Vice Ganda Breaks Silence on Nora Aunor’s No-Show for Tawag ng Tanghalan.

Recently, superstar Nora Aunor hit the headlines after backing out from her guesting in the grand finals of Tawag ng Tanghalan on ABSCBN’s noontime show It’s Showtime. She was specifically invited as a special judge for one portion of the show that featured the past champions of the singing contest.  Nora’s career started when she won the grand finals of Tawag ng Tanghalan back in 1968.

When she was asked about her reason for backing out, Nora revealed that it was because of the show’s main host, Vice Ganda.

 “Saka hindi ako feel ng main host nila na si Vice Ganda.

“Baka bastusin lang ako nun, tulad ng pambabastos niya sa akin sa show niya.

“Yung mga patutsada niya, parinig niya na alam ko ako ang tinutukoy niya dahil minsan ako mismo ang nakarinig, e.”the superstar stated.

When asked about the specifics, Nora declined to answer, dismissing the issue with: “Ate Mercy, nag-back out ako dahil hindi ko kaya si Vice Ganda. Hindi kaya ng puso ko ang pambabastos na ginawa sa akin ni Vice Ganda.”

“Yung usual na ginagawa niya na magsasalita siya pero may pinatatamaan.

ABS-CBN’s MJ Felipe tried to get the side of the comedian host, but Vice Ganda just laughed at the issue and said:

“No comment. Mas relevant pa si Gina Lopez kesa sa aming dalawa.”

He was pertaining to Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary, Gina Lopez, whose confirmation is being deliberated in the Senate.

Many netizens sided with Vice Ganda saying that his jokes shouldn’t be taken seriously or personally. Some liked that the comedian for respected Nora despite what she said in the past by giving no comment, while others took it against Nora saying that she’s only trying to draw attention to her.

One even commented: “Pa media hype nalng si nora e, sinasabi niyang may pambabastos wala namn naganap, gusto lng niyang mapansin ng madlang pipol para, mapagusapan namn kaht papano, kaya niya sinasabing binabastos cxa ni vice. Kasi alam din namn niya na si vice is on top ngayon at talagang pag uusapan kapg siya ang siniraan niya.”

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Kathryn Bernardo Singing ‘Versace on the Floor’ Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today!

We all know that Kapamilya darling, Kathryn Bernardo, is probably one of the most popular actresses in the country today. Some fans also believe that she is one of the most influential celebrities of this generation. And we couldn’t agree more with that. 

Kathryn Bernardo has come a long way from that cute and funny little girl in the kiddie comedy gag show, ‘Goin’ Bulilit’ to the respected young teleserye princess we know today. 

And it looks like Kathryn is making a name for herself in other fields outside of show business. Aside from being a model and product endorser, she is also very vocal about some causes. 

Most people can agree that the young actress is the perfect role model for young girls out there because she doesn’t seem to let showbiz stardom keep her from enjoying the simpler things in life. 

This is why fans of the actress all seem to agree that she is the perfect “girl-next-door” type of celebrity who is not afraid to look silly in front of others and who appreciates the company of non-celebrities

To illustrate that, we found a clip of the actress for you readers to see just how much like everyone else Kathryn is. 

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017,  a video of Kathryn apparently singing along to the Bruno Mars hit, ‘Versace on the Floor’ reportedly went viral online

According to fans, the video could be seen as proof of the actress’ ‘happy-go-lucky’ nature.



This Funny Girl Was Just a Nobody but They Were Shocked When They Found out !

It has been a while since sexy actress Cristine Reyes appeared on television ever since she married her husband Ali Khatibi, who is a mixed martial artist. They had a private nuptial in the luxurious Balesin Island on January 2016 and ever since, the actress has been keeping a low profile. 

She appeared as a guest on the noontime variety show ‘It’s Showtime’ and played Irene Magdangal in the daytime drama ‘Tubig at Langis’ in 2016. Currently, she is not affiliated with any project but her appearance in ABS-CBN’s latest talent-reality show, ‘I Can Do That,’ may prove that wrong. 

Facebook fan page ‘ABS-CBN Middle East’ uploaded a video of the actress dressed in a schoolgirl uniform and made up in such a way that people were not able to recognize her.

