Woman Went Deep Into A Tunnel And These Are What She Got!

There are people who would go the extra mile and who would go to great measures just to show compassion to all living creatures. These people really show that humans are not the only ones who need love and care. Moreover, these are the people who are more than willing to sacrifice what they can to assure the safety of every animal.

Let’s take as an example this viral Facebook video which touched and amazed the social media community. The video is not just a simple footage of a rescuing stunt, but it is an actual manifestation of love and bravery caught on cam.

Dogs World shared with its followers a footage of three women giving some extra effort just to rescue whatever was inside a deep tunnel. The video is now viewed more than 54 million times and was also shared by more than 850,000 Facebook users

In the clip, two women can be seen pulling another woman out of a 10-15ft deep tunnel. When she got out, she was holding a bag full of mud. When they opened the bag, it turns out that there are two puppies inside of it.

The online community praised the rescuers especially the woman who went inside the tunnel.

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MMA Fighter Dancing in the Middle of The Fight but What Happen next is Unexpected!

Different athletes have their own strategies to mess up with their opponents. Typically, athletes would assess the weakness of their opponents in their skills. They would try to identify the weak spot of their athletes and that is where they will begin to build up their own way to claim victory.

However, there are others who would resort to testing their opponent’s focus. They will try to tease and taunt them until they lose their temper. When this happens, their opponents will definitely lose their focus and it will greatly affect their performance.

This is what mixed martial arts (MMA) amateur UK fighter Joe Nitro” Harding tried to do when he faced off against another amateur French fighter Johan “The Silencer” Segas. However, Harding did not expect the tables to turn.

During the 18th installment of British Challenge MMA held at the Colchester Charter Hall in Colchester, Essex, England, Harding did not expect that his behavior in the middle of the fight would affect the result of the match for him.

While fighting for the last round for an interim featherweight title, Harding did some crazy dance moves to mess up with Segas’ temper. He tried to tease his opponent by doing hilarious dance moves inside the octagon ring. However, instead of losing his focus, Segas used this moment to brutally defeat Harding into a knockout! 

Harding and the audience did not expect that Segas would be able to give him a flying kick hitting his neck. After Segas’ brutal assault, Harding failed to stand up again, declaring Segas the victor of the match.

Their MMA match went immediately viral online as netizens mocked Harding for trying to showboat while inside the fight. Sport analysts strictly advise athletes not to do that kind of behavior while inside a match as it would affect their own focus as well. After all, focus is a central key in any activity may it be sports-related or not.

Meanwhile, netizens’ mocking of Harding did not end there as the MMA fighter spread bitterness of defeat on his social media account. He received flak after accusing Segas of “cheating” him in that particular match as he claimed that Segas was under steroids. However, netizens claim that his sentiments just proved his “stupidity” as a pre-fight medical exam showed that Segas is not taking any prohibited drugs.

MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out After Dancing In The Middle Of The Fight!

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Glass Bridge in China Really Collapsed?

Recently, the infamous Zhangjiajie Bridge in China went viral after a video showing a bridge collapsing went viral across social media. The video also showed people grieving over the dead bodies of the victims who fell into river beneath the bridge. 

This garnered different reactions from netizens since the glass bridge has just opened last August 20, 2016. It is 430-m long and costs $3.4 Million. It connects two mountain cliffs in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. The glass bridge seats 300m high above a canyon which served as the inspiration for the landscapes in the film Avatar. It claims to be the highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge in the world. 

Famous Zhang Jia Jie Glass Bridge in China Went Viral. Did it Really Collapse?

Famous Zhang Jia Jie Glass Bridge in China Went Viral. Did it Really Collapse?

Famous Zhang Jia Jie Glass Bridge in China Went Viral. Did it Really Collapse?

Famous Zhang Jia Jie Glass Bridge in China Went Viral. Did it Really Collapse?

However, it has been clarified that the video going around wasn’t the Zhangjiajie bridge at all! It was actually a suspension bridge in Vietnam which collapsed 3 years ago. The incident killed 3 people instantly. Thus, the Zhangjiajie still stands up to this time but is closed for public visits as of the moment. It closed 13 days after its opening due to the overwhelming volume of the visitors which urged the government to do urgent maintenance work. No cracks or accidents have been reported yet but the government is determined to perform preventive measures. 

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People Swept By Powerful Tides with this Huge Earthquake!

