trade

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A Netizen Proves the Authenticity of An Internet Group Against Duterte!

A Facebook page called “Mamshies” have recently claimed that they have inspected the cache of a Yahoo! group revealed by Sass Rogando Sasot exposing high profile supporters of Leni Robredo concocting a conspiracy to oust President Rodrigo Duterte. 

After supporters of Duterte found out about the group and the alleged ouster conspiracy, the administrator of the internet group quickly changed its settings. 

However, despite the change in the group’s privacy settings, the web cache of some of the pages of the said internet group are still accessible. 

Facebook page “Mamshies” was able to show the view source of the web cache. They also inspected the code which was used to build the webpage. 


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Nagkainitan! Raffy Tulfo and Cong. Edcel Lagman Having Argument On Air!

Raffy Tulfo interviewed Congressman Edcel Lagman in ‘Wanted Sa Radyo’ on the issue of the use of funds for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Conditional Cash Transfer Programs (CCT Programs). 

In the said episode of the show, Raffy Tulfo executed his own ‘Oplan Tokhang’ which means knocking on the conscience of people who were involved with the issue of manipulating funds through the CCT Programs and the DSWD.

Tulfo also disclosed the names of the congressmen who were involved in the issue. According to him, despite the fact that issue has already been exposed in the media, it seems like these congressmen cannot be stopped with their corruption. 

SALPUKAN ON AIR! Raffy Tulfo and Cong. Edcel Lagman Caught in Heated Argument About DSWD Funds! WATCH IT HERE!

Moments after, the program was able to contact Congressman Edcel Lagman and he discussed the issue with DSWD.

However, in the midst of Tulfo and Lagman’s conversation, the congressman can be heard raising his voice on the host in frustration.

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#LENILEAKS: Emails of a plot to oust Duterte revealed by Former DILG Secretary

#LENILEAKS is the official hashtag used by Duterte supporters to reveal the alleged Yahoo group conversations of personalities involved in a plot to oust the president.

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III is one of the well-known political personalities who revealed the screenshots of the conversations.

Sass Rogando Sasot also shared the google cache and pdf copy of the deleted conversation to show that the screenshots were real.

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VP Leni by Slams La Salle Prof – Kapal Talaga ng Mukha…Kakagalit ka Leonora!

Recently, Leni Robredo faced different criticism after she flew to the United States despite reports that a storm is about to hit her hometown, Bicol. She was accused of having a lack of concern despite being in the second-highest position in the country.

In an interview during her visit to Camarines Sur last Tuesday, Leni complained about the slow response from the government. “I think it is somewhat slow,” she said.

This compelled Dr. Antonio Contreras, a professor from La Salle, to slam her anew over the issue. Contreras has been a vocal critic of Robredo ever since she assumed office. In a Facebook post, Contreras said that Leni should have given up her vacation if she really cared about the Bicol region, which is her hometown.

“Kapal talaga ng mukha. Nagreklamo pang mabagal ang relief. Taena kung andun ka at nakita mo ang extent ng damage malalaman mo na mahina na ang linggo ang bibilangin bago magkakakuryente at sa dami ng linyang nasira. Pero wala ka at nasa New York ka di ba. 

Kakagalit ka Leonora!”

“It’s really unfortunate that I was not here when the typhoon hit. But even if you ask my constituents, there was never a time I was not with them when calamity struck except now,”

However, Contreras didn’t believe her explanation and posted his reply on Facebook, saying:

“Nyeta. Ginagawa tayong tanga.

 Kadaling bumili ng tiket pauwi kung gusto. At hindi naman kailangan sabay-sabay. Malaki na ang panganay na anak. Nagtatrabaho na. Pwede naman nauna na siya.

At lechugas. Sad-face pa ang drama na nakalulungkot daw na andun siya at andito ang bagyo. December 22 pa lang alam na ang bagyo ay tatama ng kalupaan. At December 23 ay kumpirmadong sa Bicol maglalandfall. Mali ang timing? Nalungkot dahil andun siya at andito ang bagyo. E bakit umalis pa nung December 23?

La Salle Prof Slams VP Leni: "Kapal Talaga ng Mukha...Kakagalit ka Leonora!'

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Arnell Ignacio Has a Message to VP Robredo

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) AVP for the Community Relation and services Department Arnell Ignacio has a message for Vice President Leni Robredo which he shared on social media.

On Ignacio’s self-shot video, the comedian and TV host challenged Robredo to stand on her position as the Vice President and answer questions over her alleged cheating against Bongbong Marcos during the last May elections.

Ignacio challenged Robredo, “Gusto niyo po ba anim na taon kayong uupo na ang raming tao na nagdududa kung malinis po ba ang halalan?”

Ignacio further claimed that he is not opposing Robredo but is waiting for her her to make a stand.

“Sana mayroon po kayong strong position dito, wag naman po sana ‘yung talikuran na lang natin, magcelebrate tayo na tayo na ang nanalo.”

