[email protected] Mother Walks in While Her Son Was on a Livestream!

This teenage boy’s livestream took an unexpected turn after his mother suddenly walks in, wearing nothing but her underwear

Scantilyclad and leaving almost nothing to the imagination, the young boy’s mom walked straight through the door to ask her son if he need to someone to wake him up the next morning.

WATCH: Half-N@ked Sexy Mother Dressed in Nothing but Her Underwear Walks in While Her Son Was on a Livestream!

Unfortunately, the teenager playing the computer game League of Legends (LOL) was livestreaming his game with his friends, who caught a full glimpse of his almost-[email protected] mother.

WATCH: Half-N@ked Sexy Mother Dressed in Nothing but Her Underwear Walks in While Her Son Was on a Livestream!

Caught unawares, the teenager hastily warned his mother that she was being captured on his computer’s camera.

WATCH: Half-N@ked Sexy Mother Dressed in Nothing but Her Underwear Walks in While Her Son Was on a Livestream!

“Mum, for f***’s sake you cannot walk in like that when I’m streaming,” he embarrassingly yelled, translated from Danish, as he closed the door. 

Source: Express, Youtube, VK


Her BF Threw Her in a Dumpster Over Alleged Cheating!

This cheating girlfriend went where she really belongs – in the dumpster like the trash that she is, at least according to her boyfriend.

In a video posted by World Star Hip Hop, an American-based website known for posting videos of people fighting in the streets and rap freestyles, a man was seen dragging his girlfriend by her arm.

Spectators thought that they were just witnessing a couple fighting over typical relationship troubles. However, it seems as though the boyfriend found out that his girlfriend was allegedly cheating on him.

What happened next shocked onlookers: the infuriated man threw his girlfriend into the dumpster just like garbage. The spectators, including the man shooting the video, were shocked and amused at the same time due to the man’s savage behavior.

Source: Worldstarhiphop, VK


This Guy Tried to Harassed this Girl Inside An Elevator. But He Did Not Expect This Will Happened

Despite several laws prohibiting sexual harassment all over the globe, it is still a common experience many women have to suffer through. 

According to a survey of 500 people by aware.org, 54% of the respondents have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Of the 54%, 79% were women.

It’s such a startling fact that sexual harassment is so rampant that even a Republic Act explicitly prohibiting it (R.A. 7877) has failed to curb the sheer number of incidents from occurring. 

Sexual harassment is a sickening act that dehumanizes the victim, making them feel powerless and insignificant. 

However, this particular viral video might inspire hope among all women who were once victims of sexual harassment.

A video posted on Facebook shows a perverted man sniffing at a young woman while they were riding an elevator. The disgusting behavior exhibited by the man prompted the woman to kick him in the groin and knee him in the head. 

Check it out below:

Everyone who saw the video can easily say that the pervert deserved what he got. Read these netizens’ comments:

Marlene Burgess wrote: “I wish all women could defend themselves this well- attacks would stop!”

Maribel Laflin wrote: “Good that’s what he gets…perv!!!!!”

Source: Facebook, VK


Foreigner Pretends to be Homeless in Manila and What Happen Next is Unbelievable

Filipinos help foreigner who pretends to be penniless

Filipinos help foreigner who pretends to be penniless (Photo credit: composite image)

A foreigner decided to roam Manila without anything.

He left his cellphone, cash and even credit card at the hotel just to make sure that he won’t have anything while conducting his social experiment.

He want to see how Filipinos would react to his plight of being homeless and penniless. Filipinos help foreigner who pretends to be penniless  When he was thirsty, a security guard gave him food. The guard said that he was also a Muslim so he is sharing water with him.

When he was hungry, a kindhearted guy bought him a meal. The guy just got hired and was so happy to share his blessings.

Lastly, when he needed to rest for the night, he asked several people initially but couldn’t find one who was willing to take him in.



Woman Violently Robbed by this Guys inside elevator

Netizens were shocked and terrified by a CCTV footage showing a dangerous criminal assaulting and robbing a helpless woman in an elevator.


The footage shows the woman standing in front of the male stranger, unaware of his evil intentions.

When she started to exit the elevator, the criminal decided to take action by taking away her bag, pushing her out of the lift, and keeping her by force from getting back her bag.

The mugger then immediately closed the elevator door while holding the woman’s stolen bag.

Members of the online community were horrified by the viral CCTV footage.

Nakakatakot naman, akala natin palagi na safe tayo sa loob ng elevator yun pala minsan hindi. Hindi pala pwedeng nakatalikod sa kasama sa elevator at hindi rin pwede mag relax doon,” a scared netizen posted.

Other netizens also advised women to keep their bags on their front and not on the side so that they could protect their bag better.


Footage Caught This Guy Passing in the mirror without showing a reflection

There are many people who do not believe in the existence of ghosts because of the lack of physical evidence like pictures and videos. But with this recent viral footage, many non-believers were scared out of their wits!

