Eumee Capile Spotted Singing In A Mall And It Is Now Going Viral!

Eumee Capile got tagged as “Ang UnSistopable ng Bulacan” after she advanced to the Grand Finals of It’s Showtime’s “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” singing competition.

The powerful voice of this woman paved the way to her success. However, Eumee remained humble despite all of her achievements.

Recently, the singer was spotted singing a karaoke number inside SM Marilao. She was recorded by her friend and the video instantly became viral on social media.

Netizens admired Eumee because she’s still down to earth. They think that good character weighs more than just talent.

Eumee claimed the defending champion title nine times in the said competition. She made it to the semi-finals week up to the grand finals.

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Kobe Paras Declared For NBA Draft; Lakers, Spurs Ready To Take Him

Filipino basketball prodigy Kobe Paras has already declared for the upcoming NBA draft and he’s already got teams getting in line for him. 

According to a news update posted by Hoops Talk, teams like the Lakers, Spurs, Pistons and Bucks are already eyeing the young athlete even before the actual draft. 

The Facebook post read:


Kobe Paras has officially declared for the NBA Draft.

Lakers, Spurs, Pistons and Bucks are the teams that are interested in drafting Kobe”

Breaking: Kobe Paras Declared For NBA Draft; Lakers, Spurs Ready To Take Him

Every year, right before the start of the playoff season, NBA, the most prestigious basketball league in the world, opens its gates to young blood through a selection process called the NBA Draft. 

Each of the league’s 30 franchises gets a chance to pick one of the most promising up-and-coming athletes to add to their roster. 

This year, Kobe joins thousands of young hopefuls to make it to the professional league as he becomes eligible for the draft.

The 19-year-old, 6’6″ shooting guard son of PBA hall-of-Famer Benjie Paras has made rounds online after his spectacular practice and in-game highlights went viral.

One video also featured his leaping ability when he dunked over NBA superstar Lebron James during an exhibition game. 

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot?

“Ganda ang puhunan”

This would be the typical Filipino saying that one can hear when the topic is about the Philippine showbiz industry. These local artists and actresses are living proof that the Philippine is the home of the most beautiful women. 

Not only do these female celebs grab the attention of the local critics, their beauty transcends internationally. 

This has been further certified by Gazette Review, an international media company based in San Francisco, California USA. This foreign media outlet issued their own list of the Top 10 most beautiful in the Philippines. Check them out:


-This 31-year-old actress and singer is known for being the first daughter of the 80’s-90’s popular love team, Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. Aside from the looks, she also has her singing and acting skills from her parents. She has been a consistent host and performer on the ABS-CBN Sunday variety show, ASAP. KC has also starred in various movies which includes her film with Richard Gutierrez, ‘For The First Time’.

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!


-Kim is also known as the Chinita Princess of the Philippine showbiz industry. She was given her major break when she won ABS-CBN’s reality show ‘Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition’. Kim is currently an active actress under Star Magic. She has also starred in romantic comedy films with various leading men including Gerald Anderson and Xian Lim.

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!


-Liza has captured the hearts of many Filipinos when she started to make her TV guest and movie appearances. She is well-known for her on-screen love tandem with Kapamilya actor, Enrique Gil. She started her modeling career in 2010 and she was given her major break in 2011 under ‘Wansapanataym’. The Filipina-American actress is also known for getting the attention of many international celebrities like Charlie Puth and the lead vocals of The Chainsmokers.

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!


-the 28-year-old actress is the sister of sexy star Ara Mina. However, she did not appear on TV under her sister’s name as she wanted to make her way into the business independently when she joined GMA’s reality talent show, ‘Startstruck’ in 2003. She has been included in the list of FHM’s Philippines’ Best Woman in 2009. The actress made her career bloom brighter when she signed her contract under the ABS-CBN management. She is now enjoying her family life with husband Ali Khatibi.

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!


-Kathryn is very famous in the Philippines since she captured the hearts of many millennials when she started her acting career with her on-screen partner Daniel Padilla. She has been a very successful artist as her movies continuously hit blockbuster status. The 20-year-old actress had her major acting break when she played the character of Mara on one of the Philippines’ classic soap operas, ‘Mara Clara’ in 2011.

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!


