Wife Puts up Cameras at Home and Catches Husband Cheating With the Maid!

A wife in Saudi Arabia caught her husband cheating on her by putting hidden cameras in their house. She was led by her instinct and curiosity that her husband was doing something naughty behind her back. 

When the camera was placed, she saw that she was not wrong and proved that her husband was forcing himself on their maid. For revenge, she uploaded the video on YouTube with caption, “the minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalize him.” 

Though adultery is a crime in Saudi Arabia, the wife can be jailed due to her decision to shame her husband online! According to the Saudi Arabian law, the wife can be imprisoned for up to one year for defamation charges. This law entails that anyone who uses videos or photography to shame another person will have proper and strict punishment. 

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Duterte Approves OFW IDs to Serve as Beep Cards

The overall process for Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) was made even easier after the palace approved the special OFW identification cards.

According to the report of ABS-CBN, the identification card is designed to make it easier for workers abroad to make use of the government’s services while they’re staying in the country.

Almost a month ago, President Rodrigo Duterte finally approved the  iDOLE-OFW ID card system. However, according to Palace spokesperson Ernesto Abella, it comes with conditions. Unfortunately, Abella did not disclose further details regarding the program when the news came out.

The OFW card provides convenience as it makes transaction with government and private agencies easier. Also, cardholders will have easy access to their own records in government agencies.

The card comes with unique features as well. The card can be used as a debit card to withdraw cash from ATMs. Additionally, it also serves as a beep card for Metro Rail Transit (MRT) or Light Rail Transit (LRT) train rides.

According to Labor and Employment secretary Silvestre Bello III, the OFW IDs will be launched on March 2017.

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Pakistani Taxi Driver In Dubai Mastered Tongue Twisters and ‘Pusong Bato!’

Hussain has been driving his taxi around the cities of Dubai for 10 years and one of the most amazing thing he acquired from it is his ability to speak the Filipino language fluently. 

This Pakistani taxi driver had been conversing with numerous Filipinos in Dubai for a decade. His experiences with them enabled him to speak the Filipino language like he was a native himself.

Several videos of him speaking in Filipino while talking to his Pinoy passengers made it to social media’s trending topics. 

One of his videos was courtesy of Richard Bok Viray, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dubai who happened to be one of his passengers.

In his video, Viray asked Hussain about the anticipated traffic to which Hussain replied with a straight Filipino answer.

“Walang traffic, walang sasakyan, bakante na daan,” Hussain answered cheerfully.

Their conversation went on until Hussain shared a bit about his own lovelife. According to him, he does not have a girlfriend at the moment.

“Pakistani ako… Wala ako jowa. Lagi ako hanap ng jowa, pero wala ako swerte. Malas ako,” the taxi driver said while laughing.

Hussain even challenged Viray in translating some Filipino words such as ‘pagsasanay’ (training), ‘palakasan’ (sports) and ‘katambal’ (partner). Viray, who is a natural-born Filipino was so amazed at Hussain’s fluency in Filipino.

Watch their entertaining video here:

Another video which features Hussain was uploaded by Veronica de Vera on Youtube and it drew netizen attention again!

This time, Hussain shared that he was taught by his Filipino friend to speak Filipino. He also said that he has never been to the Philippines. 

-Pitumpu’t-pitong puting tupa


-Pinitik-pitik ni Pakita ang pitaka ni Pakito

-Minimikaniko ni Monico ang makina ng Minica ni Monica.

Hussein not only mastered the language well, but he also had so many insights about Filipino culture. He is aware of the common Filipino stereotypes. On top of this, he also knows how to sing Filipino songs such as ‘Pusong Bato’.

Not only that, this amazing taxi driver even knows President Duterte!

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OFW Japan Housekeepers Will Now Earn PHP 70,000 per Month!

Japan – a close ally of the Philippines – has just announced that they are open to hiring more Filipino workers, particularly professional housekeepers.

ABS-CBN News reported that the job is different from domestic helpers, as professional housekeepers need to undergo extensive training which could last for two months. Manpower company Magsaysay stated that getting to know the culture of Japan is included in the training, along with learning Nihongo, the Japanese language.