WARNING: The following video features graphic images which some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Back in December 26, 2004, India, Indonesia and Thailand trembled when a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake shook. The tsunami which came after was called the Boxing Day tsunami. 

Typical of such disasters, the deadly aftereffects came when the earthquakes triggered a deadly tsunami which engulfed beaches of the affected areas. The catastrophe claimed the lives of over 230,000 people.

This raw video footage was recorded in Thailand, featuring the moment the tsunami hit the beach. Clear in this video is how oblivious the tourists were of the danger signs of a tsunami. 

The waters receded and within 2 minutes the massive earthquake displaced the tides, forming titanic waves that rushed towards the beach. The tsunami instantly swept boats and tourists away with the powerful current.

We at Trending News Portal stress the importance of being informed of the warning signs of both an earthquake and a tsunami. 

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Check Freak Out After This Teddy Bear Started Moving!

A video prank shared by Latruth on Facebook is now viral with over 1.8 million views with less than 6 hours since the video was posted.

On the first part of the full minute clip, an unidentified man hid behind a huge teddy bear – all part of an elaborate prank.

A woman carrying a baby then entered the scene, and that’s when things got interesting.

When the huge teddy bear began making little movements inside the room, the woman must have thought her mind was playing tricks on her. She then hastily took the baby in her arms and moved behind the wall just to be sure. 

She then went back inside the room to grab her things. All of a sudden, the bear moved for a second time, accompanied by the flickering of the lights.

Still unsure of what was happening, she placed the baby and her things down beside the door and went back to take a peek at the bear. 

The woman threw shoes at the stuffed toy when she saw it move again. Finally sure of what she saw, the woman hastily took the baby and her things and quickly made a run for it.

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Adorable Couple Will Make You Believe That Love Is For Everybody!

Now that Valentines Day is just around the corner, we are once again filled with so much romantic stories in our social media feeds.

A video became viral online after this couple received many praises for sharing their heartwarming love story

Whether you are single or in a relationship, you will surely find this video touching since it serves as an example that love knows no boundaries.

Netizens admired their tandem even though it is unusual in the eyes of the society. However, they got backed up by the uplifting comments.

Facebook user Baymax Almario commented, “Kasi ang pagmamahal wala yan sa panlabas mo na anyo nasa loob yan sa puso walang dahilan kung nagmamahalan ang isang basta kung ano sinasabi ng puso mo sundin mo wala yan kun panget ka mataba basta ang pagmamahal nasa puso yan.”

“Kaka inggit nmn.. sweet nmn nla.. Happy ako pra sa knila..seems like they really love each other much..” said another Facebook user named Rolandski Villanueva.

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Footage Of Young Girl’s Last Moments Before A Pedophile Abducts Her!

The Florida State Attorney’s Office released the CCTV footage showing a pedophile luring away  8-year-old girl named Cherish Perrywinkle. They also revealed the 911 call records made by Rayne Perrywinkle, the victim’s mother.

It was the last time the little girl was seen alive. Her corpse was found in front of the Highlands Baptis Church in Jacksonville, Florida 12 hours later.

In the chilling video, the young girl was innocently accompanying her mom and sisters in Walmart to shop for clothes before she disappeared.

Rayne said that she was approached by a stranger by the name of Donald Smith to offer payment for her children’s clothes.

The mother noticed that her daughter already went missing so she frantically called 911.

MUST SEE: Creepy Footage Of Little Girl's Last Moments Before A Pedophile Abducts Her!

“He wanted her to buy these really tall shoes that were women’s shoes and I told him no. I said, They’re too high for her, I wouldn’t even wear shoes that high,” Rayne told the dispatcher.

“Maybe he was grooming her. I hope to God he doesn’t kill her and I hope to God he doesn’t rape her,” she added.

According to Fox News, Rayne’s attempts to call 911 failed due to skeptical police officers. Six Jackson Sheriff’s Office (JSO) officers got disciplinary consequences after a 7-week-interval investigation revealed that they initially doubted Rayne’s story because of her being involved in a custody battle.

56-year-old Smith got arrested and faced charges of abducting, raping and killing Cherish. He is already registered as a convicted sex offender since 1993 and got held in custody before for felonious cases of child abuse and unlawful impersonation of a public employee.

MUST SEE: Creepy Footage Of Little Girl's Last Moments Before A Pedophile Abducts Her!