-Maja is one of the most talented celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry. She was tagged as the ‘Dancing Princess’ since she’s known to dominate the dancefloor with her graceful dancing skills. She currently enjoys a healthy career under ABS-CBN working on multiple teleseryes, TV guesting and several movie appearance.

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!


-Before entering the acting and hosting industry of the Philippine entertainment, the 24-year-old Kapamilya artist has been an active model and endorser since the early age of two. She was a commercial model for different products before she signed her contract under Star Magic. She was given her major acting break when she starred in Maalaala Mo Kaya episode “School ID”. She is also known for being a former It’s Showtime host. The sexy actress has been open regarding her romantic relationship with Kapamilya actor, Billy Crawford.

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!


-Angel is one of the most prominent female celebrites in the country. She was given her break when she played a role in the 2002 teen drama series, ‘Click’ with Richard Gutierrez under GMA productions. She became really popular nationwide when she starred GMA’s ‘Mulawin’ and when she played one of the iconic role of ‘Darna’ under the same management. She has been named FHM’s Philippines’ Best Women in 2005 and 2010. 

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!


-The 32-year-old actress has been an active artist under the Star Magic talent management since she was discovered in a beauty pageant. She was born to an Austarlian father and Filipina mother. Anne has been known for her hosting stints and movies. Anne is currently one of the major hosts of ABS-CBN afternoon variety show, ‘It’s Showtime. She is set to be married to half-French and half-Filipino model, Erwan Heaussaff.

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!


-It is no wonder Marian was able to steal the 1st spot of this list. The half-Spanish and half-Pinay beauty has been the celebrity queen of GMA since her legendary performance in her telenovela, Marimar. She also played the role of Darna and Dyesebel under the same management. Marian is currently enjoying her family life with actor Dingdong Dantes and their daughter Baby Xia.

Check Out This List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities! Who Owns the 1st Spot? Find Out Here!

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Keifer Ravena’s Scandal Reaches Tabloid Newspaper And You Will Not Believe Their Headlines!

In the latter part of March, Ateneo De Manila University basketball star player Kiefer Ravena was involved in a scandalous controversy as an alleged picture of his private part circulated online. The alleged photo scandal prompted discussion among the social media users as the 23-year-old star took a long time before clarifying the issue.

Days after the photo scandal went viral, police officials from the Philippine National Police Anti-Cyber Crime Group named a certain Kristoffer Monico Ng to be the man behind the viral scandal. Reports claimed that Ng tried to extort money from the basketball player in exchange for the photo’s privacy. Ng was then arrested and detained while further investigations are on-going.

The man responsible for Kiefer’s scandal may have been under the police custody but certainly, the issue will not immediately die as expected. To give more emphasis, it already reached the tabloid media whose headlines went extremely viral online.

Facebook page Senyora” shared a photo of the tabloid headlines which made the netizens tumble upside down because of the hilarious words they used to sensationalize the news. The photo already reached a whopping 31,000 Facebook reactions and more than 2,300 shares. the tabloid headlines of the issue really grab the humor and attention of the social media users.

Keifer Ravena's Scandal Reaches Tabloid Newspaper And You Will Not Believe Their Headlines! Check This Out!

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This is new life of Rita ‘Badjao Girl’ Gaviola After Joining PBB!

The wheels of change really has something planned for Rita Gaviola or more popularly known as the Badjao Girl

She caught the public’s attention when a Lucena City based photographer Topher Quinto Burgos took a picture of her as she was begging in the streets during the Pahiyas festival. After noticing her model like figure and striking looks, including gorgeous eyes and a jawline one would kill for, Quinto just had to photograph her. 

Rita used to live in Barra City in Lucena in a shaft near a concerete sea wall together with her family. They escaped Zamboanga City to alleviate their social status but ended up begging for food in Lucena. It was not an easy life for them. 

She related that they do not eat three meals a day, and to have rice and viand on their dining tables is already a big luxury for her family. 

Rita also was computer illiterate and not adept to the techonological age so she did not know that she was already famous until a child showed her the picture online. 

Fortunately for Rita, a single photo of her changed her life. People flooded her family with donations. Not only that, even the Badjao community got the exposure and help they needed because of Rita’s popularity. 

Fast forward to 2017, Rita already did several photoshoots with top of the line photographer, she was also given a chance to become one of the teen housemates in the latest edition of Pinoy Big Brother

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Charo Santos Almost Resigned From Abs-Cbn! Why?