Also, Ignacio fired at Robredo’s party, the Liberal Party whom he pointed out to have had an anomalous position during Aquino’s term, raising up the LRT/MRT issues, the SAFF44 massacre and the Kidapawan farmer killings.

“Ang inaantay po namin ay ang mainit at matibay niyong stand dito.”

“Ang gusto po namin makita ay yung Leni Robredo na nakita namin bago nagkaroon ng eleksyon, yung minahal ng tao dahil nakita po namin na napakasimple at matapang,” he said.

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‘Mabagal iyong galaw.’ Vp Leni Slams Government’s Relief Operation in Typhoon Nina

Returning from her holidays with her family from the US, Vice President Leni Robredo visited areas affected by Ttyphoon Nina and made a comment on the government’s relief operations.

After observing that the electricity is not yet fully restored in all areas even after more than a week since the typhoon struck, Robredo denounced the “slow” government response.

Vp Leni Robredo Reacts on the Government's Relief Operation in Typhoon Nina-Hit Areas: 'Mabagal iyong galaw.'

The VP further emphasized a more vital and bigger problem, which is the restoration of the people’s livelihood. 

Vp Leni Robredo Reacts on the Government's Relief Operation in Typhoon Nina-Hit Areas: 'Mabagal iyong galaw.'

Robredo shared how badly she wanted to be here during the tragic incident amid her vacation in the US.

“Masama ang timing na iyon, masama din loob ko na nangyari na wala ako. Actually nasa bakasyon ako pero hindi rin ako makapag-concentrate. Iyong inaasikaso ko iyong relief operations dito.”

Vp Leni Robredo Reacts on the Government's Relief Operation in Typhoon Nina-Hit Areas: 'Mabagal iyong galaw.'

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VP Leni Met with Fil-Am Pregnancy Doctor Before Going Back to Manila?

Many of the President’s supporters have criticized Leni Robredo for her “lack of work and action.” She has been accused of campaigning for the 2020 presidency instead of fulfilling her role as the second highest leader of the country. These issues were already proven wrong by Leni’s camp. However, conspiracy theories are still forming around her despite the lack of facts.

An example of this is when she flew to the US to celebrate the holidays, instead of staying in her hometown, Naga. Around this time, Typhoon Nina struck the country and Bicol experienced a Signal no. 3 alert. Many critized her for being away in one of the most crucial moments for Bicol. 

According to an article written by ‘Thinking Pinoy‘, sources said that she was supposed to come home last December 31. Quoting a ‘well-placed’ source: “Leni still in NY but is flying home Dec 31 midnight but she insists on a dinner that same night. She may miss flight kung ganyan. Maybe her dinner with Loida. You never know.”

But it turns out to be a dinner with Dr. Samuel Maghuyop, a Geriatrics doctor. He is a doctor who specializes on menopausal and pregnant women. The article noted how Leni turned 52 last April and that she might be in the perimenopausal stage. The author didn’t make any conclusions but was blatantly pointing out that this may have something to do with why the doctor was so important to our vice president.

#NasaanSiLeni: VP Leni Met with Fil-Am Pregnancy Doctor Before Going Back to Manila! READ HERE!

#NasaanSiLeni: VP Leni Met with Fil-Am Pregnancy Doctor Before Going Back to Manila! READ HERE!

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Two Russian Navy Warships Arrive In Manila! Must See!

President Rodrigo Duterte has been very vocal in his decision about “siding” with China and Russia for military support instead of the US. Indeed, the president’s ties seem to be manifesting as two Russian Navy warships were seen in the shores of Manila

JUST IN! Two Russian Navy Warships Arrive in Manila! What's in Store for Us? SEE PHOTOS HERE!

JUST IN! Two Russian Navy Warships Arrive in Manila! What's in Store for Us? SEE PHOTOS HERE!

Russian officers, who came with the ship, were greeted by the Philippine press. According to a report by GMA News Online last December, the activities for the event will include a courtesy call to the Palace, a historical tour of the city, capability demonstrations, wreath laying and a tour of the ships. 

JUST IN! Two Russian Navy Warships Arrive In Manila! What's In Store For Us? SEE PHOTOS HERE!

JUST IN! Two Russian Navy Warships Arrive In Manila! What's In Store For Us? SEE PHOTOS HERE!

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This How The President Of The Philippines Celebrates his Christmas Day!

President Rodrigo Duterte is not only known for his ‘potty mouth‘ and strong personality, he is also known for being a president for the people.

Duterte who originated in Davao is used to living a simple life. These photos are proof that the Philippine President is not picky when it comes to the food he eats or even the clothes he wears. 

President Duterte wears a polo shirt with ‘DU30‘ on it and a pair of slippers.

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President Duterte celebrated Christmas in Davao City, visited Cancer Patients and opened his clubhouse for the less fortunate of Davao City.

In another photo, President Duterte was seen eating with his hands, beside a sink.

MUST SEE: You Won't Believe That The President Of The Philippines Lives This Way!

MUST SEE: You Won't Believe That The President Of The Philippines Lives This Way!

MUST SEE: You Won't Believe That The President Of The Philippines Lives This Way!

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