Suicide or Foul Play? OFW Found Hanging By Her Neck!

Warning: The following videos feature graphic images that are disturbing in nature. Reader discretion is strongly advised. 

An Overseas Filipino Worker employed as a domestic helper was discovered dead from an apparent suicide by hanging. However, the circumstances of her death are questionable.

Netizen Normina Kilam posted three videos on Facebook showing the apparent suicide of the afore mentioned OFW. When the videos went viral, other concerned Pinoy netizens suspected foul play and were quick to point out inconsistencies with the supposed ‘suicide.’  

The first video features what appears to be the victim’s substandard kitchen with a pair of shoes have been left under a floor board. 

The second video features CCTV footage being reversed back to the beginning. The beginning of the video shows the OFW entering a room with a red apron.

The person looking through the footage begins to skip through the recording as nothing of note was happening. 

Afterwards, another door opens with no clear indication of who opened it – this is perhaps due to the person skipping the footage. Then, towards the end of the video, two males are seen hanging around the same door the OFW entered before leaving.

The last video features the deceased victim hung by her neck. There appear to be bruises on her face and her arms. It would seem that the woman was engaged in a physical struggle prior to the hanging.

Perhaps she fought back?

Warning: Graphic Video NSFW

Netizens have expressed their sympathies, confusion and thoughts over the apparent suicide.

Mae M Malidas wrote:

OFW Discovered Hanging By Her Neck! Was it Suicide or Foul Play?

Eleonor Unabia wrote:

OFW Discovered Hanging By Her Neck! Was it Suicide or Foul Play?

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OFW From Qatar Dismay After Balikbayan Box Content Was Replace by Old Stuffs!

The family of OFW Joan Villacorta expressed anger and dismay after receiving their long-awaited Balikbayan box from Qatar only to discover that the contents had been replaced with old and worn out stuff.

The OFW’s family living in Bulacan were expecting two smart watches along with various perfumes. Instead they received a worn out iron, old clothes, LED lights and an old bicycle.

According to the family, what was left of the original contents of the package were shoes and children’s clothes.

Lenie Villacorta, Joan’s relative, said they noticed that the box had been tampered with since it was no longer firm and had dents.

The package arrived at the delivery hub in Pulilan, Bulacan on December 26 and was delivered to their home in San Miguel on January 2, based on the package’s tracking number.

The Villacorta family filed complaints against the Department of Trade and Industry last Friday and was endorsed by DTI-Bulacan to the Fair Trade and Enforcement Bureau in DTI-Makati.

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After Checking Into A Hotel With Her BF OFW from Dubai Lost All of her Belongings!

Finding love is really hard nowadays. But what’s even harder is retrieving stolen items from a love interest who turns out to be a con artist.

A female OFW from Dubai was horrified to find out that all of her money along with her jewelry went missing after checking into a hotel with a boyfriend she met online

The couple slept in the hotel room together but when the OFW woke up the next day all of her important belongings were gone. Feeling helpless, she could do nothing but cry and plead for help as she tried to contact her supposed boyfriend who also went missing. 

Check out the post and the video below:

The video went viral, with netizens giving mixed reactions about the incident. Some of them empathized with her while others berated her for being too trusting.

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Some OFWs Come Back Their Family With P50k Cash and A Brand New TV! Why?

Selected overseas Filipino workers (OFW) went home to their family not only with their Balikbayan boxes but also with prizes they won from NAIA raffle, groceries, loot bags, a brand new TV and a P50k cash prize.

About 1,500 OFWs were welcomed back by Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) administrator Hans Leo Cacdac at NAIA this four in the morning. The OFWs came from Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Taipei, Doha, and Kuwait.

Most of them came home to the country to celebrate New Years’ Eve with their family.

Three OFWS, namely Rafael Dela Cruz Marasigan, Jinarda Bonifacio Vagallon At Antonio Rempillo Mendoza Jr from Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi at Kuwait, respectively, will bring P50k cash to their family after their names were drawn in the “New Year’s OFW Salubong” raffle promo by DOLE and OWWA.

Ina Marites Piz Hablado, Veronica Evangelista Fernandez at Jomily Siobal Naniong each won a brand new 32 inches TV.

They are not the only winners for today. Some of them won baskets of groceries and loot bags containing various assorted items.