In fact, the caption of the video read: “Tawang-tawa kami sa inyo! (with laughing-with-tears emojis) ‘Di namin inakala na si Cristine Reyes ‘to! #LOL” 

It has already garnered 64 thousand likes and 1.9 million views as of this writing. 

The video started with two girls in a uniform. One of them was Cristine, while the other was wacky Kiray. They mimicked the soap opera ‘Mara Clara’ and their team was called ‘Team Aaray.’ 

Cristine played the role of Clara del Valle, which was initially played by Gladys Reyes. Cristine mouthed the words that Gladys said in one episode. She accompanied this with exaggerated movements which earned laughter from the audience. 

Lots of netizens were in awe of how she transformed herself to Gladys’ role. Here are their comments:

Joden Atsilengave: “ Galing ni kristine.. diko akalain kaya nya magpatawa ng ganyan ahh.. haha” 

Olay Olay Baclea-an Fernandez: “Si christine reyes di ko akalain,,,,,magaling pala siya mag comedy to the max hahahhahaah…galing nya” 

Jake Hernandez: “ang kulit ni cristine reyes hahaha yan ang babae walng arte sa katawan” (with lots of smiling emojis) 


Ali Kathibi And Cristine Reyes Goes Viral After He Was Caught Doing This To His Wife!

A video has gone viral featuring a rather inappropriate moment when MMA fighter Ali Khatibi accidentally touched Kapamiya actress  Cristine Reyesprivate areas.

In the trending video, we can find Ali, Cristine and two other ladies rough-housing within a URCC octagon ring. 

Within a few seconds of the rough playing, Ali’s hand slips over Cristine’s crotch area in the confusion. 

The short clip ends when Ali managed to escape the attacking ladies.

Watch their silly mock-fighting here! 

Back in February of 2015, Cristine gave birth to her first child with Ali – a daughter. Seven months later the actress proposed marriage to Ali and the couple married on the 27th of January the following year.

Their private wedding ceremony took place in Balesin Island, Polillo, Quezon

Many netizens were quick to defend Ali for accidentally grazing his hand over her private areas.

Allaine Manon-og wrote: “he touched that area accidentally. kita niyo naman naglalaro lang sila”

Barbie Lou wrote: “Eh ano ngaun kung nahawakan nia ? Asawa nia yanhaha??”

Amanda Alegre wrote: “Nakita naman siguro na di sinasadya at nag haharutan lang sila! Bakit ba etong mga pinoyaks na eto,Ang hihilig magbitaw ng mga salitang Di naman dapat pwedeng ipalabs ,Alam nyobang kayo mismo nag sisira sa sarili nyo !Ang gagaling nyo mag cocoment ah! Ang mga Pilipino Lang tlga ang mahilig manghusga at Kung ano ano ang maisipan hala , Comment ng dimagnda,Dios meyo! Mahiyahiya naman tayo sa ating mga ka Wika!”

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Vice Ganda on Falling out of His Chair on ‘It’s Showtime

During his February 14 concert, Vice Ganda revealed how affected he was over his breakup with basketball player Terrence Romeo. Although he did not explicitly state the player’s name, fans were quick to assume that it was Terrence who the comedian referring to.

He poured out his emotions in his “spoken word poetry” that detailed how much he has suffered from a heartbreak and how the relationship was supposed to be kept under wraps because his partner (presumably Terrence) didn’t want the publicity. 

ABS-CBN News reported Vice considered it a “very personal” piece and that he wrote it himself. One of the lines he recited was the following: 

“Gusto sana natin magkasama tayong dalawa sa siksikan, sa bawat laro mo, sa bawat three points mo, gusto ko sanang nandoon ako para magpalakpakan at gusto kong isigaw na, ‘P**ang i*a, jowa ko iyan.’ Pero hindi natin magawa kasi natatakot tayong parehong mapaguspan.” 

Vice was very emotional to the point that he left the stage with tears rolling down his cheeks. When the press confronted him about it post-concert, the comedian was quick to comment that what he did on the stage was nothing but “an act,” just like all his outrageous and colorful dance numbers. 

However, in the ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids’ segment of ‘It’s Showtime,’ Vice once again blurted out ‘hugot’-filled lines. It seemed as if he still wasn’t thoroughly healed from his experience. 

Anne Curtis and Vice were talking to one of the segment’s contestants when suddenly, Vice fell from his chair. Anne was quick to stand up and helped him along with the production crew. 