But what are ghosts actually? Do they really exist? Have you seen one for yourself? This video immediately went viral not because of a ghost, but a possible ‘vampire’. Vampires are entities believed to be immortal by sucking blood out of humans. Though vampires are often seen in movies, the very first ‘vampire’ is believed to be Vlad the impaler, who impaled his enemies’ heads. In movies, vampires are specifically scared of sunlight, and apparently has no reflection in the mirror.

If you look closely at the following video, a man in black can be seen passing by a mirror—but he doesn’t have a reflection! Many netizens were quick to criticize the video, saying it was edited since the woman and man in the reflection were specifically ‘not moving’ while the man in black passed by. What do you think?

Could this be real—or another hoax to fool us all?


She asked this pornstar to Seduce her BF what Happen Next is unbelievable!

If you tried to decide to test someone make sure that you’re going to make your own plan aside from hiring somebody to test your love one.

One star-crossed lover hired p*rn star Valerie White to essentially trap him.

The boyfriend had no interest in Valerie’s charms, and having no intention to respond to her flirtations. Because the boyfriend was politely he offers to help, as he seemed that Valerie was “lost”.
Valerie was asking his phone number, and asked if he had a girlfriend and the boyfriend said that he was seeing someone, and suggested get together and hang out.
The girlfriend has a mixed emotion and feeling crazy because her boyfriend giving his phone number to the p*rn star.

The girlfriend said:
“Okay, okay. I’m not going to break up with him but I don’t like that he got her number and said he would hang out.”

But suddenly the girlfriend immediately told to her boyfriend about the set-up.
The girlfriend smiles as she gives her man a call and she hadn’t counted on how he’d react.
The boyfriend doubting her girl and said that why she questioning his trusts so publicly.

The boyfriend done hangs up on her girl, as she’s left saying: “Are you f***ing kidding me? That’s how he breaks up with me after a f***ing year?”


CCTV installed by her Father And He Discover Something Creepy!

An unbelievably creepy video is now going viral on social media. It is a CCTV footage featuring a daughter’s shows a daughter’s doll moving on its own.

According to the Facebook page which posted the video, the father installed the CCTV cameras to be able to see his daughter from afar. However, he saw something which gave him the creeps

Aside from the creepy moving doll seen in the first parts of the short clip, a more horrifying scene was captured by the camera.

In the second part of the video, the daughter who was drawing all alone in the living room suddenly ran away, apparently scared after the papers all around seemed to have been ruffled by an unseen entity. 

However, netizens argue whether or not the footage is real or fake. While some say that is a manifestation of the supernatural, others argued that other that no father would intentionally prank her daughter in such a traumatic manner, thereby arguing that the footage is indeed real. 

Source:Facebook, VK


You will not believe that this Beautiful Asians Were Born Male!

Some people believe that they were born in the wrong bodies; that somehow a mismatch happened. These people, members of the transgender community, often experience an identity crisis brought upon by their desire to inhabit a body that is different from the one they were born in.

Transgender people strive hard to change this through hormone treatments and gender reassignment surgery. Sometimes the transformation is so severe that they barely resemble who they were before. 

These two transgender women perfectly illustrate what successful gender reassignment looks like. Today, they look so feminine that you wouldn’t believe they were born male!

Check them out here:

1. Treechada Petcharat (Poyd)

29-year-old Treechada, born Saknarin Marnyaporn, hails from Thailand.

OMG! These Beautiful Asians Were Born Male! Look At The Results of Their Shocking Transformation Here!

OMG! These Beautiful Asians Were Born Male! Look At The Results of Their Shocking Transformation Here!

OMG! These Beautiful Asians Were Born Male! Look At The Results of Their Shocking Transformation Here!

2. Piyada Inthabong or Lingling Inthavong

Piyada was born in Laos. This 23-year-old has a body to die for and the face of an angel! Truly, boys and girls alike are stunned by her incredible looks!

She is currently part of the 2nd season of ‘The Casting Project’ in Thailand.

OMG! These Beautiful Asians Were Born Male! Look At The Results of Their Shocking Transformation Here!

OMG! These Beautiful Asians Were Born Male! Look At The Results of Their Shocking Transformation Here!

OMG! These Beautiful Asians Were Born Male! Look At The Results of Their Shocking Transformation Here!

Source: Viral4real, VK


Pope Francis Tells Women in Church ‘Go Ahead and Breastfeed’

Pope Francis continues to back away from traditional church practices and told women that they should feel free to breastfeed even as religious services are ongoing.

“The ceremony is a little long, someone’s crying because he’s hungry. That’s the way it is,” 

“You mothers, go ahead and breastfeed, without fear. Just like the Virgin Mary nursed Jesus,” he said, addressing women in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday who were attending the annual ceremony commemorating the baptism of Jesus.

'Go Ahead and Breastfeed' Pope Francis Tells Women in Church

The pope baptized 28 children15 boys and 13 girls. He previously encouraged mothers to breastfeed in public as it is scientifically proven to boost the baby’s immune system and is rich in nutrients. It also improves the mother’s bond with their infants and helps them lose weight after child birth.

Source: GMA, VK