According to the president and CEO of the Magsaysay Group of Companies, Doris Magsaysay Ho, “How to clean the bathroom, that’s easy to learn. But it’s more of the cultural aspect… the politeness, and how you work together with the customer,” she said.

Pasona, a Japanese company, said that the housekeepers would not stay in with their employers and instead, would have different employers each day. They only needed to render a total of eight hours on the job daily and would be provided a single apartment where they would all stay together.

Pasona’s president and COO Scott Sato said that they would have a shared kitchen in addition to their bedrooms and that they would also provide the Pinoy housekeepers with a free iPhone. Their wage is equivalent to that of a professional housekeeper in Japan who earns 168,000 yen or 70,000 pesos per month. They are also entitled to off-days and vacation leave.


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Bahrian OFW Raped by Drug-Addicted Son of her Employer

In 2015, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Bahrain went viral after she shared her story on Youtube and appealed to netizens for help.

The woman claimed that she was raped by her employer’s allegedly drug-addicted son. The Philippine embassy’s requested her to remain anonymous for her rights and privacy

In the three-minute video, she recalled how he took advantage of her while she was busy doing chores. In her attempt to resist, she received a beating on her legs and thighs.

According to the Pinay, she could not tell anyone about the incident because the man threatened to kill her and bury her in the desert if anyone finds out about the attempt.

-INSERT PIC: http://news.abs-cbn.com/global-filipino/04/10/15/ofw-raped-employers-son-bahrain-rescued-embassy

“Yung anak ng amo ko ginalaw ako. Tapos nagsumbong ako sa amo ko kagabi. Bakit daw di ko agad sinabi? Natatakot akong magsalita kasi pagkatapos akong galawin ng anak niya pinagbantaan ako na kapag magsumbong daw ako dadalin daw niya ako sa disyerto papatayin at ibabaon niya ako doon,” she said.

Prior to the video, she was able to gain the courage to tell her employer about the incident, informing him of her intentions to go back to the Philippines. Unfortunately, the OFW was told to wait for two months to be able to afford her plane tickets.

“Sabi ko paano ko matatapos ang kontrata nasa peligro na yung buhay ko? Paano kung mabuntis ako? Sabi niya pagkatapos ng isang linggo ipapa-check kita. Kung buntis, ka ipapatanggal ko at pauuwiin kita.”

Fortunately however, the incident that transpired almost two years ago was properly dealt with by the Philippine Embassy.

Upon receiving reports, the Embassy was able to locate the woman with the help of her local placement agency. She was then rescued and accompanied as she filed cases.

Many OFWs around the world go through the same fate and this story just goes to show that our fellow countrymen could and shall be protected by the government.

With the help of the Filipino online community, OFWs can now stand up for their rights.

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Betrayed OFW commits suicide after learning wife having Affair with his kumpare

OFW commits suicide after learning wife's infidelity

OFW commits suicide after learning wife’s infidelity (Photo: composite image)

It’s not easy being an OFW. You need to sacrifice so much before you can enjoy your salary.

In fact, many OFWs would only leave a small portion of their salary with them and will send the remaining amount to their families in the Philippines.

Despite these sacrifices they make, some loved ones whom these OFWs consider a reason good enough for all their sacrifices, can still betray them.

Take a look at the wife of this betrayed OFW husband. She was so busy taking good care of their “kumpare” that she forgot to take care of her family. What’s worse is that she got herself into a video scandal which must have already reached thousands of people all over the world.

OFW commits suicide after learning wife's infidelity

True enough, her husband found out about it and decided that life isn’t worth living for.

The husband went to the top of a crane with a noose and hanged himself. The question now is, did his wife ever know that she was the one who signed the death warrant of her husband the moment she chose to betray him with his “kumpare?”

OFW Mom of Mitzi Joy Balunsay Comes Home to See Her Daughter Being Laid to Rest!

The brutal rape-slay of college student Mitzi Joy Balunsay has gotten the whole internet (and the real world) talking ever since her body was found chopped into pieces by her ex-boyfriend in Cavite

Her body was finally laid to rest on January 15. During the ceremony, her friends and family wore white and carried white balloons as a symbol of their cry for justice. According to a video uploaded by GMA News, the wake was even attended by her returning OFW mother, Marivic Balunsay

OFW Mom of Student Mitzi Joy Balunsay Comes Home to Find Her Daughter Being Laid to Rest! HEARTBREAKING!

