#BootyGoal! Check out Sexiest Booty Pics of Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador, the country’s ultimate “Dance Princess,” is known not only for her amazing prowess on the dance floor but also on her oh-so-hot and sexy figure. Many men have been linked to her and if you look at her photos on Instagram, you wouldn’t be surprised. 

Check it out: 

The Ultimate #BootyGoal! Check out Maja Salvador's Sexiest Booty Pics Here!

Isn’t she hot? 

The actress was recently seen in “Ang Probinsyano” as Glen, one of Coco Martin’s partners-in-duty. According to ABS-CBN News, her role was billed as Cardo’s (Coco) love interest in the series.

But throughout the progression of the teleserye, she was given a love story with John Prats, who plays one of her senior police officers. In the end, her character had to bid the others farewell because Glen had to take care of her ailing mother in Zambales

The Ultimate #BootyGoal! Check out Maja Salvador's Sexiest Booty Pics Here!

Nowadays, Maja is focusing on another project released by the R.S.B. Drama Unit of ABS-CBN, entitled “Wildflower.” She is top billed in the starring role and will be joined by actors Joseph Marco and Vin Abrenica

“Wildflower” is set to be released this 2017. It is an upcoming drama that focuses on revenge. It would be directed by Onat Diaz and shown on the Kapamilya Gold timeslot. 

The Ultimate #BootyGoal! Check out Maja Salvador's Sexiest Booty Pics Here!

She is the niece of renowned actor Phillip Salvador and Ross Rival. She is also up-and-coming actress and singer Janella Salvador’s cousin.

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‘Size or Performance?’: Vice Ganda Asked Bea and Iza

In last Sunday’s episode of “Magandang Gabi Vice,” the feisty comedian interviewed Bea Alonzo and Iza Calzado, two of today’s hottest primetime television stars. In a video uploaded by ABSCBN Entertainment, the actresses talked about the significance of sexual compatibility in their relationships. 

“Aba’y dapat!” Iza immediately said in seriousness when Vice Ganda posted the question. The host asked her “Talaga?” in which Bea butted in, saying “Kasi dapat parang expression of love siya eh.” 

According to Bea, there are different kinds of love languages and that people are able to express their love differently and through many means. One of the ways on how they express it is through sexual activity. 

“Basta sana pareho kayo ng trip sa buhay,” Iza stated. Bea also mentioned that it must be hard for people who are in a long-distance relationship because they are unable to see and physically touch each other. She mentioned that they only have to rely on technology such as Facetime. 

Vice asked her about this, to which the mestiza replied “Wala pa akong naging ka-relasyon na nasa ibang bansa,” she said with a smile. “‘Di ko yata kaya.” 

Iza then mentioned that love and passion are two different things. As such, they cannot be mixed together. “Don’t misconstrue passion for love,” she said wisely. “Minsan na-co-confuse mo eh. Na ‘yung intensity, ‘yung passion.. hindi ‘yun ‘yung love.” 

When Vice asked if size does matter in the relationship, Iza gamely answered, “Performance matters.” Then added it with a “Charot!” She turned serious again and said, “Hindi, love matters talaga.” 

Bea, on the other hand, quipped “Performance nga!” when Vice asked her whether size or performance matters.  “Ng upuan!” the actress continued, earning laughs from the audience. 

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


Julia Barreto kissed Onyok on the Lips! WATCH HERE!

Xymon Ezekiel Pineda or more popularly known as “Onyok” in ABS-CBN’s primetime show “Ang Probinsyano,” is known for being the ultra cute and oh-so-quirky child actor who has been wowing audiences and fans with his funny quips and out-of-this-world “banats.”

And he’s not about to stop soon–a video released by Facebook page “Filipino Vines” has been circulating online. The video shows the child actor kissing Star Magic talent Julia Barretto

In the video, Onyok is seen sitting on Julia’s lap while both are inside a tent. Actors Coco Martin, Bella Padilla, and Awra Briguela can also be seen in the video.

The actors counted down the kiss, then Onyok went for it and gave Julia a kiss on the lips. It elicited cheers and laughter from the rest of the surrounding actors. 

Onyok co-stars in “Ang Probinsyano” while Julia Barretto appears as Chloe Noble, Ian Veneracion’s on-screen daughter, in “A Love to Last.” 

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‘The Notebook’-Inspired Prenup Photos of Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens

Luis Alandy and his non-showbiz girlfriend channeled their inner Noah Jr. and Allie Hamilton in their  The Notebook inspired pre-wedding photos which were released on their social media accounts.

Luis and his non-showbiz girl Joselle Fernandez got engaged last May 2016 at Lake Tahoe in Sierra Nevada, USA.

In the photos which have been inspired by the classic 2004 film directed by Nick Cassavetes starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, it can be seen that the couple is paying homage to some of the classic scenes of the film.

Clad in their 40s get-up, Joselle was able to mix glam, classy, and simplicity with her maroon dress filled with cluttered heart-shaped polka dots, just like what Allie Hamilton wore in the movie.

 Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens With Their 'The Notebook'-Inspired Prenup Photos

Luis was also able to resemble Noah Jr. in his classic trousers, purple polo, grey chino pants, and flat cap.

 Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens With Their 'The Notebook'-Inspired Prenup Photos

Unfortunately, they have no photo of the classic scene in the movie where Allie and Noah kissed passionately in the rain, but Luis promised that the wedding would be intimate for everyone.

Besides their vintage homage, they also share other sets of prenup photos where they can be seen wearing contemporary clothes and formal clothes while showing their affection to each other.

The photos were taken by Nice Print Photography, a popular photography production company among celebrities.

 Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens With Their 'The Notebook'-Inspired Prenup Photos

 Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens With Their 'The Notebook'-Inspired Prenup Photos

 Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens With Their 'The Notebook'-Inspired Prenup Photos

 Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens With Their 'The Notebook'-Inspired Prenup Photos

 Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens With Their 'The Notebook'-Inspired Prenup Photos

 Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens With Their 'The Notebook'-Inspired Prenup Photos

 Luis Alandy and Fiance Stuns Netizens With Their 'The Notebook'-Inspired Prenup Photos

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Backstabbing in PBB Makes a Controversial Revelation on Social Media

ExPBB housemate and blogger Wil Dasovich #shookt the internet after he made a video blog documenting his reaction to his nomination. Wil explained that like other ex-housemates, he did not have any idea of who wished for him to bid the house goodbye. 

Because it was kept as a secret from him until his last day inside the house, the Fil-American vlogger felt enough curiosity to watch the replay of the nominations himself.

Wil’s video reaction got the attention of many netizens as it genuinely showed how he felt while hearing and watching his ex-housemates give their reasons to nominate him. What surprised Wil the most is the fact that the ones who nominated him were the ones whom he considered best friends– Jerome Alecre and Tanner Mata.

On his video blog, Wil then clarified that everybody inside the PBB house are in good terms and consider each other as best friends. However, due to the nature of the contest, they really have to find reasons to kick someone out of the competition.

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Scarlet Snow Spends Time With Godmother Anne Curtis

Scarlet Snow once again conquered the social media as a video of her learning to run went viral. Scarlet is the first daughter of celebrity couple Dra. Vicky Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho. She has always been in the spotlight because of her adorable pictures which her parents proudly share to the public. 

In the video, we can see Scarlet’s godmother, Anne Curtis, with Scarlet. Anne was teaching Scarlet the basics of running and both of them were clearly enjoying. Many netizens noted how Scarlet was learning from the best as Anne Curtis is one of the most physically fit among the celebrities. Anne also joined several marathons in the past.

Just 5 hours after it was uploaded, the video already garnered 125,000 and over 100 comments. As of writing, it already reached 210 thousand views and over 200 comments.

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Chavit Singson Mistakenly Calls as President Duterte by Miss Universe Candidate.

The Miss Universe hype is escalating as we are inching closer to the grand event day by day. As usual, we will never run out of amusing, if not downright hilarious bloopers, for us to feast on.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s famous antics, however, seems to have enthralled some of the candidates. This is why it was really hilarious when a candidate, Erika Creque of the British Virgin Islands, mistook exGovernor Chavit Singson as the President.

The Miss Universe candidate posted a picture with Chavit Singson on her Instagram account and previously captioned it with: “Was an honor meeting the President of the Philippines Mr. Rodrigo Duterte! One love from the British Virgin Islands!”

Miss Universe Candidate Mistakenly Calls Chavit Singson as President Duterte. LOOK HERE!

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Audience and Judges Standing Ovation to Elha Nympha as She Totally Transformed as the Megastar

Big Shot BelterElha Nympha stunned the judges and audience as she totally transformed into the Megastar Sharon Cuneta at the stage of  Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.’

Judges gave Elha Nympha a standing ovation as she peformed Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’ on January 15. The Megastar said that she appreciated what Elha did despite knowing that she has her own way of singing. “Alam mo Elha, alam ko may sarili kang style ng pagkanta that’s why I appreciate na talagang you made an effort na aralin yung pagkanta ko ng ‘Bituing Walang Ningning,” Cuneta said to Elha.

Judges Ogie Alcasid and Gary Valenciano were also impressed of Elha’s transformation Elha’s mother, Mommy Lucy, even joined the stage and got to sing with her Idol.

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


Piolo Pascual and Son Inigo Covers “Closer” by The Chainsmokers

Piolo Pascual might just be one of the coolest dads out there, after netizens saw his newest car bonding with son, Inigo

The 40-year old hot daddy made an extraordinary car moment with his 19-year old son with the help of one of the hits songs of 2016, The Chainsmokers‘ “Closer.” The father-and-son tandem belted out the catchy song while roaming around the streets of Quezon City

The video uploaded by Star Magic on Youtube and published by elitenewsfeed.com was inspired by Carpool Karaoke, a segment of the late-night talkshow The Late Late Show hosted by James Corden.

Youtube’s comments section post was filled with different reactions from the netizens. Some of them praised the tandem for showcasing a perfect image of what a father and son relationship should be. They also gave positive remarks about their singing talents. Moreover, Piolo and Inigo received praises for their good which gave their female fans some ‘mini-heart attacks’.

However, the tandem also faced criticisms. Some netizens questioned them for copying the segment and not producing their own idea.

Source: Elitenewsfeed, VK


Vina Morales Proves She IS Still Hot At Age of 41!

Who would have thought that 41-year old actress Vina Morales would be your newest ‘fitspiration’?

The saying ‘age does not matter’ does not just only apply to the context of love but it can also be applied to having a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Singer-actress Vina Morales herself proved this as she posed for a photo which showcased her unbelievably fit body appearance. Vina did not just show her sexy curve but she also revealed her well-shaped abdominal muscles. The actress posted the photo on her Instagram account which immediately garnered positive remarks from her avid fans. The same photo was also shared by Yes! Magazine claiming that Vina is indeed the newest and hottest fitspiration for the year.

Vina’s photo was taken at Thunderbird Resorts and Casino in San Fernando, La Union. The actress was having a vacation trip with her daughter Ceana. Vina also shared on her Instagram account more of her stunning photos, proving that her beauty is indeed timeless.

With my little mermaid 😊💙🔥 #Ceana #vinaceana

A video posted by Vina Morales (@vina_morales) on

41-Year Old Vina Morales Proves She IS Your Newest 'Fitspiration'!

41-Year Old Vina Morales Proves She IS Your Newest 'Fitspiration'!

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