WATCH: Vice Ganda ‘Binastos’ By His Own Maid While Eating

Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda is very vocal about his very close relationship with his personal maid. Although he has reached ultimate success, Vice Ganda remains a humble person who does not lose connections with the ordinary people around him. This viral video below show how close he is to his personal yaya

In the video, Vice can be seen sharing his dining table with his maid, Jackie. At this point, it can be seen that Vice is not drawing the typical employeremployee line. He enjoys his meal with Jackie. Suddenly, Vice started acting and saying lines from the famous movie, ‘My Ex and Whys’. Just as when everybody thought that he is already funny enough for reciting the lines with full emotions, Yaya Jackie gave the most hilarious response. 

Watch the video and see it for yourself. 

This was not the first time Vice Ganda shared a hilarious moment with his personal maid. There was an instance when Vice shared an outrageous exchange of text message between him and his Yaya Jackie. He shared it in the national TV during one of the episodes of his Sunday night talk show, ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’.

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Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time!

Photos of the “Mulawin vs. Ravena” star Bea Binene by the beach posing for the camera in her sexy beach body are now setting social media on fire. 

She spent her Holy Week vacation at the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club to catch some sun and relax from the stress of showbiz. 

The 19-year-old actress flaunts her soon-to-be obvious abs in her bikini photos. She even accompanied them with funny hashtags like “#nagpapapayatdontjudge, #paratingpalangangabs, #waitlangnatrafficangabs, and #absasanka.” 

Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time! You Have To See This!

Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time! You Have To See This!

Fans are already waiting and wanting for more of her summer getaway photos to leak online! According to GMA News, her bikini game gets stronger each time she goes out for a taste of sun. 

Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time! You Have To See This!

Her fellow Kapuso stars such as Analyn Barro and Barbie Forteza are also catching attention with their swimsuit photos during beach trips. Indeed, anyone can call the three as “beach babes“! 

Bea Binene Shows Off Her Beach Body For The First Time! You Have To See This!

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Lucia Joaquin’s Video Is Now Going Viral Online! Must Watch!

The horrific encounter of Lucia Joaquin and Enzo Cruz has caught the attention of Filipino netizens from the moment it originally surfaced in social media. 

The creepy story is about the two’s chat session that started at 3 a.m., which is known as the Devil’s hour. Things got scary during the latter part of their conversation and Enzo just had to share it. 

Up to this writing, it already gained whopping numbers: over 500,000 reactions, 22,000 shares and more than 26,000 comments.  

Read the full story here: 

“Rated Spg Story. 

Alas Tres ng Madaling Araw ng Magising Ako, Dahil, 

Nakaramdam Ako ng Pagka-ihi. Agad Akong Bumangon, At 

Nagbanyo sa Pag Akalang Pagkatapos ‘kong Umihi, Makakabalik 

na ‘ko sa Pagtulog. Pero, Nagkamali Ako. Dahil, Kahit Ano 

‘pang Pikit ‘ko ng mga Mata ko, Ayaw na ‘kong Dapuan ng 

Antok. Naisip ‘ko, Siguro mas Madali akong Aantukin 

kung Papatayin ‘ko Ilaw ng Kwarto ‘ko, Pero, Mas Sanay 

‘kong Natutulog na Bukas ang Ilaw. Kaya Iyon nga 

ang Ginawa ‘ko, Tumayo Ako ng Kama At, Pinatay ang Ilaw 

ng Kwarto ko. Pagkatapos, Humiga At Pinikit ‘ko na 

mga Mata ‘ko. Pero, Bigo pa rin Ako kasi Ayaw na talaga 

‘kong Dapuan ng Antok. 

Naisip ‘ko na mag Facebook na lang kaya ‘ko muna, Baka 

Sakaling Bumalik ang Antok ‘ko. Nakahiga ‘kong Inabot 

ang Isa sa Dalawa ‘kong Cellphone na Nakapatong sa Mesitang 

Katabi ng Kama ‘ko, At Nagsimulang mag-Facebook. 

Nasa Kalagitnaan Ako ng pagbabasa ng mga Posts ng mga 

Kaibigan ‘ko ng Makatanggap Ako ng Isang Message. At ng 

Tingnan ‘ko Pangalan sa Messenger, Napa-Isip Ako kung Kilala 

ko ba siya? ‘Lucia Joaquin’, Ang Pangalan niya. 


ENZO CRUZ: Hello. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kuya, Pwede po ‘bang Makipag-usap? 

ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Tungkol saan? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kahit na Ano po. Wala po kasi ‘kong 

Makausap. Nalulungkot po ako. 

ENZO CRUZ: Ganun ba? Bihira lang kasi ‘ko Makahanap ng 

Kausap sa mga Oras na ‘to. Karamihan sa mga Friends ‘ko, 

Tulog pa. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Bakit po kayo, Gising na? 

ENZO CRUZ: Actually, Nagising lang ako. Nagpapa Antok lang 

Ulit Ako, Kaya napa Facebook lang. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Hindi kaya Kuya kaya ka Nagising dahil may 

Gumising sa’yo? 

ENZO CRUZ: Ha? What do you mean Ate? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Wala po kuya. Nga pala Kuya ang Pogi 

mo. ‘Nung Nakita nga kita, Nagkagusto Ako agad sa’yo eh. 

ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Nakita Saan? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Dito sa mga Pictures mo. Tinitingnan ko 

kaya ngayon. 

‘Nang Mabasa ‘kong Tinitingnan ni Lucia mga Pictures ‘ko sa 

Facebook, Agad naman Akong Pumunta sa Timeline ‘ko, Para 

Alamin kung ano anong mga Pictures mga Tinutukoy niya. 

Pagkatapos, Pumunta naman Ako sa Profile niya para 

Tingnan din mga Litrato niya Ngunit ganon na lang Aking 

Pagtataka sa kanya. 

ENZO CRUZ: Bakit Walang Laman ang Timeline mo? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kakagawa ‘ko lang po kasi ng Facebook ‘ko eh. 

ENZO CRUZ: Tapos yung Profile pic mo, Ang Dilim ng Picture? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Madilim po kasi dito sa Kuwarto eh. 

ENZO CRUZ: Wala bang Flash ang Camera ng Cellphone mo? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Meron naman po. 

ENZO CRUZ: Gamitin mo para Malinaw ang Picture. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Sige po. Nga pala Kuya Gawin kitang Close 

Friends Dito sa Facebook ‘ha?! 

ENZO CRUZ: Sure. Sige. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: At Dahil, Close Friend na kita,Dapat Magkaron 

Tayo ng Litraro na magkasama tayo. 

ENZO CRUZ: O Sige Payag, Kapag Magkita tayo, Pa-Picture 

tayong Dalawa. 

Nasa ganon kaming Pag-Uusap sa Messenger. Ng Biglang 

Naramdaman ‘kong nag-Vibrate ang isa ‘ko ‘pang Cellphone. 

Kinuha ko ‘to para Tingnan. Ganon na lang ang Gulat ‘ko 

ng mag Flash ‘to ng Pagka-Unlock ko. 

Nakakapagtaka ‘rin kung Bakit nag Vibrate Bigla, Wala 

na’mang nag-Text o Miss Call sa’kin. 

Muli pa Pinatong ‘ko ‘to sa Mesita. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kuya, Pwede ‘bang Malaman kung Ilang taon ka 

na po? 

ENZO CRUZ: Sa Tingin mo? Ilan? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Siguro mga 18? Haha 

ENZO CRUZ: Binobola mo naman Ako eh. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Hindi kuya yun ang Tingin ‘ko sa’yo dito sa 

Picture mo. 

ENZO CRUZ: O sige na nga, Thank you. Pero sa Totoo, 25 

na ‘ko eh. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Wow! Mukha ka talagang Bata Kuya. 

ENZO CRUZ: Salamat ulit. Eh, Ikaw ba Ilang Taon kana? 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Anong Hula mo Kuya? 

ENZO CRUZ: Mahirap Hulaan eh. Ang Dilim kasi ng Kuha mo 

Dito sa Profile Picture mo. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Gano’n ba. O sige Kuya Sandali At 

Maglalagay lang Ako ulit ng Bagong Picture. 

ENZO CRUZ: Oh, Sige. 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: O, Ayan Kuya, Nakalagay na ako ng Bago, 

Check mo nga. 

ENZO CRUZ: Sige Tingnan ‘ko sa Account mo. 

Nang Pumunta Ako sa Timeline ni Lucia ay ganon na lang ang Pag 

Tindig ng Aking mga Balahibo, Matapos Makita ang 

Bago niyang Upload na Litrato. Sa Litrato ay Nakahiga siyang 

Nakangiti sa Tabi ‘ko.” 

