Jimmy Bondoc Attacks Inquirer For ‘Dilawang Pag-uulat,’

Singer-songwriter and staunch President Rodrigo Duterte supporter Jimmy Bondoc slammed veteran mainstream broadsheet Philippine Daily Inquirer for “writing lies” and “endangering the life” of his friend TJ Sarvida.

Inquirer posted an article about Sarvida’s father’s death. Another Inquirer article was published when Bondoc said that his friend’s father’s death is homicide and not a wrongful death of war against drugs.

In his Facebook post, Bondoc said that he has evidence to prove that Inquirer lied to its readers about the information they posted on their paper.

“Meron kaming malinaw at di maitatangining ebidensya na sinungaling ang Inquirer. Dilaw ka man o Pula, hindi niyo na maitatanggi ang kawalang-hiyaan ng Inquirer. Hintayin niyo lang, at kayo ang humusga,” he said.

“Ang pinaka masama dito ay inilagay nila ngayon sa matinding panganib ang kaibigang namin na si TJ Sarvida sa pamamagitan ng kanilang mali at malisosyong panunulat.”

Bondoc is yet to release these “evidence” that he is talking about.

In the Inquirer articles, Sarvida, also a staunch singer-songwriter supporter of Duterte, said that his father was killed after an unknown assailant shot him. Critics of Duterte took this as one of the negative effects of the ongoing war againsts drugs, citing that even supporters of Duterte became collateral damage of the advocacy.

Jimmy Bondoc Attacks Inquirer For 'Dilawang Pag-uulat,' Claims He Has Evidence

Jimmy Bondoc Attacks Inquirer For 'Dilawang Pag-uulat,' Claims He Has Evidence

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Patag Called Bobo by Sarah Duterte over 2020 presidential election gossip

Presidential daughter Inday Sarah Duterte – Carpio calls former actress Cynthia Patag “Bobo” and “Bangag” in an Instagram post over a gossip.
Patag posted on her Facebook account saying that she have heard from an unassailable source that the current mayor of Davao City Inday Sarah Duterte has started her training as the next president of the Republic of the Philippines.
“There’s a term for that. It’s called POLITICAL DYNASTY.” Patag added on her post.
Fourteen hours after, Inday Sarah Duterte hits back at Patag by posting a screenshot of the post and captioned it “Para lang maemphasize na bobo ka at bangag, ano ulet ang mangyayari sa 2020”.


800 Families Of Informal Settlers Have Just Been Given Their Own Home!

Up to 800 families of informal settlers have just received a grandious Christmas treat after being given their own home in the country’s biggest resettlement site.

The 11-hectare land located in Barangay Bignay, Valenzuela City named as the Disiplina Village is expected to accomodate up to 3,000 families once the construction of the housing units is finished.

Additionally, the village is also packed with great amenities such a clinics, convenience store and also a school. 

With the site being relocated in Valenzuela, a city within the metro, the government expects that families will no longer have troubles with finding jobs too. 

“Kung dati-rati ang relocation sa labas ng Metro Manila pero nahihirapan ang mga lumilipat doon dahil malayo sa kanilang pamilya, malayo sa trabaho, malayo sa kanilang mga mahal sa buhay, napagdesisyonan ng pamunuan ng lungsod ng Valenzuela na dapat dito lang kayo sa Valenzuela city,” Valenzuela mayor Rex Gatchalian said.

Former Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chair Vice President Leni Robredo has pushed for such projects during her short term. However, she hopes that such projects will continue despite her recent resignation.

Source: Untvweb, VK


DOH Chief Confirmed! Hospitals Will Be Free Next Year for the poor

No worries for impoverished Filipinos next year on their hospital and medicine bills – they will be shouldered by the government!

Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial announced the free hospitalization for the poor Filipinos yesterday during her visit to the  Integrated Provincial Hospital Office (IPHO) in Maguindanao.

“There’s no need to hold any card of PhilHealth, just prove to us you are a Filipino, you are entitled to be covered by health benefits, the PhilHealth will take care of the hospital billings and other concerns,” she said.

This would also cover government pharmacies so that poor people could acquire free medication now.

Ubial said that President Rodrigo Duterte told her to “just take care of the poor” and he will find the money for it.

She said this after an increase of the funds alloted by the Budget department to subsidize the hospital necessities of the poor and needy.

Ubial added that the Health Department is in stable financial standing after the Budget Department paid the arrears of P 32 Billion from the P42 Billion deficits of PhilHealth last November.

“This the is first time in [DOH] history … President Duterte has exerted all efforts and expect changes in the next days … poor patients will leave hospitals with no billings balance.”

Hospitals Will Be Free Next Year For The Poor According to DOH Chief!

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VP Leni ON DUTERTE’s KITCHEN: “Libre nga hindi naman masarap”

Proving that anytime can help and be generous no matter how rich or poor they are, 64-year old Nany Angelita Astor has become the first regular donor to “Duterte’s Kitchen” despite being just a small vendor.

