‘Hindi Kaya Ng Puso Ko Ang Pambabastos Na Ginawa Sa Akin Ni Vice Ganda’-Nora Aunor Cancels It’s Showtime

Superstar Nora Aunor was supposed to appear in It’s Showtime to be the Tawag ng Tangahalan Grand Finals judge but Philippine Entertainment Portal just reported that she canceled the stint because of Vice Ganda.

It was in 1968 when Nora’s career emerged as she was hailed the first grand champion of ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’. Because of this, the ABSCBN noontime show, It’s Showtime, decided to invite her to become their special judge on the segment’s grand finals scheduled on March 11. However, Nora decided to back out and decline the invitation.

“Nag-back out ako dahil hindi ko kaya si Vice Ganda. Hindi kaya ng puso ko ang pambabastos na ginawa sa akin ni Vice Ganda,” Nora said through a text message.

When asked to clarify which issue is she exactly pertaining to, the Superstar explained,

“Yung usual na ginagawa niya na magsasalita siya pero may pinatatamaan.”

The multi-award winning actress also told PEP that it was only in It’s Showtime when she faced difficulty in guesting and it is because of their main host. She also said that the comedian is known for disrespecting people just to throw a punchline.

“Gusto ko mang mag-guest pero hindi ko kaya ang ginawang pambabastos sa akin noon ng main host ng show. Lahat ng imbitasyon sa akin ng ABS-CBN para mag-guest, wala akong naging problema. Dito lang talaga sa It’s Showtime dahil sa main host ng show. Para lang mapatawa niya ang tao, kahit mambastos na siya ng kapwa niya, ginagawa niya,” Nora added on her message.

Meanwhile, PEP also reported that prior to Nora’s final decision regarding her It’s Showtime appearance, the actress already confirmed that she will appear on Eat Bulaga. Both Eat Bulaga and ABS-CBN released their public announcement informing their televiewers that Nora would guest on their shows. However after several decision-making processes, Nora then confirmed that she backed out of the ABS-CBN noontime show and would probably appear on Eat Bulaga instead.

As of this writing, Vice Ganda or his management has not yet issued their statement.

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Fil-Am Singer Has big Chance of Winning The Voice US!

Another FilipinaAmerican singer is aiming to make a name in the ‘The Voice US’ this year.

Gaby Borromeo auditioned with Leona Lewis‘ “Happy”. The singer began with a soft and soothing voice that did get a couple of nods of approval from the four judges. However, it wasn’t until she got to the song’s chorus that she was able to get the Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and country singer Blake Shelton to turn around for her. She even got a standing ovation from the two.

After Gaby’s performance, Adam quickly went up onstage to give the singer a hug. The band vocalist told Gaby: “I’m very surprised that this was not a four-chair turn.” 

Adam, however, also pointed out Gaby’s nervousness at the beginning of the song, “Correct me if I’m wrong but when you started singing you seemed like you were nervous.”

“But then as the song progressed, you came through in a way that just blew my mind. You’re unbelievable and you belong on my team,” Adam tried convincing her.

The country singer also showered Gaby with praises, even agreeing with his rival coach Adam about Gaby’s chances on winning. “It would be a shame to see somebody screw that up for you,” Blake said referring to Adam.

At the end, Gaby can only choose one coach and ended up with Adam.

She expressed her joy over the success of her blind audition through Twitter. After a few netizens said that she is Filipino, Gaby quickly said that she is proud to represent the country.

Fil-Am Singer Has A Huge Chance of Winning The Voice US, Confirms Coaches Adam and Blake

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Kim Domingo Show off her body With Her Topless Selfie Posts!

Actress-modelTV host Kim Domingo hasn’t posted anything sultry or sexy as of late. That didn’t stop her fans from hoping, though, that she would return in front of the camera to flaunt her frontal assets. 

However, fans’ prayers have seemingly been answered with her most recent Instagram posts. 

The two-time FHM cover girl is back with these sexy yet tasteful topless selfies she posted on her official Instagram account.

These pictures have definitely gone viral.

She even captions the photo with: “Let’s just kiss til’ were naked baby” 

Grabe girl!

This picture is actually an outtake from her newest FHM cover shoot for the January edition of the popular men’s magazine.  

Look Here! Kim Domingo Drives Netizens Wild With Her Topless Selfie Posts!

But Kim doesn’t stop with just one photo — she posted two other photos within this week! 

Look Here! Kim Domingo Drives Netizens Wild With Her Topless Selfie Posts!

Look Here! Kim Domingo Drives Netizens Wild With Her Topless Selfie Posts!

