After Meeting With Indian Chatmate, 16-Year-Old Girl Went Missing !

Finding love nowadays is much easier through the use of modern technology that permeates our everyday lives. With just one click, you can quite possibly find the ‘love of your life’ – or at the very least a hook-up – thanks to the innovation of interpersonal messaging platforms like Facebook and Tinder

Most people use Facebook to meet and chat with people they would otherwise never get connected to. The site lets you search for people, look at their pictures, and connect with them through private messaging. You can even join groups where people establish virtual communities and exchange stories and experiences that relate to their common interests. 

So it comes as no surprise when a 16-year-old girl used the website to chat with someone who she thought she had a deep connection with, only to wind up missing five days after they met. 

According to Bombo Radyo Korono’s Facebook post, a mother named Eva Salutan went to the authorities of Polombok, South Cotabato to report that her daughter, Jessica, was missing.

Shocking: 16-Year-Old Girl Went Missing After Meeting With Indian Chatmate!

According to her mother, Jessica went to General Santos last Monday to meet with an Indian national named Suyiba Ansari. He was allegedly chatting with her on Facebook. After her daughter went to see him, Eva was bothered that Jessica has yet to come home. She revealed that Jessica sent her a text, saying that the meet-up was successful. Eva hasn’t heard from her since. 

The Philippine National Police’s Cyber Crime group has already responded to the situation and are now currently investigating the case

Shocking: 16-Year-Old Girl Went Missing After Meeting With Indian Chatmate!

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These Girls Are Doing This kind of Prank to Each Other In Public! Must Watch!

That is the masterpiece of these two beautiful ladies who are making noise on social media.

The video compilation of hilarious things they did to each other was uploaded by Facebook page Fortafy. The two ladies featured on this video are memberrs of Australian girl group, ‘eighty83three’. These girls are known for blogging pranks and hilarious videos on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

Their recent video showed varieties of pranks they designed for each other. Their pranks vary from sleeping jokes to slapping their private parts. They entertain their viewers by constantly doing prank revenge with each other.

While some of the netizens were entertained, some also expressed disappointment over how they want to extend their sense of humor to their followers. Netizens even questioned if these girls are doing pranks to make people laugh or just using it to show-off their butts.

“I wonder this video is about pranks or about showing their butt,” Keo Bac Ha wrote.

Others were concerned over the people being interrupted by their ‘irritating’ pranks such as the mall cleaners who have to clean their mess after their cokepranks where they pour softdrinks to each other.

“That poor employee who has to clean Coke up off the floor and table. Never find these funny,” annoyed Alex Dixon wrote.

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This Guy Can Twist His Head 180 Degrees! Creepy!

Seeing people turning their heads 180 degrees in horror films is already creepy. What more if you see one in real life?

If you think that is impossible, well, you are wrong. The man below can actually twist his head round 180 degrees without dirty tricks.

How in the world did he do that?
This is one of the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen! How about you? Do you find it amazing or rather horrifying?

This What Happen When Lethal Injection Failed. This is the Most Haunting Video You’ll Watch Today!

A particular video earned extreme hate from netizens as it showed documented and detailed procedure of a lethal injection.

The video was called “#DeathPenaltyFail: A Lethal Injection,” and it lived up to its title. Lethal injection is one of the most common methods used as the death penalty for prisoners deemed “too evil” for society. It is implemented with the belief that it is the easiest and the most humane way to kill the person as it will only stop the heart from beating. They usually inject three drugs into the bloodstream– sodium thiopental to make the prisoner unconscious, pancuronium bromide to paralyze the muscle and the respiratory system, and lastly, potassium chloride to finally stop the heart from beating. 

However, this very method has accumulated the highest botched procedures in inmates as of 2014. In fact, 2014 has been hailed as the worst year in the whole history of Lethal Injection in America. Contrary to its claim of being easy and painless, many of the lethal injection executions went wrong in some way, and turned into rather gruesome deaths.

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Tigers Entered on Their Enclosure and Ripped this man to Death

Following the horrible death of Harambe the Gorilla last year after a 4-year-old boy accidentally fell into his cage, a man has been brutally ripped apart to his death by tigers after he trespassed into their space.

According to the witnesses, the man walked into the isolated area, and even crossed the rivers that divide the visitors and the animals at around 2:30 pm in the Ningbo Youngor Zoo in Zhejiang, east China. The tigers were feeding at that time and was clearly threatened of his presence.

As a result, they mauled him before dragging his body under the trees. The zoo keepers tried to scare them away with firecrackers and water canon, but the big cats remained undeterred. They rip his shirt off and left him soaking with blood, laying face down on the ground. The zoo keepers had to shoot one of the tigers just to rescue the man. However, he later on died due to the severe injuries he suffered.

The zoo was closed at 3pm and at around 3:15, police and the local forestry bureau arrived to take action regarding the incident.

Look at the pictures below:

Man Ripped to Death By Tigers After Entering Their Enclosure

Man Ripped to Death By Tigers After Entering Their Enclosure

Man Ripped to Death By Tigers After Entering Their Enclosure

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Story of Miss Thailand Will Make You Admire Her More Than You Probably Now!

It is fascinating to see a woman whose beauty goes beyond her physical appearance and radiates deep within her.

There is no question why Miss Thailand Chalita “Namtam” Suansane was able to capture our hearts after representing her country at the 65th Miss Universe pageant.