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Interviewer Shocked after This Woman Suddenly Starts Breastfeeding A Pig On Live TV!

There are always unexpected events that happen during live news reportings. Because there is no script to follow and you cannot predict what other people will do, live reportings can become hilarious or bizarre situations caught on camera. In addition, there is no editing these unexpected events as it is put directly on-air.

One perfect example of this would be the incident between a reporter and an interviewee who suddenly breastfed a piglet she was holding.

The incident happened in San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima, Peru. A news reporter was interviewing local citizens who were recent victims of a calamity which hit the city.  

The news caster interviewed several citizens before she approached a lady holding a baby pig. The journalist asked her about the effect of the recent rain and flood in her farm. While answering the question, the lady did something unexpected.

She pulled up her shirt and exposed her boob then she started breastfeeding the baby animal in her hands. Her act stunned the people around her including the journalist. Because it was a live reporting, the awkward moment was broadcasted in the entire country on live.

Fortunately, the cameraman responded quickly as he was able to take the shot away from the lady. The stunned journalist did not let her statement be finished and decided to walk away from her.

There is no explanation as to why the lady did that on national television. However, bystanders and some online netizens thought that she may have been trying to explain the effects of the calamity to her farm and food production and so she used the breastfeeding piglet to demonstrate and explain her situation. 

Nonetheless, the lady still made such an unexpected and hilarious act.

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Indian Man Died After Kissing Cobra

How far would you go for the coolest selfie?

People all over the world have gone to great lengths just to capture the most “unique” selfie. For some, getting the highest possible number of likes on Instagram or Facebook is the top priority. Unfortunately, some people tend to go too far when it comes to this.

Over the past few years, countless cases of people putting themselves in danger due to recklessness over selfies have been reported all over the world. Some don’t seem to realize that a number of people have actually put themselves at risk or have even died because of this insane obsession with taking selfies.

Selfie Gone Wrong: Indian Man Dead After Kissing Cobra

Despite the many horror stories of selfies gone wrong that have been popping up all over the internet, some people still choose to be reckless just for the fleeting promise of online fame.

In India, it appears that selfies with dangerous animals have started to become popular. The dangerous trend started about a decade ago. Followers of the trend seem to consider selfies taken with snakes as the best kind.

Selfie Gone Wrong: Indian Man Dead After Kissing Cobra

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Malaysian Pervert Caught Splashing Semen on a Lady at a Supermarket

No one expects anything bad to happen at a supermarket. After all, what could possibly happen while you’re out buying groceries?

Unfortunately, you can never know when the weirdoes decide to show up to ruin your day.

Malaysian netizen Lim Alvin shared on Facebook how her routine grocery shopping turned into a nightmare.

In a viral post, Lim recounts the time when a pervert splashed semen all over her back while she was shopping for soap. 

Nasty! Malaysian Pervert Caught Splashing Semen on Unsuspecting Lady at a Supermarket Paolo Gregorio Orduña

The following is an English translation of her Facebook status describing the incident

“I went to a grocery store in Jalan Klang Lama to buy my daily items. While I was looking at one of the product’s label, I felt that the back of my shirt was damp and there were some splashes of liquid on my leg,” 

“I thought that I stepped on some spilt water on the floor or that the liquid soap I was holding had spilt. But how can it be so, when I felt it on my back?” 

“I saw someone rushing past me, so I quickly reacted and ran over to the next lane to seek for help from the staff there. I was terrified, but they did not help me, luckily some security guards came over to stop him from escaping.”

Nasty! Malaysian Pervert Caught Splashing Semen on Unsuspecting Lady at a Supermarket Paolo Gregorio Orduña

According to the smell and consistency, the guard discovered the poor girl was splashed with the aforementioned male’s bodily fluid

“But the guard inspected the drips on the floor and he informed me that it was semen, based on the smell and consistency. I requested to view the CCTV footage and managed to use my phone to record the evidence of the pervert’s actions,” she said

“During the viewing, he begged and pleaded with me to give him a chance, he even offered compensation and asked me to beat him,” she added

Nasty! Malaysian Pervert Caught Splashing Semen on Unsuspecting Lady at a Supermarket Paolo Gregorio Orduña

Lim finished her long status post with this:

“However, I decided to stand firm and said that I definitely would make a report. I took a photo of his IC and let him go after that.” 

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