Whether this story is fictional or not, we are still to confirm. Nevertheless, netizens continue on buying it and sharing it to their timelines! 

Now, one guy named Neil Henessy Cuare posted a re-enactment video on his Youtube channel to tell the story of Lucia Joaquin live.  

Source: YouTube, VK


Bea Alonzo and Enchong Dee Spotted In Davao City While Holding Each Other’s Hands!

Kapamilya actress Bea Alonzo is one of the most beautiful shining stars in the Philippine industry. It would be difficult to resist her captivating appeal and charm. Because of her timeless beauty, many fans and supporters are eager to know who among the showbiz’ heartthrobs are able to capture Bea’s attention.

Rumors of Bea and Enchong Dee’ special relationship once surfaced the internet as some fans notice that they frequently spend time together. These speculations intensified when a Youtube video featuring Bea and Enchong went viral across the online community.

Apparently, the photo compilation was reported to have been taken in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao City. The two definitely enjoyed their leisure time together. What sparked the curiosity of many online users is a photo showing Bea and Enchong holding each other’s hands. This created so much intrigue as people are thinking that they are indeed lovers.

The video may garner critical remarks from some social media users but online media source, Social Pees confirmed that they are just best friends. They are comfortable with each other so they tend to become clingy when they are together. In fact, Enchong has been a very supportive best friend for Bea.

Source: Socialpees, VK


Korina Sanchez Prank DJ Chacha And This Is Her Reaction!

M.O.R 101.9’s DJ Chacha or Czarina Balba in real-life is one of the most prominent radio DJs today. Although not all millennial are familiar with radio programing, DJ Chacha still managed to capture the hearts of many  fans supporting her and her program, Heart Beats.

DJ Chacha is very popular because for her skills in giving love advice to her callers. Her pieces of advice seem to work for people who experience difficulty in facing their love problems. She has a much defined characteristic and charisma when dealing with her lsiteners.

Aside from her personal characteristics and skills as a DJ, DJ Chacha is also known for the prank calls she features on her show. Some of them already went viral as they really entertained the netizens. But what if she gets to taste her own medicine? Yes. This time, DJ Chacha is the victim.

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Remember her? Check Out the Current Life of Serena Dalrymple!

She may not have stayed in the spotlight for long, but Serena Dalrymple definitely left her mark on the showbiz industry.

WhatsUp Pinoy narrated her current life in a YouTube video. They revealed that Serena is now residing in the United States and living luxuriously.

Serena was discovered in a commercial with Aga Muhlach. She then became one of the most sought-after young actresses during her time. 

She’s long-time friends with Shaina Magdayao, Camille Prats and Angelica Panganiban

You might think that leaving showbiz while she’s at the peak of her young career might be a bad idea, but Serena proved that she made the right decision. She is currently a manager at Viacom, a long-running media company in the US.

In the past, Serena also worked with Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles, California as a sourcing analyst.

Source: Youtube, VK


Ellen Adarna Goes Viral Once Again After Posting This Photo!

Fresh off her Metro cover this April, Ellen Adarna shows on Instagram just how she can heat up any room to its boiling point.

Ellen Adarna Goes Viral Once Again After Posting Her Photo! You Have To See This!

“Channeling Kate Moss.”

If you haven’t grabbed an issue yet, Ellen channeled her inner Monroe for this month’s issue of Metro Magazine Body.

Ellen Adarna Goes Viral Once Again After Posting This Photo on Instagram! You Have To See This!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s the video for uhmmm…. research:

Of course, netizens are showing her all the love!

“Phew! I love you idol ??????”

–    Durtabming

“Kainis i wish i have a body like that hehe ganda mo talaga miss elen”

–    angelicachingto

“Maka tomboy ma ka @maria.elena.adarna atraight baya ko.”

–    theonlyfebymae

“Delicious as strawberries ??”

–    bestguyintown24


–    iamariagladys

…’nuff said

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Yen Santos Shows off Her Sexy Body in a Black Bikini and Everyone Is Going Crazy!

It’s no secret that there are lots of sexy Kapamilya actresses. 

After all, there’s a reason why most of the actresses who were preferred by the netizens to play Darna, the bikini-wearing heroine of Philippine comics, came from Channel 2. 

These included Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, Jessy Mendiola, and even former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach–to name a few. What do these ladies have in common? 

A rocking hot body, that’s for sure!

Actresses have been posting lots of their summer-ready figures on Instagram and Yen Santos is no exception. 

