Woman Rejects This Guy Who Asks Her To Hang Out, But When She Sees His Car, This Is What She Did!

Let’s admit it: Having a man drive you in a nice and sleek car adds up so many points. 

HoomanTV tried out a prank called ‘Gold Digger‘ to catch women who only gets interested once they saw the guy’s  car. 

A man pulled off at a park with his Lamborghini. He targetted this woman in sports attire who is holding a puppy. 

He approached her and attempted to flirt with her but she said she’s married. Still, the man insisted that they should hang out and be friends since the husband was overseas.

The woman repeatedly refused — until the guy told her that he owns the Lamborghini that was parked just near. She was about to walk away but when she saw the car, she came back and continued on the conversation.

They planned to go to the beach house because the woman said she hasn’t been there before.

However, when the two were about to enter the car, the guy told her that he will give her something. He pulled out a golden shovel from his car and gave it to her.

The woman was puzzled as to why the guy gave her a shovel.

He said he gave it to her because she’s a gold digger, the slang term for someone who goes after men only for their money. He later went inside the car and drove away, leaving the woman pissed and dumbfounded.

Moments later, the woman called the cops and complained that the guy harrassed her. The police, after hearing her story, did not buy it. He uncuffed the guy and let him go.

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Woman Caught On-Cam Seducing TV Repairman!

People should be thankful for whoever invented or developed the concept of hidden cameras. These instruments are more than helpful in catching mischievous people in the act. Such is the case of this naughty woman who tried to seduce a TV repairman.

This video which has been the subject of online discussions shocked the social media community as it features an unexpected encounter between a TV repairman and his client.

In the video, a fine woman wearing nothing but a black t-shirt and shorts negotiates with a man about repairing her TV. The awkwardness is already noticeable especially considering how the has dressed. 

The video which lasted for almost 4 minutes showed how the naughty lady tried to make seductive movements while the repairman is present in the room. Her actions can be claimed to be ‘wanting’ and ‘inviting’. However, the repairman fortunately just stayed on his job. After all, he was there to fix the television and nothing else.

During the duration of the video, the repairman’s focus was still on repairing the appliance. Although the woman may seem to be really seductive enough, the repairman did not falter in his duty.

Watch the video here:

As usual, netizens gave their comments on the viral video. They reminded the naughty woman to stop that kind of behavior because not all men could be as gentle as the repairman. She might never know that there are men who could take advantage of her especially that her actions are the weakness of most men, if not all.

If you were in the repairman’s situation, what would you do? What can you say about the woman on the video? Share us your answers in the comment section below.

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Bus Driver Passes Out While Driving.Kids Did this to Save The Day!

Accidents happen every day, especially on the road. Many of them are consequences of drunk driving or overspeeding while some are just unlucky.

When faced with this kind of situation, it is of highest importance that we stay calm and immediately do the most appropriate response. This is what a group of kids did when an unfortunate scenario happened to them while they were on a bus.

Everything was caught in a cctv camera. It can be seen that the a man was driving a school bus. He was supposed to bring middle school students to their home safely. However, he passed out while driving in the middle of the road. Instead of just shouting and panicking, the kids immediately responded to the situation effectively. 

A kid named Jeremy got up immediately and grabbed the wheel. He successfully prevented the bus from plowing a local church. Another kid started performing CPR on the driver. According to him, the driver was finding it very hard to breathe during that time. The other kids even made an initiative to call 911!

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Look like a Serious Interview But suddenly the Door Opens and Someone Unexpected Enters!

Unexpected things can happen during live interviews. Case in point – this particular viral video featuring a university professor and his infant son.

Professor Robert Kelly of Pusan National University is a political science expert at East Asia international relations. 

BBC News conducted a Skype interview with Prof. Kelly to get his insights about the recent impeachment of South Korea’s president, Park Geunhye

It was a very serious interview as political matter were being discussed. However, something unexpected happened which made the interview go viral.