Marivic recently arrived from Saudia Arabia, where she works as a domestic helper. She cried in anguish when she saw the coffin that carried her daughter’s corpse, lamenting “Sana ako na lang po ‘yung namatay.” 

“Hindi baboy na chinop-chop niya ng gan’on, tao po ‘yung ginawan niya ng gano’n eh,” she cried. According to Marivic, she knew that she was not a perfect mother and regretted all the shortcomings she had as a parent when Mitzi was still alive. 

Mitzi was a scholar, youth leader, star dancer, and an incoming sophomore tourism student in Cavite State University. Autopsy reports state that she was raped, choked to death, and then chopped up into pieces. The suspect, Alvin delos Angeles, claims that he lost his mind during the time of the crime. 

The victim’s family is glad that justice was quickly served and that delos Angeles is already in police custody. 

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Suicide or Foul Play? OFW Found Hanging By Her Neck!

Warning: The following videos feature graphic images that are disturbing in nature. Reader discretion is strongly advised. 

An Overseas Filipino Worker employed as a domestic helper was discovered dead from an apparent suicide by hanging. However, the circumstances of her death are questionable.

Netizen Normina Kilam posted three videos on Facebook showing the apparent suicide of the afore mentioned OFW. When the videos went viral, other concerned Pinoy netizens suspected foul play and were quick to point out inconsistencies with the supposed ‘suicide.’  

The first video features what appears to be the victim’s substandard kitchen with a pair of shoes have been left under a floor board. 

The second video features CCTV footage being reversed back to the beginning. The beginning of the video shows the OFW entering a room with a red apron.

The person looking through the footage begins to skip through the recording as nothing of note was happening. 

Afterwards, another door opens with no clear indication of who opened it – this is perhaps due to the person skipping the footage. Then, towards the end of the video, two males are seen hanging around the same door the OFW entered before leaving.

The last video features the deceased victim hung by her neck. There appear to be bruises on her face and her arms. It would seem that the woman was engaged in a physical struggle prior to the hanging.

Perhaps she fought back?

Warning: Graphic Video NSFW

Netizens have expressed their sympathies, confusion and thoughts over the apparent suicide.

Mae M Malidas wrote:

OFW Discovered Hanging By Her Neck! Was it Suicide or Foul Play?

Eleonor Unabia wrote:

OFW Discovered Hanging By Her Neck! Was it Suicide or Foul Play?

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OFW From Qatar Dismay After Balikbayan Box Content Was Replace by Old Stuffs!

The family of OFW Joan Villacorta expressed anger and dismay after receiving their long-awaited Balikbayan box from Qatar only to discover that the contents had been replaced with old and worn out stuff.

The OFW’s family living in Bulacan were expecting two smart watches along with various perfumes. Instead they received a worn out iron, old clothes, LED lights and an old bicycle.

According to the family, what was left of the original contents of the package were shoes and children’s clothes.

Lenie Villacorta, Joan’s relative, said they noticed that the box had been tampered with since it was no longer firm and had dents.

The package arrived at the delivery hub in Pulilan, Bulacan on December 26 and was delivered to their home in San Miguel on January 2, based on the package’s tracking number.

The Villacorta family filed complaints against the Department of Trade and Industry last Friday and was endorsed by DTI-Bulacan to the Fair Trade and Enforcement Bureau in DTI-Makati.

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After Checking Into A Hotel With Her BF OFW from Dubai Lost All of her Belongings!

Finding love is really hard nowadays. But what’s even harder is retrieving stolen items from a love interest who turns out to be a con artist.

A female OFW from Dubai was horrified to find out that all of her money along with her jewelry went missing after checking into a hotel with a boyfriend she met online

The couple slept in the hotel room together but when the OFW woke up the next day all of her important belongings were gone. Feeling helpless, she could do nothing but cry and plead for help as she tried to contact her supposed boyfriend who also went missing. 

Check out the post and the video below:

The video went viral, with netizens giving mixed reactions about the incident. Some of them empathized with her while others berated her for being too trusting.

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