Man caught on video sexually molesting a drunk and unconscious woman

Photos of an unconscious young Chinese woman being molested by a stranger in public have gone viral lately.
Reports said that the intoxicated woman was sitting in a park at Nanyang city in central China’s Henan province when the pervert suddenly approached her and started groping and touching her private parts.
The photos won’t reach the internet if it wasn’t for another man who just passed by and saw what the pervert was doing. But instead of calling the authorities, the insensitive dude decided to take pictures and shared it on social media.
Chinese netizens are now in a manhunt for both the molester and the person who took the photos.

Prettiest transgenders Treechada Petcharat and Piyada Inthavong

What the latest about them?

Born male as Saknarin Marnyaporn on October 5, Treechada is now 29 years old.

The Thai actress and model continues to grace beauty and fashion events and appear on television shows for interviews and guestings as well as TV commercials and advertisements.

She portrayed the role of a Thai casino boss in the 2015 3D Hong Kong-Chinese action comedy film “From Vegas to Macau II” starring Chow Yun-fat.

Meawnhile, Piyada or Lingling Inthavong is now 23. She was born on November 13, 1992.

According to a Wikipedia entry, the Lao transgender model is currently a contestant in Season 2 of “The Casting Project” Thailand.

Both of them are also very famous on social media.

Check out their latest photos:

Treechada Petcharat

More photos of PoydTreechada on Instagram

Piyada Inthavong

More photos of Piyada via Facebook

A Toddler was charged of Murder and Sentenced to Life Imprisonment!

Stories of child abuse are very widespread these days. Certain dreadful scenarios of children are being exposed in the news and online everyday. But this story I have read this morning is a unique one. Ahmed Mansour Sharara, 4, from Egypt, was charged of murder and was decided to take the fate of living his entire life in prison.

The security officials also killed a student, a construction worker and a teacher. After this, they decided to pin point random people to charge of murder such as a dead man, brother of two protesters who were killed, a man who is not in the country during that time and the poor boy Ahmed.

Sharara was accused of killing three people in 2012 when he was just 1 year old. Aside from that, there are counts of illegal possession of firearms and explosives, damaging the government and blocking the road with burning tires charged to him as well. Before his 5th birthday, Egyptian courts sentenced him of life imprisonment. Apparently, government officials then revoked the decision and claimed that they made a mistake.

This how pregnant body builder look like


The woman on the left is Chontel Duncan, a fitness model and former Miss Universe contestant from Australia. In this November photo, which this week went viral, she was 21-weeks pregnant. She is due to give birth at the end of March. On the right is her friend Natalie Smith, who was due at the beginning of March with her third child. “Each woman carries differently and this most certainly doesn’t mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy,” Duncan wrote on Instagram. “We both have healthy growing babies and we both have had incredible pregnancies so far.”


Duncan uses her Instagram account to show that healthy pregnancies can come in many different shapes and sizes.



While most commenters have been positive, a fair share have criticized Duncan for exercising while pregnant—though doctors say doing so is almost always totally safe.

“Once it became clear to me (through my social media posts) how foreign it was to see a pregnancy performed like mine, it did get me thinking, ‘Maybe I should continue to document my pregnancy because it seems that we are misled to believe that we are more fragile than we really are,’” Duncan told TODAY Parents. “We lose focus on one of the most important components (of a healthy pregnancy,) keeping ourselves physically and mentally strong.”

This is Duncan’s most recent update, looking like a total beast at 37 weeks, and with just 21 days to her due date.


Duncan said that in spite of her thin, muscular figure, she “couldn’t care less” how her physical appearance is affected by pregnancy.

“I respect my body, I’m disciplined, I look after my health, and it was most certainly not to be a silly size zero,” she said.

Source : buzzfeed

These security officers were checking too much! Wait til you see what they touched!

We are all aware that security checks are being implemented in almost all of the establishments around the world. Security checks are strongly implemented to prevent people from bring dangerous things or firearms inside the establishment.
But then, we also know that security airports are much stricter than any security checks in various establishments. This is to prevent people from bringing things that are not allowed in the airport.
And now, a video clip about security check is now circulating online! These men were dressed as security officers. What’s shocking in this footage, is that they have the most unbelievable way of frisking people who are entering the establishment!
Those who are carrying dangerous things weren’t checked, but when women came in, they suddenly checked them and their private parts!
However, this is only a prank and was just made to entertain other people. No more, no less.