In the middle of Kelly’s discussion with the BBC news anchor, his toddler suddenly entered the room where the interview was being conducted. Shortly after the unexpected interruption, his other child took the scene as well. 

It was quite evident that Prof. Kelly was struggling to maintain his focus as he repeatedly apologized to the viewers. 

Moments later, his wife came in to try and save the day. She swiftly entered the room and grabbed their children while Kelly tried to redeem himself. Kelly’s wife moved like a ninja, closing the door rapidly behind her.

Watch the video here:

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Her Brother Surprised Her After Doing This!

Most of the time, people believe that sisters and brothers are one of the most special gifts God can give to anyone. Aside from being roommates, siblings are the best company and best buddies to keep. There is just no greater love than what these precious real-life friends can express.

These thoughts are applicable to these precious siblings featured in an article published by the inspirational site, Little Things. This story can really be considered as #SiblingGoals.

A teenage girl from Gilbert, Arizona found herself in shock when her two brothers threw a surprise for her. She did not expect what was waiting for her that day.

John and Elizabeth have another brother named Shane. Shane is a soldier who was assigned in Italy for three years. Due to the nature of his job, he was kept from seeing Elizabeth for a long time. It had been a hard time for both of them as they were reported to be really close to each other. 

When it was the time for Shane to return home, he asked for John’s help to pull off a surprise for Elizabeth. Yes! Shane’s homecoming was kept as a secret from Elizabeth with John’s help. That is why when Shane returned at their home, it seemed like Elizabeth got the surprise of her life.

John decided to record the moment Elizabeth will meet her older brother again. The video below showed how Elizabeth reacted when Shane approached her. 

Just as when she thought it was John who entered their house, she did not expect that she was about to see someone she missed terribly.

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Real Life Zombie? Man In a Hospital As He Tries To Attack And Eat People!

A Facebook post by Xavier Hunter featuring a man who seemingly possessed the characteristics of a zombie went viral. 

Hunter posted a video and photos of a man who was speaking gibberish and behaving strangely. The video was taken in a hospital somewhere in Brazil. The man had a horrific bullet wound in his mouth. 

Hospital personnel feared that he was “possessed by the devil” due to his contorted posture and strange behavior. 

As seen in the video, blood was dripping from the man’s mouth due to an alleged bullet wound. It was, however, unclear what caused the injury. 

The man walked around with his back bent in the wrong direction, slurring and shouting. His pupils looked dilated and he spoke in a loud, raspy voice. The hospital’s staff were too scared to even approach the man. 

While most people would be writhing in pain from a bullet wound to the mouth, the man was instead walking around in a trance while claiming that he was working with Lucifer. The scene becomes even crazier when another Brazilian guy attempted to perform an exorcism on him. 

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Young Singer Wows Judges With His Performance of Josh Groban’s Broken Vow!

An 18-year-old singer went viral across social media after moving the audience and judges with his performance in “The Voice Australia” as he sang Josh Groban’s “Broken Vow”.  

Before his phenomenal performance, Harrison Craig had been struggling in his social life, experiencing bullying because of the way he speaks. He has a stutter and has been taking fire from his classmates all his life. He found a way to overcome this part of his life through music. He then developed a deep passion for it.  

So when he heard about the auditions in The Voice, he didn’t hesitate to give it a try and share his talent with the world. His family was very supportive and went with him to the auditions. His mom and his brother were rooting for him backstage.  

When Craig started singing, the judges immediately noticed his potential from the moment he sang the first line. All four of them turned for him and were amazed of Craig’s performance. They watched the whole of his performance standing with much delight and admiration for his voice. His little brother was overwhelmed and cried backstage. They were even more amazed when they learned he had a stutter. 

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Drainage Canals In Japan Are So Clean That Koi Fish Can Live In Them!

Recently, netizens are going crazy for a drainage canal in Japan that is so clean that it can support schools of koi fish in them.

