CBCP leader warns Duterte admin for possible coup d'etat

CBCP Leader WARNS Duterte Administration For Possible Coup D’etat

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) leader Fr. Amado Picardal, executive secretary of Committee on Basic Ecclesial Communities, said it’s possible that they could coup d’etat in the incoming president’s administration if he will suppress the crime by means of violence like killings and death penalty.

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epa05300724 A picture made available on 12 May 2016 shows Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte speaking to supporters during a rally in Manila, Philippines, 07 May 2016. The administration of incoming Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has announced at a conference in Davao City, southern Philippines, on 12 May 2016 that the first priority of the Transition Committee will be to rebuild the public's trust in police forces.  EPA/RITCHIE B. TONGO

40 Suspected Shabu peddlers “surrender,” vow not to engage in illegal drugs

epa05300724 A picture made available on 12 May 2016 shows Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte speaking to supporters during a rally in Manila, Philippines, 07 May 2016. The administration of incoming Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has announced at a conference in Davao City, southern Philippines, on 12 May 2016 that the first priority of the Transition Committee will be to rebuild the public's trust in police forces. EPA/RITCHIE B. TONGO

PLACER, Surigao del Norte (MindaNews / 04 June) — At least 40 suspected shabu drug pushers in this mining town have voluntarily “surrendered” to authorities and vowed not to engage in the illegal drugs trade.

Police Chief Inspector Manolito D. Parazo, chief of police of Placer Municipal Police Station told MindaNews that a total of 40 suspected persons presented themselves to Mayor-elect Micheal Jose Patiño.

“Six showed up on June 2 and signed a covenant before our newly-elected mayor Patiño and some elected officials and police force,” Parazo said.

On May 30, at least 34 suspected peddlers of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) promised the police and the mayor that they would stop their illegal activity.

Parazo said 12 of the 40 who turned in are considered big time drug pushers in the town.

He added these suspected drug pushers come from barangays Poblacion, Magsaysay and Sta. Cruz (Bad-as).

Parazo said they did not arrest the 40 but gave them a second chance. But he said they were monitoring them and if they push drugs again, would be arrested and if they resist, killed.

Placer mayor-elect Patino said eradication of illegal drugs is one of his governance agenda.

“I made a promise to my constituents during the campaign period to solve the drug problem,” he said, adding he will intensify his campaign against illegal drugs when he assumes post on June 30.

Parazo assumed the post of police chief in November and has since arrested at least 35 suspects in the illegal drugs trade, killing one who fought with arresting officers.

“Placer is one of the towns in Surigao del Norte where proliferation of illegal drugs is rampant; now we have arrested some and we are giving others a chance to change themselves,” he said.

Parazo said he will still give the drug pushers who did not show up a chance to surrender at the police station.

He said he will let them have a chance to reform themselves.

“Of course they are under monitoring,” he said.

A certain “Dondon” one of the suspected drug pushers, cried during the covenant signing at the house of Patiño.

“I promised to quit the selling of shabu,” he told reporters.

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Philippines Presidential Elections

Philippines Presidential Elections


Duterte Insist hanging, not lethal injection


DAVAO CITY – President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, who is pushing for the re-imposition of death penalty, told congressmen he favored hanging over lethal injection, one lawmaker present at the meeting said Wednesday.

The 71-year-old leader, who assumes office on June 30, recently secured a “super majority” in the House of Representatives that will enable him to push for his agenda.

“Hindi daw nakakatakot yung lethal kasi patutulugin mo. Samantalang yung hanging makikita mong nagkakawag-kawag doon,” Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez told ABS-CBN News.

Another lawmaker present during the early evening meeting here on Tuesday, Camarines Sur Rep. Rolando Andaya, suggested realigning a portion of the 2016 budget to refurbish the country’s lethal injection chambers.

Former president Gloria Arroyo repealed the death penalty law in 2006 just before she went to the Vatican for an audience with Pope Benedict XVI.

But Duterte, who campaigned on the promise of a “bloody war” against crime, sought to revive it. He is also seeking a shift to the federal-parliamentary form of government to devolve power and resources that have long been held in the capital.


Carlos Celdran asking for Apology to Duterte supporters

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — A week after posting a highly controversial Facebook post that drew the ire of supporters of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, tour guide Carlos Celdran offered an apology, saying time was wasted and focus was lost because of the bickering.

In a status update published on Tuesday (December 15), Celdran said, “I have decided to apologize, full stop.”

He added that the word war between him and Duterte supporters – whom he previously called “Dutertards” in a December 9 post – helped neither side.

“As a matter of fact, we’ve all just wasted a precious week making memes and losing focus,” he said.