Apart from hosting the long-running drama-anthology ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya,’ former ABS-CBN President and current Chief Content Officer Charo ConcioSantos revealed that she almost left Channel 2.

 Philippine Entertainment Portal reported that when she was the Executive Vice President for Entertainment of ABS-CBN, Channel 2 was affected by the economic crisis and advertisers lessened their ad minutes. 

This forced the executives to cut down on the network’s operation expenses. During that time, GMA Network was improving their programming. According to Charo, “Our solid hold on the Top 20 shows began to slowly slip away. Our rival, GMA-7, started to close in on the lead we had for over a decade.”

SHOCKING! Charo Santos-Concio Almost Resigned From Abs-Cbn Because of This Show! Read the Details Here!

She revealed that ABS-CBN decided to revamp their line-up of teleseryes. They produced ‘Marina’ in 2004 and tapped Claudine Barretto to star in the series. She was one of the network’s most bankable stars at that time. 

It boosted ABS-CBN’s ratings up but GMA retaliated by releasing ‘Mulawin,’ which launched Angel Locsin’s career and heavily affected Channel 2 as a result.

As ‘Mulawin’ garnered many viewers, ABS-CBN released another fantaserye in the form of ‘Krystala,’ which starred Judy Ann Santos. 

But Charo cited, “Our budgets were thin and we were emotionally spent. In the heat of the battle, what I had feared became very obvious. We began to lose our sense of story.” 

She continued, “We were being hammered about ratings, cost control, and profit so incessantly that we forgot about our emotional connection to our audience.”

By the end of October 2004, Vivian Tin, a former AC Nielsen executive, revealed that ABS-CBN was no longer the top in the ratings game. GMA had taken its place. 

Charo said, “GMA-7 had taken the lead on all the top 20 time slots, including the coveted primetime slots. TV Patrol lost to 24 Oras, Marina lost to Mulawin, and Krystala just couldn’t gain enough momentum. The gaps in the lead were devastating.”

SHOCKING! Charo Santos-Concio Almost Resigned From Abs-Cbn Because of This Show! Read the Details Here!

Then to her surprise, former ABS-CBN CEO and chairman Gabby Lopez hired Cito Alejandro as new the ABS-CBN President and General Manager.

Charo said, “I don’t remember exactly how he phrased it, but I thought I heard him say: I want to talk about what’s wrong with production. You have to change the way you are doing things. ‘How could you let this happen, Charo?’ I felt I was a failure and no longer worthy to be at the helm of my team.” 

Charo didn’t report to work after that incident and took an indefinite leave. She returned to the company after four months.

What do you think about Charo’s revelation? If she fully quit ABS-CBN, would you think the network would still be the same without her? 

Tell us your comments below!

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McDonald’s Release Their Heartbreaking Ad!

Fast food giant McDonald’s is not about to go down–not after Jollibee released their two Valentinesthemed ads, no. In fact, they’ve just started tugging at the heartstrings of us regular people–with their latest commercial that was featured on their official Facebook fan page

It was uploaded on March 28, Tuesday and has already garnered a whopping amount of 1.2 million views. Its caption is “Anyone can afford to be happy. Kaya mo with the Burger McSavers. #TuloyPaRin” 

In the beginning, we see a guy sitting down inside McDonald’s. Suddenly, he catches a glimpse of a girl in a corner. It turns out that he actually turned down the girl way back. 

After a few seconds of thinking, he decides to stand up and approach her. He gathers his meal tray, only to find out that the girl is actually with her boyfriend. He stops in his tracks, the smile gone from his face. 

He witnesses the girl he rejected and her new boyfriend, talking and seemingly having fun with each other. Sadness creeps up into his heart and a single tear is ready to make its way down his cheek. 

He sees the girl handing the guy a burger and he tilts his head away from the view, hurt. He sits down to his seat, grabs his meal, and then opens a McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich instead.  He closes his eyes as he takes a bite. He stares at the sun, his sadness unbelievably gone. 

Then it’s the girl’s turn to be surprised—she sees him, and then for a split second, she pauses. The guy catches her stare but this time, something is different. His eyes don’t seem to bear the heartbroken look he initially had. 