Yes, you read that right. There are fishes seen in this canal, and many netizens were naturally amazed! The photos already became viral on social media.

Do you know that some of these canals have become tourist spots? Who wouldn’t want to go see koi fishes swimming in sidewalk canals? Sounds like something straight from a Studio Ghibli film!

MUST SEE: These Drainage Canals In Japan Are So Clean That Koi Fish Can Live In Them!

Many Filipino commenters expressed the wish that these canals could materialize in the Philippines someday, especially because most of our drainage canals are foul-smelling and unfit for any life (except rats and cockroaches, probably). 

MUST SEE: These Drainage Canals In Japan Are So Clean That Koi Fish Can Live In Them!

MUST SEE: These Drainage Canals In Japan Are So Clean That Koi Fish Can Live In Them!

MUST SEE: These Drainage Canals In Japan Are So Clean That Koi Fish Can Live In Them!

MUST SEE: These Drainage Canals In Japan Are So Clean That Koi Fish Can Live In Them!

We all just need a little discipline in taking care of our environment, don’t you think?

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Woman Went Deep Into A Tunnel And These Are What She Got!

There are people who would go the extra mile and who would go to great measures just to show compassion to all living creatures. These people really show that humans are not the only ones who need love and care. Moreover, these are the people who are more than willing to sacrifice what they can to assure the safety of every animal.

Let’s take as an example this viral Facebook video which touched and amazed the social media community. The video is not just a simple footage of a rescuing stunt, but it is an actual manifestation of love and bravery caught on cam.

Dogs World shared with its followers a footage of three women giving some extra effort just to rescue whatever was inside a deep tunnel. The video is now viewed more than 54 million times and was also shared by more than 850,000 Facebook users

In the clip, two women can be seen pulling another woman out of a 10-15ft deep tunnel. When she got out, she was holding a bag full of mud. When they opened the bag, it turns out that there are two puppies inside of it.

The online community praised the rescuers especially the woman who went inside the tunnel.

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MMA Fighter Dancing in the Middle of The Fight but What Happen next is Unexpected!

Different athletes have their own strategies to mess up with their opponents. Typically, athletes would assess the weakness of their opponents in their skills. They would try to identify the weak spot of their athletes and that is where they will begin to build up their own way to claim victory.

However, there are others who would resort to testing their opponent’s focus. They will try to tease and taunt them until they lose their temper. When this happens, their opponents will definitely lose their focus and it will greatly affect their performance.

This is what mixed martial arts (MMA) amateur UK fighter Joe Nitro” Harding tried to do when he faced off against another amateur French fighter Johan “The Silencer” Segas. However, Harding did not expect the tables to turn.

During the 18th installment of British Challenge MMA held at the Colchester Charter Hall in Colchester, Essex, England, Harding did not expect that his behavior in the middle of the fight would affect the result of the match for him.

While fighting for the last round for an interim featherweight title, Harding did some crazy dance moves to mess up with Segas’ temper. He tried to tease his opponent by doing hilarious dance moves inside the octagon ring. However, instead of losing his focus, Segas used this moment to brutally defeat Harding into a knockout! 

Harding and the audience did not expect that Segas would be able to give him a flying kick hitting his neck. After Segas’ brutal assault, Harding failed to stand up again, declaring Segas the victor of the match.

Their MMA match went immediately viral online as netizens mocked Harding for trying to showboat while inside the fight. Sport analysts strictly advise athletes not to do that kind of behavior while inside a match as it would affect their own focus as well. After all, focus is a central key in any activity may it be sports-related or not.

Meanwhile, netizens’ mocking of Harding did not end there as the MMA fighter spread bitterness of defeat on his social media account. He received flak after accusing Segas of “cheating” him in that particular match as he claimed that Segas was under steroids. However, netizens claim that his sentiments just proved his “stupidity” as a pre-fight medical exam showed that Segas is not taking any prohibited drugs.

MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out After Dancing In The Middle Of The Fight!

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