Nanay Angelita earned the praise of netizens for her generosity even if she also does not have a lot of money herself.

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, the Official Page of Duterte’s Kitchen shared the story of how Nanay Angelita became a donor.

“Noong hindi pa kilala itong Duterte’s Kitchen, madalas ko na rin nakakasalamuha ang mga batang pumupunta at kumakain dito. Paano ba naman eh yung pwesto ko ay nasa tabi lang nitong Kitchen, kaya madalas yung mga kasangkapan na sinasagot sa pagluluto ng lugaw ay sa akin binibili. Minsan naman binibigay ko na lang bilang tulong na rin.”

(At the time when Duterte’s Kitchen wasn’t known yet? I had already spent time with the children who go and eat there. Since my selling spot is near the Kitchen, the staff often buy the ingredients of the porridge from me. Sometimes when they come here to buy, I just give it to them as a form of help.

Street Children tuck into freshly cooked “Lugaw” at Duterte’s Kitchen which serves free meals thrice daily from Monday-Saturday, 7am-7pm, at PDP-Laban building in Cubao, Quezon City. According to Program Director Dexter Araquel, the kitchen was adopted from similar program of then Mayor Duterte in Davao, and that they hope to expand to other locations nationwide, through the help of volunteers and food donations.

Recently, VP Leni Robredo was asked if what can she say about the Duterte’s Kitchen and the reporters was shocked by the answer of the Vice President.
“I really admire the dedication of the President to stop the extensively proliferation of the hunger of the poor. But i suggest that if you really want to help, make your food passed by your own taste.” -VP LENI


Al Jazeera Explains ‘Why Duterte Is Loved By Many Filipinos’

President Rodrigo Duterte’s win last May election was a clear landslide and his continuous popularity over the Filipino people is remarkable too, in a way.

So for the second time, Al Jazeera, a Doha-based broadcasting network funded by the state and Al Jazeera Media Network of Qatar’s ruling family, featured the Philippine’s President– Rodrigo Duterte.

You know why Duterte stand out among the rest of the other elite and well known political personalities? And how did this win him the election, as well as the hearts of the people? Watch this!

Source:AsianPolicy VK


VP Leni Robredo’s Wearing Expensive Shoes?

Recently, Mocha Uson was called out for having an “opulent lifestyle” by artist/politician Leah Navarro because the blogger was spotted with takeout from Cibo and she uses a Macbook laptop.

Sass Rogando Sassot, known as a political analyst in Facebook, shared a video titled “Now Showing: OPULENT LIFESTYLE Starring: Leah Navarro, Leni Robredo, and Mocha Uson” on her page.

The video exposed the luxury items Vice President Leni Robredo and her family owns, including her daughter’s Macbooks, their Louis Vuitton bags and her designer shoes.  

At the end of the video, Sassot implies that one lifestyle appears to be more “opulent” than the other.

Source: Facebook, VK


‘Duterte Resign? Said by Mar Roxas. You Must Be F*cking Out Of Your Mind’- Sass Sasot

Alongside Mocha Uson, Sass Rogando Sasot has been gaining popularity for being a vocal supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte. One of her posts looked back at Mar Roxas‘ claim during the elections in which he declared that he had seized about 7.5 billion worth of illegal drugs as DILG secretary

Sasot then compared this to Duterte’s administration which has accumulated about 5.4 billion worth of illegal drugs in the span of two months.

'Duterte Resign? You Must Be F*cking Out Of Your Mind' Sass Sasot Slams Mar Roxas!

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“Kumakapit na sa patalim itong si Senator De Lima” Gordon on Matobato’s complaint against Duterte

Senator Richard Gordon believes that two Senators planned and assisted the filed complaint of the self-confessed member of ‘Davao Death Squad’ Edgar Matobato against President Rodrigo Duterte.

On December 9, the chairperson of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights said in an interview over GMA News TV’s “Balitanghali” that Senator Leila De Lima and Antonio Trillanes may behind the complaint filed by Matobato against the President of the Philippines.

He believes that his two colleagues who presented Matobato as witness in the Senate investigation on extrajudicial killings planned it all.

“Nasa likod niyan si Trillanes tsaka si De Lima eh,” he said.

“‘Yan ang mahirap eh. Kapag tapos na ‘yung imbestigasyon, tapos na. Kung gusto nila mag-appear, mag-appear sila sa Senado. Eh committee ‘yan, magagaling naman members ng committee. Bakit sila aayaw?” Gordon added.

Senator Gordon believes that De Lima, who backed Matobato already loss credibility because she denied her relationship with her driver-bodyguard many times, but in the end she admitted it.

He also believes that Senator Leila De Lima was desperate because she herself faced many cases over her alleged involvement in illegal drug trade in the Philippines.