The comedian said: “The chair is not ergonomically correct. You should have checked if the chair is ergonomically correct,” he joked. 

“Ako, kanina pa’ko nakaupo dito,” Anne told him as she returned to her seat. “’Di naman ako natumba.” 

But then Vice rebutted after seconds. “Alam mo doon ako natakot, nung kinakapitan ko siya (yung bata), baka mabaldog siya kaya hindi ko alam kung saan ako kakapit. ‘Yun ang mahirap, hindi ba? ‘Yung kahit ang sakit-sakit na, kumakapit ka pa.” 

See the whole incident below! 

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


Isabelle Daza Almost Gets Naked With the World’s Hottest Math Teacher!

What do you do when the ‘World’s Hottest Math Teacher’ is in the room with you? There are a large number of people who hate Math as a subject but Pietro Boselli is out to prove the world that Math’s not the most boring subject out there. 

Apart from teaching mathematics, Pietro is also an Italian engineer and a former lecturer of mathematics at the University College London. He’s also a Bench/BODY model

Pietro began his modeling career at the young age of six and since then, has not backed out. He modeled for Armani Junior, which is an Italian design and fashion house. He also obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering, where he graduated with first class honors in 2010. 

Then Pietro went on to get his Doctor of Philosophy candidature immediately after, in which he also simultaneously taught mathematics to undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering. 

It was in 2014 when his outstanding physique was discovered by the world—-a student took note of his body build and his modeling stint, posting it on Facebook. The post went viral and soon after, Pietro was able to sign a contract with Models 1, a British modeling agency. 

Ever since, Pietro has been touted the ‘World’s Sexiest/Hottest Math Teacher.’ His Instagram account has 1.7 million followers as of this writing.

Recently, he went to Manila to sign on as the newest ambassador of Bench, a local clothing brand. He appeared on the fashion runway during the last day of Bench Fashion Week and introduced himself to the press, where he gave a brief story of his own background. 

In Philippine Entertainment Portal’s video, Pietro was seen playing with Isabelle Daza, who is one of the so-called ‘It Girls.’

Source: Isabelle Daza, VK


Jessy Mendiola Posts Sweet Photos with Luis Manzano!

New photos of famous local celebrity couple Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano have reportedly gone viral online. 

The photos were posted on Instagram using the popular photo-sharing site’s new multiple photos option by Jessy herself. They were accompanied by the following caption:

“The goal is to laugh forever with someone you take seriously.”

Fans particularly went wild over one photo from the Instagram post that features Jessy and Luis kissing.  

Aside from getting the attention of fans for the seemingly romantic nature of the photos included, the post also seemed to revive rumors of the couple’s “wedding plans”

According to an article by ABS-CBN, Jessy opened up about marriage talks with her boyfriend some time ago:

“Of course naman. Aminin naman natin lahat kapag may partner tayo, palagi nating pinaguusapan iyan. You always hope for the best,” said the Kapamilya actress. 

Luis, on the other hand, also got to talk about any possible marriage plans in a recent interview.

“Para sa akin, I completely understand the fact that she still has so much responsibilities for herself, for her family, and I will never take that away from her. I respect her timetable the same way she respects my timetable.”

“I’m not forgetting the fact that she’s only 24 and I’m turning 36 on April 21st.”

But the actor also added the following:

Jessy Mendiola Posts Sweet Photos with Luis Manzano! Is This A Sign That They Might Be Tying the Knot Soon?

Jessy Mendiola Posts Sweet Photos with Luis Manzano! Is This A Sign That They Might Be Tying the Knot Soon?

Jessy Mendiola Posts Sweet Photos with Luis Manzano! Is This A Sign That They Might Be Tying the Knot Soon?

“But when she’s ready, I’m definitely right by her side. We’re definitely taking our time.”

Now, after seeing Jessy’s recent post with Luis, it seems that fans are starting to wonder if the actress is now ready to make that big leap to marriage. 

Check out the photos from Jessy’s Instagram account here:

Jessy Mendiola Posts Sweet Photos with Luis Manzano! Is This A Sign That They Might Be Tying the Knot Soon?

