This Guy Try to Rob This House, But After Get Inside He Didnt Expect This Will Happen!

“Akyat-bahay” robbers are the worst. They are the dedicated kind of criminal that will put a 100% effort just to break into your home. 

Walls and other security measures are nothing for these robbery specialists. This is why some homeowners rely on their ‘best friends’ to give them that extra protection. 

A viral CCTV footage of an attempted robbery had netizens laughing after it showed the robber scampering in his embarrassing failure. The video was posted by Facebook user Werner Goosen

The video begins in a backyard of an undisclosed house. In the upper right corner, viewers can spot a man wearing a cap climbing the wall from outside the house. He also tried to sneak in by slowly balancing on a board where a clothesline is attached.

All seems quiet until a pair of two bull terrier dogs came running over. At first, the pair seems nice, wagging their tails as the robber climbs down. Suddenly, they ran toward the would-be robber’s leg. 

The bull terrier is a tough, stubborn and aggressive breed of dog

They begin barking at the would-be robber, snapping their jaws at him and biting his pants. Soon the white dog clamped his jaws hard on the robber’s pants. He kicked him off but the other dog is right on the other leg. 

Source: Facebook, VK


Chinese Restaurant Allegedly Serving Human Feet to Customers! Shocking!

Warning: The following article features graphic images. Reader discretion is advised. 

Restaurants exist because people want good food prepared by a professional. Certain standards have to be met before a restaurant can serve. This includes having a friendly staff, cleanliness, and of course, proper handling of food.

As a customer, you expect to be served what you ordered. 

So imagine the shock of a customer at a Chinese restaurant in Italy when they discovered they may have consumed a human foot

Disgusting! Chinese Restaurant Accused of Cooking and Serving Human Feet to Customers

An unnamed waiter of the aforementioned restaurant took this grisly photo of what appears to be a pair of decomposing human feet in a blue bowl. 

The waiter claims his photo shows a pair of ‘bear claws’ – a Chinese delicacy served at his workplace. 

Upon seeing the graphic photo, a long-time customer immediately reported the restaurant to the authorities. 

We don’t blame them.

Health inspectors went to investigate the allegation and were stunned with the appalling conditions of the restaurant. They found 55lbs of meat and fish of frozen dubious origin – alongside packs of crab meat and frog legs well passed their expiry date. There was also ‘layers of dirt and grease’ all over the kitchen 

Source: Elitereaders, VK


Woman Made a Promise to Her Best Friend But When the Time Came, She Did a Horrible Thing!

They say that love takes time but this story will surely break your heart for it just proves that time isn’t enough to win a person’s heart. No matter how hard you shout to the world that you love that person, if that person loves someone else, you can never have their heart.

This girl promised marriage to her guy friend if she couldn’t find someone to love her in 10 years. This guy was so willing to give his life for this girl that he did everything for her. Whenever the girl experienced a broken heart, he was always there to heal it.

Until one day, the girl wanted to commit suicide but failed to do it. She just simply wanted to die as her boyfriend broke her heart again. When the boy found out about it, he rushed to the hospital to see if the girl was fine. He took care of her, and did everything to make her feel okay.

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A Woman Got Terrified after Ghost Was Caught on Camera! Watch This!

This incident caught in a CCTV footage was captured on October 15, 2014. The clip showed how a ghost inside the hostel tried to talk with the girl by means of entering her body.

In this CCTV footage, it can be seen that the girl wearing a long sleeved polo shirt was washing her face. When she was about to go out, she seemed to lose her balance as someone pushed her.

If you take a closer look at the back of the girl, there is a shadow which followed her. 

No actual information was given as to the location of the girl, the video is also unverified as true footage. Upon seeing this video, netizens reacted to this cctv footage, and here they are:

A netizen named Dr Verity Strange-Fish said, “I would suggest a more salient question is: What is a surveillence camera doing in a girls’ bathroom in the first place. Yes, creepy!”

Tony Morris commented, “I used to be a ghost hunter (amateur) and I would analyze videos like this. While I cannot debunk or confirm this, I can say that if you watch closely, the figure approaching the woman from behind appears to be lifting it’s right “hand” and plunging it towards her, as if in a stabbing motion. It would be interesting to see if there was any deaths in the building, particularly a stabbing.”

Well, you must see this video clip for yourself.  Watch this!

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Worker at Day Care Started Acting So This Guy Installs CCTV And What He Finds Out Is Unexpected!

Not every parent can afford the luxury of time due to heavy workloads and busy schedules so most of these parents resort to babysitters. And with the amount of trust they give, parents expect their children to be well taken care of.

However, not everyone deserves that trust. 

On April 4 2016, a CCTV footage was posted online showing an appalling incident involving babysitter and daycare owner Christina Williamson.

Child protective investigator Desiree LaBlanc Moines entrusted her baby daughter to Williamson. At the start, she felt like it was a great decision as the babysitter constantly updated her by sending photos of the infant from time to time.

However LaBlanc did not expect what happened after. She received a call from her supervisor advising her to pick up her daughter, claiming that the poor infant is being physically abused in the day care center.