Celdran also backtracked and said he was sorry for resorting to name-calling: “I am sorry for losing my temper and offending your sensibilities through the use of name calling. I also do realize that word I used, not only hurts Duterte campaigners, but a marginalized sector of society as well. Hence. I shall not repeat the word here at all.”


Pres-elect Rodrigo Duterte boycotts media interviews


Following his recent press briefing on June 2, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte kept himself from the eyes of the media for days.

In a statement, Duterte’s executive assistant and incoming president management staff chief Bong Go said, Duterte has decided not to hold press briefings in the coming days and all of his announcements will be delivered through the state-owned television PTV4.

Duterte confirmed this through an amateur video posted on Facebook.

“I am sorry. I boycott.”

[until when are you holding a boycott?]

“Until the end of my term.”


“Because i do not want to anymore.”

[is that decision irrevocable?]

“A lot of interviews were erroneous. There are a lot of criticisms. No interview, no criticisms, no wrong statement, nothing. So, shut up. No more interviews.”

Duterte attended to some issues after his recent press briefing in Davao City.

One of them was the issue of media killings and rampant corruption in the media sector.

Duterte clarified in his recent press briefing the different types of journalists in the country.

One of them are the ones who receive bribes to conceal the truth.

But he also said that there are those who risk their lives exposing the truth.

Duterte insists that he will not apologize for his previous statement against some journalists.

Likewise, he is not threatened if ever some media groups decide to boycott him.


Pre Elect President Duterte Called ‘Bastos’! Why? Read This First!

The incoming president Rodrigo Duterte is being bashed because of the unorthodox behavior that he is showing during the campaign period and now that he is bound to become the president of the Philippines.

The way he talked, moved or even the way he shows his plans is different from the usual statesman of the country.

He is far from the usual aura and image of the president that the Philippines have.

But a guy named Eric Clark Su had a posted a important message to  his facebook to all the people. He posted this on his official account whereas he explained that Duterte is ‘bastos’. 

Read his Post:

mayor duterte

WATCH : President Elect Duterte Full Speech at Thanks Giving Party

The incoming president warns three high ranking officials in Camp Crame who are allegedly involved in illegal drug trade to resign before he takes the office of presidency during his speech at the thanksgiving party held in Crocodile Park, Davao City on Saturday night.

The tough talking mayor who has been campaigning against illegal drugs said in his speech that every police official involved in drug trade should resign their post as soon as possible.

Watch the full video below:


Umali Whistled by Duterte And She Was Offended But Davila Called Delicious And She Took It As A Joke!

On a press conference Pre Elected President Duterte whistled and catcalled to GMA reported Umali.

Her husband take it personally and get offended and immediately release a official statement on his facebook account.

This issue is dubbed as one of the most controversial issues in the country nowadays. But now, the people wanted to stand up with what the incoming president did.

According to the post of Proud Bisaya. The post stated that before Duterte called Karen Davilla as delicous and she take it as joke and on that day they become more closer. It was intended as for fun. This happened on his interview in DZMM.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.44.31 PM



You won’t boycott me? I’ll boycott you – Duterte


President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is boycotting the media, his close aide annonced on Saturday morning.

Bong Go stated on his text message:

“Kung ayaw n’yo daw mag-boycott sa kanya, s’ya daw mag-boycott sa inyo,” .

Go added in his text message: “[Anyway], mayor pa naman siya and si PNoy ang pres[idente].”

Outgoing Davao City Mayor Duterte will take his seat in Malacañang on June 30.

Go had also announced on Friday that Duterte will temporarily stop holding press conferences to avoid mistakes.

Duterte has been holding press conferences since he was presumed as winner of the May 9 presidential election.

Duterte had dared members of the media in Davao City to stop covering him in response to calls by the Repoters Without Borders to journalists to boycott the incoming president until he apologizes.

Media groups scored Duterte for his announcement that slain journalists are corrupt members of the media.

Duterte also drew flak after wolf-whistling GMA News reporter-anchor Mariz Umali in one of his late night press conferences earlier this week.

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Duterte On Whistling Is Bad, But An LP Leader Kissing The Neck Of A Woman Is Not?


The president-elect Duterte is recently  gaining criticisms because of what he did on last press conference that was held for him.
On the said press conference, he whistled and catcalled the GMA News reporter Mariz Umali. Many people reacted to this saying that this is inappropriate and improper. Due to that, there had been an online debate about this.
But there was a photo uploaded on social media that become viral today

It is a photo that involves one of the members of the Liberal Party, Sonny Belmonte who was photographed as he was kissing the neck of the Miss World Megan Young.

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