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Italian Model Has a Wardrobe Malfunction on Live TV! Watch Here!

A sexy Italian model and news presenter became a viral sensation after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction on live TV! 

Barbara Francesca Ovieni, who is also an actress, is the host of the Italian football television show “Rabona”

The gorgeous host wore a stunning white dress which accentuated many of Barbara’s ‘assets’. The short white dress featured a wide keyhole which very daringly exposed her cleavage.  

We can definitely see why a lot of football fans watch this program.

As she was talking, the TV host instinctively moved her clipboard in one hand and lifted her skirt a bit too high for live TV.


Lifiting her skirt just right, everyone who was tuned in to “Rabona” caught a huge peek at Barbara’s underwear.

Watch Ms. Ovieni’s viral live mishap here!

The live wardrobe malfunction was certainly an unscheduled ‘expose’ for the model – who has posed for the popular men’s magazine Playboy in the past.

Unsurprisingly, the short clip was uploaded onto social media and became a viral hit. After all, football is a very popular sport worldwide.

Let’s hope Barbara’s next story has more ‘coverage’ than this trending story. Not everyone is a fan of football, but we can definitely see why the sport might grow on a few people. 

The model-actress also has an official Instagram account, just in case you were curious.  


Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Sweet Boracay Escapade!

It is truly great to see how happy Sunshine is after her struggles on her failed marriage with action star, Cesar Montano. Most fans cannot wait to see the actress feel genuine happiness again and they were not rewarded with false hopes when Sunshine finally met Macky Mathay, brother of actresses Ara Mina and Cristine Reyes.

It was confirmed months ago that the two started talking when Macky got Sunshine’s number from his sister Ara. Sunshine then received a message from Macky they continued talking until they finally met and started going out with each other.

Sunshine and Macky started the summer with sweetness as they shared snaps of their Boracay escapade. Even though sweetness cannot be seen on the photo captions, you will see in the photos that the two truly enjoy each other’s company. They really spent quality time with each other on one of the most famous islands in the country!

Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Share Photos of Sweet Boracay Escapade Together!

Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Share Photos of Sweet Boracay Escapade Together!

It is not just Sunshine who posted photos, but Macky also showed how proud he is about their relationship through posting photos on his Instagram account, too. 

Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Share Photos of Sweet Boracay Escapade Together!

Sunshine Cruz and Boyfriend Macky Mathay Share Photos of Sweet Boracay Escapade Together!

This proves that Sunshinehas found genuine happiness with her new love.  For many, she deserves what she is having now. 

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Piolo Pascual Kissed This Lucky Fan On Her Lips!

After Piolo Pascual revealed that he and Shaina Magdayao have been “exclusively dating” for five years, it seems that Piolo is still on the prowl. 

In the latest episode of the late-night show ‘Gandang Gabi Vice,’ Piolo appeared as a guest and did something which definitely surprised the audience, including Vice Ganda himself. 

According to a source, it was a “hilarious birthday celebration” as Piolo decided to act as Vice’s driver for more than thirty minutes. 

ABS-CBN Entertainment uploaded the video and this is how it went: 

Birthday ko, ‘di ako madamot!” Vice Ganda exclaimed as he gestured to a female guest to come over. When she reached him, the comedian asked, “Ano ‘yung sinigaw mo?” 

The woman readily exclaimed, “I love you, Piolooo!” with a laugh. 

Piolo, pa-kiss, sabi mo,” Vice said, to which the woman broke out in a giggle. Piolo gestured to her. 

Halika na,” he said. 

“Saan mo gustong mahalikan ni Piolo?” the comedian asked in all seriousness. The woman only shrieked and the audience went extremely wild at this point. 

She turned her back to contain her “kilig” and the actor said, “Mamili ka, minsan lang ‘to.” 

“Sa noo?!” Vice repeated in disbelief. Piolo, for his part, looked sheepish, as if the answer kind of disappointed him. He smiled anyway. 

“Sa noo, less exciting! Sinong mas higit sa noo?” Vice asked the audience and then stood up. As expected, lots of females from the audience stood up and raised their arms in reply.

“Minsan lang ‘to eh!” Vice said. He glanced at Piolo and repeated the question, “Sinong mas kayang higit sa noo?” he asked the audience once again. They were now whooping and cheering from their seats. 

Source:ABSCBN;, VK