After garnering 100 million votes on the Miss Universe online poll, The Thai beauty became a crowd favorite. She also made it to the top 6 of the pageant.

However, how well do we really know Miss Thailand aside from her being a stunner on the pageant’s coronation day?

Amazing! Miss Thailand's Story Will Make You Admire Her More Than You Probably Do Now! Must Read! a6-thailand-jm.txt

Chalita is an epitome of “brains and beauty”. At the age of 21, this brave and beautiful woman is already an accomplished microbiology student.

She also volunteers at ‘Baan Home Hug’, an orphanage for children who have inherited HIV, have been abused and have lost their families.

She aims to inspire young women towards “fulfilling your own passions, having self-respect, and being compassionate to others will make you confidently beautiful in your own way.”

“Holding the heart of your country to a competition with 85 lovely ladies around the universe is a tough battle. To be confidently beautiful and make my country proud is my goal to hopefully be crowned as Miss Universe,” she shared on her Facebook page on January 29.

Amazing! Miss Thailand's Story Will Make You Admire Her More Than You Probably Do Now! Must Read! a6-thailand-jm.txt

Amazing! Miss Thailand's Story Will Make You Admire Her More Than You Probably Do Now! Must Read! a6-thailand-jm.txt

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Reporter Showed a Mugshot but Gets the Shock of His Life When He Finally Sees It!

Awkward moments on-air are quite common for news anchors. Take this particular case, for instance:

This Reporter Showed a Felon's Mugshot but Gets the Shock of His Life When He Finally Sees It!

Jason Mohammad was hosting BBC’s crime show ‘Crimewatch‘ when he came upon news of a Slovakian who was convicted of brutally attacking a pensioner named Colin Butlin using a pair of brass knuckles. 

The screen flashed convict Viktor Lakatosmugshot. But when viewers saw the uncanny resemblance between Jason and the convict, social media went wild posting about it, particularly on Twitter

This Reporter Showed a Felon's Mugshot but Gets the Shock of His Life When He Finally Sees It!

Twitter user Alice Nicholas, a Cornish police officer, tweeted: “That awkward moment…. #Crimewatch.” 

Her post was retweeted more than 800 times. When Jason saw the tweet he answered with: 

This Reporter Showed a Felon's Mugshot but Gets the Shock of His Life When He Finally Sees It!

‘Crimewatch’ is a long-running high-profile British television program that reconstructs major unsolved crimes in order to gain information from viewers who could possibly assist in solving them. 

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These 2 Men Chocked by This Beautiful Brazilian Lady With Her Powerful Thighs!

Fights are a fairly common occurrence in bars or clubs – especially when a person can’t handle his alcohol or can’t keep his ego in check. This is why big tough bouncers are employed by these establishments to keep the peace.

However, appearances can be deceiving and sometimes the most skilled fighter in the room isn’t necessarily the big strong man. This gorgeous Brazilian woman has been praised by netizens for preventing a fight from breaking out by subduing an angry man using her strong thighs.

It all began when an angry shirtless man approached another man wearing a red shirt. The red-shirted person was already moving away from a club called “La Musique

In the video, several by-standers attempted to calm the situation down – but the shirtless guy wouldn’t have it.

Suddenly one of the women trying to stop the fight saw an opportunity to subdue the furious man using her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  She takes him down, locking her arms and legs around his neck while on the ground. 

The shirtless guy tried to escape from the lady’s hold. She wouldn’t let him go.

He then tapped out immediately so the lady release can him. He clearly had no chance. 

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Guy Found Brain Dead After Allegedly Long Hours of Playing Without Eating

With technology continuously innovating, there is no question as to why many become so addicted. This generation is so caught up with Facebook, Twitter, various social media and even online games that we usually spend hours scrolling away at the expense of more important things, like eating.

Over the years, there had been countless incidents where an addicted computer user was found paralyzed or in a coma after compromising his health for hours on the computer or internet. And it had become alarming how these incidents are no longer surprising.

Just recently, a Chinese man was found ‘brain-dead‘ in an internet cafe while still on his seat.

News tabloids claim that it is allegedly due to long hours of playing online games without eating or drinking water.

The unidentified man was playing until he suddenly froze on his seat. He eventually lost consciousness as seen on the shop’s CCTV footage.

However, more shocklingly, other men from the computer shop were so busy with their own games that no one noticed what happened. It had been long time until a friend of the man approached him. He then noticed that something was wrong.

Upon the realization, a rescue team was called up in hopes of reviving the man. However no reports were able to clarify what happened next, whether the man woke up or if the situation became worse.

Watch the footage below!

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This Bride Waits for Her Groom in the Road Side Despite Wedding Schedule

They say love waits and this is exactly what this bride did.

Weddings are supposed to be the most important day in a woman’s life. This sort of event is planned months ahead. Some women even start planning it years ahead just to make sure it is perfect. From the dress, to the wedding ceremony, every detail is planned out to assure that no problem will arise.

However some things do not always go on as planned. 

In Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, China, a woman clad in her wedding dress was spotted waiting for her groom alongside the road. 

Apparently, the woman was supposed to get married and it was already past their wedding schedule but the groom had still not arrived.

Getting anxious, the woman decided to wait for him beside the road despite many passersby.

Apparently, their wedding was scheduled October 1 which was China’s National Day explaining that the groom was probably been stuck in traffic.

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