Actress Yen Santos Shows off Her Sexy Body in a Black Bikini and Everyone Is Going Crazy! MUST SEE!

Even though she doesn’t have a zillion followers, the actress is still able to prove that she has the body to make the public’s jaws drop—especially with her in a black bikini. 

ABS-CBN Push reported that Yen surprised her followers when she uploaded a full body shot of her in a two-piece swimsuit, moments before she was about to take a dip. 

Actress Yen Santos Shows off Her Sexy Body in a Black Bikini and Everyone Is Going Crazy! MUST SEE!

The actress didn’t reveal her exact whereabouts, but she captioned it with, “Good day!” (with a sun-like emoji) 

As of this writing it has already garnered 22,213 ‘likes’ and various comments. 

This was reiterated by user rosielynalaerpublico, who said, “Bagay kanya ang character Darna (with an emoji) pinay ang beauty” 

Others commented how “sexy” and “hot” she was. In fact, user foodformepl joked, “Global warming haha” 

Another shot of Yen is included in the single Instagram post, where one has to slide the full bodied shot of her to the right in order to see it. 

It featured Yen on a close-up shot, where she was seen looking in another direction. The picture emphasized her exposed cleavage. 

Actress Yen Santos Shows off Her Sexy Body in a Black Bikini and Everyone Is Going Crazy! MUST SEE!

Source: TNPPush, VK


Elha’s Fans Think She Is The ‘Real Champion’ Of ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids’

Awra Briguela was crowned as the first-ever grand winner of the Kid’s edition of ABS-CBN’s Your Face Sounds Familiar show.

The grand showdown took place at Resorts World Manila last Sunday, April 9, where eight celebrity kid performers gave their best shots for the last time.

Awra impersonated the international singer-rapper Nicki Minaj. The judges and the audience were very much entertained by his superb performance, which probably helped him on his way to being the champion of the competition.

However, fans and supporters of former ‘The Voice Kids’ champion Elha Nympha are complaining on social media wondering why their idol did not win the title. 

They are even tagging her as the “real champion” instead of Awra.

Check out their comments:

– Youre my champion , and my little big shot superstar! Go all the way and God bless u in every step of your way!!!!!

– Congrats Elha @elhamaenymphaofficial you are the BEST impersonator. Stay humble and friendly always. God bless you my sweet!

Elha's Fans Think She Is The 'Real Champion' Of 'Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids' Not Awra Briguela! Read About it Here!

– For me… you are the true winner!!! Your great ability and versatility in singing was shining through and through!!! I hope this show does not dishearten you. Everyone saw your great talent. Most Filipinos are just into comedic acts so much. Keep going. Keep growing. 

– Panalo ka padin para samin elha ang galing galing mo baby girl @elhamaenymphaofficial

– ELHA para sa mga fans mo IKAW REAL CHAMPION. ..so Congratulations. ….keep it up and all the best in everything you do…

– congrats elha para sa amin ikaw ang winner..

Elha has notably won the show for several consecutive weeks because of her outstanding transformations. She gained 229 stars throughout the show, which placed her number 1. Unfortunately, the criteria for the grand winner relies on 50% from the stars and 50% from people’s votes.

Awra earlier had his break from being a talented child star on ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ with Coco Martin. This gained him fans of his own.

Source: Chisms, VK


Fliptoper “Badang” imprisoned After Molesting Minor

Fliptoper named Darwin Lerona Ferianeza or known as “Badang” faces sexual assault and harassment charges after getting accused of committing rape. Badang is a known Filipino rap artist, who is also joining several Fliptop battles.

Molesting a child is one the crime hate by most people aside from being involve on illegal drugs. Child molestation is shameful act and violation in the law, which has corresponding charges.

The Fliptop rapper Badang is now making round in the social media after his video getting accused of child molestation and attempted rape was posted in the internet. Badang was covering his face in the video due to shame.


noong nag biro kami, isa siya sa mga TUMIRA samin at GALIT na GALIT!


PAYBACK IS A B|TCH! 🙂 samin biro lang BADANG! pero IKAW tinotoo mo! 🙂 WOW!

Okay lang yan, Hindi ka naman talaga magaling na rapper.. Panggap ka pang mapera.

Plastik mo! Puno ka ng inggit sa katawan… Eto na natupad na pangarap mong sumikat!



SIRA ANG CAREER! ay wala nga palang career! hahaha! isa sa mga pabida!