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


Kisses Delavin Jumps and Screams After Being Pranked on Gandang Gabi Vice

Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 2nd Big Placer Kisses Delavin claimed that she does not easily get scared when she first joined the reality show. But during Sunday’s episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice, she screamed when a stuffed bag shaped like a man popped down from the roof of the set. Kisses could do nothing but scream as she jumped up and down after getting the surprise of her career. 

Kisses was one of the guests in last Sunday’s episode of GGV. She was with the other members of Pinoy Big Brother Big 4 Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, and Yong Muhajil. Before she was pranked, Kisses sang a duet with Yong, who did not hide his liking for Kisses. She reacted by saying that she feels embarrassed since she doe not often find herself in a situation when a guy admits his feelings for her. 

Kisses Delavin Jumps and Screams After Being Pranked on Gandang Gabi Vice

With Delavin playing the guitar, the two sang Jireh Lim’s “Buko.” 

Yong also said that he was willing to be teamed up with Kisses in future projects. She said that the aspiring beauty queen is one of the friendliest people he has ever met. 

Source; ABS-CBN, VK


This is the First Ever Shocking Performance To Do This To All The Judges

Warning: The following video may contain scenes unsuitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised.

A video has gone viral featuring the wild audition performance by a contestant of The X Factor UK. 

Lorna Bliss, a Britney Spears impersonator, preformed the pop-star’s hit song “Till The World Ends” while on the X Factor stage for the judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger

She came out on stage wearing a very revealing outfit, reminiscent of Britney’s risqué style, and preformed her Britney inspired dance-song routine.

Shared by the Facebook page Monstah, the video footage from The X Factor 2012 begins with Bliss singing and grooving to her song choice.

But none of the judges expected Bliss to take her audition routine to the extreme when she began dropping low and showing off more than what the people would like to see.

English singer-songwriter Gary Barlow, who served as a judge, was too embarrassed to even look at Bliss when she suddenly squatted down.

And this was during the first 17 seconds of the video!

Even Nicole Scherzinger , lead singer of the sexy The Pussycat Dolls dance group, was rather shocked at the contestant’s suggestive dancing. 

What happened next left the judges completely stunned and then put off when Bliss began to take her performance to the judges’ table.  

She began to dance all over judge, entertainment manager Louis Walsh!

That’s not even the end of the whole video!

Source: YouTube, VK


You Will Not Believe What This Woman Comments on Ian Veneracion’s Photo!

This Woman Won the Internet After Commenting This On Ian Ian’s Veneracion’s Photo


Ian Veneracion has undeniably reemerged as this generation’s heartthrob after recently starring in a series of TV shows and movies. He started his career in the year 1982, but has reclaimed his peak when he starred in ABSCBN’s remake of ‘Pangako Sa’yo’ as Eduardo Buenavista. He then got paired with different younger celebrities such as Jodi Sta. Maria, and currently, with Bea Alonzo in the top-rating primetime TV series, ‘A Love to Last’.

Fans noted that his charm and appeal is timeless as he doesn’t seem to age. He is now 42-years-old, but his age seems to quite irrelevant with regards to his hotness.

Recently, his official page posted a photo him with the caption: “If you had me for 24 hours what would you do to me?” Many fans gushed over the caption, taking the opportunity to express their fantasies. Many said that will probably bring him somewhere for a romantic date while others would want to have adventurous activities with the actor. 

Woman Earns Criticisms After Commenting This On Ian Veneracion's Photo! READ HERE!

But one comment just won the internet and garnered different reactions from among the netizens.  Joanne Gentiles, commented: “I lick your ass and balls.” Many netizens can’t believe how she was able to muster up the courage to bluntly say those things in a public post.

Woman Earns Criticisms After Commenting This On Ian Veneracion's Photo! READ HERE!

While others took it lightly, there were others who criticized her frankness. Nonetheless, Gentiles defended herself saying: “Sa mga ka pamilya ko , at sa mga friends ko wag kayo mabibigla sa nag viral ngayon sa Facebook! Totoo Yong comment ko at Hindi ko pinag sisihan yon! Hello Ian Veneracion Kaya Yan choosy pa ba? Tapos ni like pa Nya !Nag tanong sya eh Ano gagawin ko Kung Kasama sya 24 hours! E de wow!”

Woman Earns Criticisms After Commenting This On Ian Veneracion's Photo! READ HERE!

What about you? What would you do if you can have Ian Veneracion for 24 hours?

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