“New Year’s OFW Salubong” is an annual event to give gratitude and happiness to the OFWs who are considered as the “new heroes” of our country.

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Filipina Sentenced To 10 Years Imprisonment After Joining ISIS!

A Filipina domestic helper in Kuwait was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment after being proven to have a direct connection with the paramilitary rebel group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The 32-year-old woman was arrested in August of this year, two months after she flew to the country as an Overseas Filipina Worker (OFW). According to the Interior Ministry in Kuwait, the Filipina confessed to being part of the jihadist terror group and also revealed plans of attack.

Her email correspondence with the ISIS and Libya groups were traced, revealing her oath of loyalty towards the notorious terrorists.

She later admitted that she was encouraged to fly to Kuwait as a domestic helper by her own husband, who is an active member of ISIS.

Source: Kickerdaily, VK


Filipino Worker in Riyadh Forced To Sign A Termination Letter By Their Company

Four videos of overseas Filipino workers being harassed in Riyadh went viral.

According to the OFW Pautwasan Facebook page, the owners of the videos were leaving work at 4 PM as scheduled. Suddenly the companions of the workers taking the video were called to their office where their work badge and “iqama” IDs were taken away.

Then they were forced to sign their termination papers. They refused.

At 8PM, the police was called by management to the workers’ camp. The police came to take away all workers without an iqama ID. The iqama IDs of the other OFws were still at office. 

Later in the evening the workers without the iqama IDs were taken without their consent. The people filming resisted, not allowing their fellow OFWs to be taken away. 

Featured in the 4 videos is the confrontation between the group of OFWs and the authorities. Other Pinoys filmed the harassment as well, despite the dangers it posed. 

Source:Facebook, VK


FIlipino Worker Forced To Eat And Sleep In Employer’s Bathroom! Please Share

Last December 23, netizen Rachel Sarao posted 2 photos and 3 videos on her Facebook asking other Pinoys for help.

Her post features an OFW named Mhae Valencia Yecla who tearfully shared her hardships and experience. In the videos and photos, the OFW revealed that she has been sleeping and eating in her employer’s bathroom. Moreover, the OFW only gets one meal per day, and the meal consists only of a few pieces of bread and cheese.

This OFW Was Forced To Eat And Sleep In Employer's Bathroom! She Needs Help! Watch Here!

Because the audio in Yecla’s video isn’t clear, it is difficult to understand what she was really saying. Nonetheless, it is clear that the OFW is miserable and upset. 

Rachel Sarao admits she doesn’t know how to help her fellow OFW, so she made the posts to reach out to fellow Pinoys.

This OFW Was Forced To Eat And Sleep In Employer's Bathroom! She Needs Help! Watch Here!

Source:Facebook, VK


OFW Shows Signs Of Mental Illness in Kuwait. Share This To Spread Awareness !

An OFW Pinay based in Kuwait was seen showing signs of mental illness in a video that went viral

According to the poster, Jeresa Morales, the OFW who is from Naval Hilongos, Leyte isn’t able to elaborate on her current mental status.

Source: Facebook, VK


OFW in Stabbed by an Arab using Knife in Saudi

A video clip showing an enormous Arab man brutally wounding a male overseas Filipino worker during their fight in Saudi Arabia shocked the online community.


OFW in Saudi gets wounded by Arab with butcher knife (Photo: YouTube)

For still unidentified reasons, the two men involved are fighting with each other inside a car repair shop at the beginning of the video.

However, the Arab had a big advantage because he had a butcher knife as his weapon. He can be seen in the video slashing away at the scared OFW and then running away afterward, appearing to have gotten hurt before entering his car.

The Pinoy then revealed the bloody wound in his hand caused by the Arab’s sharp knife.


Please Share: Filipino Patient In Kuwait Seeking Help. Let’s Do What We Can For Our Kababayan!

Two recent videos of a helpless Filipino patient are circulating social media. The concerned netizens who shared the video seek help for the woman.

According to one post, the woman’s name is May Delos Santos and she is currently confined in the Amiri Hospital in Kuwait.

Unfortunately, no other information has been disclosed regarding her current condition. Contact information also remains scarce. Despite this, many have shown interest in extending assistance, while others offered prayers.

Source: Facebook, VK