Source : extremereaders

This Woman Started Undressing In The Bathroom, without knowing that someone watching her! And something happen is shocking!

Many people clicked this video because they thought that this is one of the videos that will show you how this woman undressing herself. But there is really more to it than that. She has a stunning message to all.
This woman has her own way of delivering a message to the public. There were several camera on the bathroom.
She then decided to undress her shirt and pants. She was standing in front of the mirror looking at herself the whole time while the water on the sink was continuously pouring.
She then told them that her purpose was really to tell all the people the importance of water and that they needed to conserve it because ‘water is priceless’.


Parents sell their new-born baby to for Iphone! SHOCKING

How far would you go just to get your hands on an iPhone? Apple fanatics and devotees flock Apple stores to get their hands on one. But what about the interested people who cannot afford to buy the all new gadget? In China, these new parents take their desperation to a whole new level.

Parents sell their new-born baby to purchase an iPhone

A 19-year-old father only identified as A-Duan allegedly sold his daughter online in the social media site QQ for 23,000 Yuan or roughly $3,500 to be able to buy an iPhone and a motorbike. While the father was known to spend most of his time at internet cafes, his 19-year-old wife Xiao Mei spent time working many part time jobs.

An unnamed buyer, who later surrendered himself to the police, purchased the baby for his sister.

After investigating the illegal trade, the police were able to locate Mei, who had already left Tong’an following the sale. In her defence she exclaimed: “I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal.”

Epoch times reported that the mother has received a two-and-half years suspended sentence, while the father will be facing 3 years in jail.

Source : viral4real


It is for real that most of us, consumers, often place the eggs inside our refrigerators right? But if you are living in the North America, Australia, Scandanavia or Japan, you often place the eggs out of therefrigerator.
But then, is it really necessary for us to put the eggs in the refrigerator?
After reading this, you'll definitely stop putting the eggs in the refrigerator!
According to the National Radio Public, eggs are most likely to be prone in Salmonella. They stated that if the eggs were brought directly from the farmers, then there’s no need for the eggs to be refrigerated, all you have to do is to put the eggs in the place that has a normal room temperature.
After reading this, you'll definitely stop putting the eggs in the refrigerator!
But it was also stated that when the eggs are brought from the groceries, then you have to keep it in the fridge, to lessen the risks of developing a bacteria inside the egg.

A Puppy With Braces Is Breaking Hearts On The Internet

Abu Dhabi hit with 130kmph winds; 110mm rainfall, hail recorded

Abu Dhabi residents and those in the surrounding western region are being advised to drive safely and avoid unnecessary travel, as the capital faces storm-like conditions with the highest wind speed recording hitting highs of 130 kilometers per hour.

The UAE’s National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has confirmed the weather system has severely affected the capital city, including Al Ain.

A spokesperson with the NCMS spoke to Emirates 24|7’ saying: “At 11.30am, the wind speed at Al Bateen Airport was recorded at reaching highs of 130kph, with hail storms recorded in Ghantoot and Sameh.”

Rain wreaks havoc in Abu DhabiVideo Credit: Gulf News

Posted by on Wednesday, 9 March 2016

NCMS, along with Abu Dhabi’s Ministry of Interior (MoI), has stated the strong winds have caused severe damage to property in the capital, with trees uprooted, resulting in debris on the roads and hazardous driving conditions.

People on social media have also posted images of severe damage caused to properties across the capital.

Severe waterlogging has also been recorded, with the NCMS confirming 110mm of rainfall was recorded in the eastern region of UAE on Wednesday.

Earlier, Abu Dhabi had suspended all flight operations, but tweeted at 1.45pm that flight operations had resumed.

In a statement, it said: “Abu Dhabi International Airport announces resuming flight operations as normal. Passengers are advised to contact their respective airlines for an update on their flight schedule prior to heading to the airport.”

Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi Education Council announced the closure of all schools across the emirate for Wednesday, later tweeting that they will also remained closed tomorrow.

In a tweet, ADEC stated: “In order to ensure the safety of students, we have decided to suspend the attendance of students and educational administrative bodies on Thursday March 10 due to weather conditions.”

Source : emirates24/7