“Bakit natin paniniwalaan ‘yan? Kaya kumakapit na sa patalim itong si Senator De Lima, sa tingin ko. I don’t want to be personal pero marami siyang ipapaliwanang eh,”

This week, Matobato’s lawyer filed a complaint against President Duterte for murder, torture, kidnapping and crimes against humanity before the Office of the Ombudsman.



Brave netizen Slams Mocha Uson Leni Robredo from

Facebook user Irish Christianne Dizon called out Mocha Uson through a lengthy social media post.

This was in response to Uson’s FB status against Vice president Leni Robredo, where the staunch Duterte supporter has deliberately criticized and questioned Robredo for not reading her blogs.

Dizon replied profoundly to the founder of Mocha Girls and presented facts to enlighten her.

Below is what she wrote in full text.

“Bes MOCHA USON BLOG. Hindi naman porket ayaw basahin ni Vice President Leni Robredo yung blog mo eh “ibang iba na siya.” Siya pa rin naman si Leni from the block. Nakatira pa rin sa condo unit na payak (Nakita ko na, maliit at simple lang, di mo iisiping bise presidente ng Pilipinas ang nakatira), nagsisilbi pa rin nang tapat.

“Taska isang nakakababaeng trivia: mas mahal pa yata pinupuntahan mong salon kung saan ka nagpapa-rebond ng buhok mo kesa sa pinupuntahan niyang parlor. (HIHIHI. BABAE KASI TAYO BES, SIYEMPRE INAALAM NATIN YUNG MGA PAMPA BYUTI NIYO DAY).

“Yung sa pag bu-bus? Teh, siyempre mas mahigpit na ang security ngayong bise na siya. Isipin mo rin yung kaligtasan ng mga ordinaryong Pilipinong makakasabay niya sa bus di ba? Si PRESIDENTE gugustuhin mo bang mag bus? IKAW NGA GURL DI KA NAG BU-BUS PARA SA CONVENIENCE AT SAFETY MO. Wag ganern.

“Hindi naman puro ‘elitista’ ang nasa paligid niya. Madalas nga siyang bumibisita sa mga magsasaka, mangingisda, mga indigenous people’s groups, at mga mahihirap. Documented yan baks, hindi yan gawa gawa lang. For your reference:

“Yung paratang mo na ‘sa patuloy mong pagsilbi sa liberal party mo?’ Heto ang sagot ni Leni oh: ‘To claim that I’m a minion of LP, I think that’s unfair because my record hasn’t shown any indication to that sort na sunud-sunuran (that I just mindlessly follow orders). That’s an unfair accusation.’ Source:…/robredo-im-not-a-minion-of-lp


“Alam naman natin kung bakit galit ang FOLLOWERS mo sa kanya. Take note: Di ko sinabing galit ang TAO sa kanya kasi hindi mo pwedeng lahatin. Ako, Pilipino rin, pero hindi galit sa kanya. At marami kaming hindi galit sa kanya. At take note, 4,000,000 mahigit ang followers mo, pero nasa libo lang ang nag la-like at co-comment nang laban kay VP Leni. Ibig sabihin, kahit sa ranggo mo, hindi lahat galit kay Leni.

“Mas tamang sabihin na galit ang libu libong followers mo kay Leni kasi araw araw mong tinitira, baks, kahit mali mali pino-post mo. Halimbawa yung “puro photo shoot.” DALAWA lang yung covers niya this year, pantay lang sila ni Presidente.

“Kwento ko lang ah. Yung isang pinost mo, yung Good Housekeeping Philippines niya? Ako nagsulat nun. 2015 pa yun. HOLIDAY namin ginawa ang shoot at interview, sometime in August. In short, walang tinamaang trabaho niya yung cover na yun. Dumating si Congresswoman alas siyete ng umaga impunto, kasama mga anak niya. Walang ka divahan. Longganisa lang kaya naming pakain, kain din sila. DAPAT LANG NO. PARE PAREHAS LANG TAYO. Natapos ang shoot, nang walang problema kasi hindi siya feelingera.

“Simpleng pag-Google lang ng petsa nung mga magazine ate Mochs, di mo pa ginawa. Maging repsonsable ka naman. Ayan tuloy, na BBC yung pag post mo ng picture ng isang rape at murder victim na sa BRAZIL pala nangyari. Todo delete ka pagkatapos.

“Tsaka IKAW PWEDE MAG PHOTO SHOOT, SI DIGONG PWEDE MAG PHOTO SHOOT PERO SI LENI HINDI? MAY BATAS BA NA NAGBABAWAL KAY LENI NA MAG MAG PHOTO SHOOT? WAG KANG ANO GURL. Sabi nga ni Joseph Pascual na nag shoot sa yo: “It is disappointing to see you lambast someone for doing something you yourself were so grateful you have done. Maybe next time, turn down offers for the things you’ll hate others for doing.”