Apparently it was Williamson’s own husband who was able to catch her after he decided to set up cameras in their home due to gossip that his wife was acting strange.

The footage captured Williamson maltreating the children as she sometimes threw the kids around, leave them alone or even putting cloth inside their mouths. Being caught red-handed led her to a five-year sentence in prison.

Source: LittleThings, VK


[email protected] Mother Walks in While Her Son Was on a Livestream!

This teenage boy’s livestream took an unexpected turn after his mother suddenly walks in, wearing nothing but her underwear

Scantilyclad and leaving almost nothing to the imagination, the young boy’s mom walked straight through the door to ask her son if he need to someone to wake him up the next morning.

WATCH: Half-N@ked Sexy Mother Dressed in Nothing but Her Underwear Walks in While Her Son Was on a Livestream!

Unfortunately, the teenager playing the computer game League of Legends (LOL) was livestreaming his game with his friends, who caught a full glimpse of his almost-[email protected] mother.

WATCH: Half-N@ked Sexy Mother Dressed in Nothing but Her Underwear Walks in While Her Son Was on a Livestream!

Caught unawares, the teenager hastily warned his mother that she was being captured on his computer’s camera.

WATCH: Half-N@ked Sexy Mother Dressed in Nothing but Her Underwear Walks in While Her Son Was on a Livestream!

“Mum, for f***’s sake you cannot walk in like that when I’m streaming,” he embarrassingly yelled, translated from Danish, as he closed the door. 

Source: Express, Youtube, VK


Her BF Threw Her in a Dumpster Over Alleged Cheating!

This cheating girlfriend went where she really belongs – in the dumpster like the trash that she is, at least according to her boyfriend.

In a video posted by World Star Hip Hop, an American-based website known for posting videos of people fighting in the streets and rap freestyles, a man was seen dragging his girlfriend by her arm.

Spectators thought that they were just witnessing a couple fighting over typical relationship troubles. However, it seems as though the boyfriend found out that his girlfriend was allegedly cheating on him.

What happened next shocked onlookers: the infuriated man threw his girlfriend into the dumpster just like garbage. The spectators, including the man shooting the video, were shocked and amused at the same time due to the man’s savage behavior.

Source: Worldstarhiphop, VK


This Guy Tried to Harassed this Girl Inside An Elevator. But He Did Not Expect This Will Happened

Despite several laws prohibiting sexual harassment all over the globe, it is still a common experience many women have to suffer through. 

According to a survey of 500 people by aware.org, 54% of the respondents have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Of the 54%, 79% were women.

It’s such a startling fact that sexual harassment is so rampant that even a Republic Act explicitly prohibiting it (R.A. 7877) has failed to curb the sheer number of incidents from occurring. 

Sexual harassment is a sickening act that dehumanizes the victim, making them feel powerless and insignificant. 

However, this particular viral video might inspire hope among all women who were once victims of sexual harassment.

A video posted on Facebook shows a perverted man sniffing at a young woman while they were riding an elevator. The disgusting behavior exhibited by the man prompted the woman to kick him in the groin and knee him in the head. 

Check it out below:

Everyone who saw the video can easily say that the pervert deserved what he got. Read these netizens’ comments:

Marlene Burgess wrote: “I wish all women could defend themselves this well- attacks would stop!”

Maribel Laflin wrote: “Good that’s what he gets…perv!!!!!”

Source: Facebook, VK


Foreigner Pretends to be Homeless in Manila and What Happen Next is Unbelievable

Filipinos help foreigner who pretends to be penniless

Filipinos help foreigner who pretends to be penniless (Photo credit: composite image)

A foreigner decided to roam Manila without anything.

He left his cellphone, cash and even credit card at the hotel just to make sure that he won’t have anything while conducting his social experiment.

He want to see how Filipinos would react to his plight of being homeless and penniless. Filipinos help foreigner who pretends to be penniless  When he was thirsty, a security guard gave him food. The guard said that he was also a Muslim so he is sharing water with him.

When he was hungry, a kindhearted guy bought him a meal. The guy just got hired and was so happy to share his blessings.

Lastly, when he needed to rest for the night, he asked several people initially but couldn’t find one who was willing to take him in.



Woman Violently Robbed by this Guys inside elevator

Netizens were shocked and terrified by a CCTV footage showing a dangerous criminal assaulting and robbing a helpless woman in an elevator.


The footage shows the woman standing in front of the male stranger, unaware of his evil intentions.

When she started to exit the elevator, the criminal decided to take action by taking away her bag, pushing her out of the lift, and keeping her by force from getting back her bag.

The mugger then immediately closed the elevator door while holding the woman’s stolen bag.

Members of the online community were horrified by the viral CCTV footage.

Nakakatakot naman, akala natin palagi na safe tayo sa loob ng elevator yun pala minsan hindi. Hindi pala pwedeng nakatalikod sa kasama sa elevator at hindi rin pwede mag relax doon,” a scared netizen posted.

Other netizens also advised women to keep their bags on their front and not on the side so that they could protect their bag better.