We’re sure many of you netizens would like to go home to that stunning body every day.

Did you buy the latest copy of FHM? Who’s your favorite sexy model? Let us know in the comments section! Don’t forget to share this story on Facebook!

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‘ I will run to his chair and then hit him right away’ Sen. Pacquaio to Sen. Trillanes

On Monday,  March 6, 2017, the Philippine Senate called for a hearing to accomodate statements from SPO3 Arturo Lascanas regarding the alleged wrong-doings of the Davao Death Squad. 

This is the first time Lascanas appeared in front of the Senate. 

On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, the Boxing Champion/Senator Manny Pacquiao got the chance to speak up about last Monday’s proceedings. His time on the floor turned into an opportunity for the young senator to air out his issues about some of his colleague’s statements last Monday.

Pacquiao was refering to Senator Trillanes statement regarding Lascana’s “spiritual renewal” last Monday.

Pacquiao apparently took Trillanes’ remark about Lascanas not turning out to be a saint after his so-called “spiritual renewal” like “some of his other colleagues” as a shot against him in particular. 

“As senators, we are not imposing our morals on our resource persons. And for the record, I’m not imposing my morals on SPO3 Lascañas. I  (was) just offended,  Madam President, by the statement of my colleague, Senator Trillanes.”

“Wala naman talagang Santo dito. We all commit sins. Wala ni isa sa ating gumawa ng kasalanan at walang kasalan. For the record, I did  not become a saint after my spiritual renewal.”

The Senator then also added the following:

“Para bang hindi ako totoong tao, para bang yung pagiging Christian ko e fake. That’s my understanding, Madam President, and that’s very  offended to me. Good thing that I have Jesus in my life or else I will run to his chair  and then hit him right away …,” the neophyte senator said.

“We are not saints here but we’re called to do what is right and just. Just to remind  everyone, pinag-aral naman tayo para marunong mag respeto sa ating kapwa. Like I said even in the (Senate lounge that when you get interviewed in the media),  you don’t attack your colleagues, or else… hindi naman tayo, hindi naman natin iniwanan ang bayag natin, dala dala natin ang bayag natin.”

In response to Pacquiao’s statement on Wednesday, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said the following:

“Wala akong minention na kung sino. In fact, sinubo ang pangalan pero hindi ako pumunta dun precisely so as not to offend anyone. Ngayon, since na-offend si Senator Pacquiao, let me assure you  hindi para sayo, hindi para sa kanya, Mr.  chairman, yung  statement na yun.” 

“Let me assure the gentleman, Madam President, that this representation e walang planong dungisan ang pangalan ng Senado. I have submitted always to the will of the majority.”

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Anne Curtis Has an ‘Epic Fail’ Duet With ‘The Voice’ Season 1 Winner Lyca Gairanod! WATCH IT HERE!

Anne Curtis has been known to sing every now and then. In fact, the actress/host has three studio albums under her belt, all released under Viva Records. She also has a compilation album named ‘Showtime: The Album’ that was produced by Star Records. 

Her first album, ‘Annebisyosa,’ was given a platinum certificate by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI).  

Did You Know That Anne Curtis Has an ‘Epic Fail’ Duet With ‘The Voice’ Season 1 Winner Lyca Gairanod? WATCH IT HERE!

She regularly shows off her vocal abilities on ‘It’s Showtime’ and ‘ASAP,’ where she hosts. 

Her singing has been criticized numerous times because, according to some people, Anne’s voice isn’t really all that good. Some people believe she shouldn’t quit her day job.

Lea Salonga was one of the people who voiced out her opinion, claiming that Anne is “still not a singer.” 

According to Philippine Star, Lea released this statement when she saw one of Anne’s performances on ‘ASAP’ in 2015. However, Lea followed it up by tweeting that Anne’s “intonation is improving.” 

It was not the first time that the internationally-acclaimed Broadway performer commented on Anne’s singing. When Anne performed at the Araneta Coliseum in 2012, Lea merely found it “cute.” 

Recently, a video on Instagram was uploaded featuring Anne having a duet with ‘The Voice’ season one winner Lyca Gairanod.  

Did You Know That Anne Curtis Has an ‘Epic Fail’ Duet With ‘The Voice’ Season 1 Winner Lyca Gairanod? WATCH IT HERE!

Lyca signed a contract with MCA Music Philippines after she emerged as the winner of the popular singing competition. She was coached by Sarah Geronimo throughout the season. 

@annecurtissmith duet with @lycagairanod 😍😂😂🎶 💋📽 @annecurtissmith IGS

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Cristine Reyes Got Bruises After Getting Kicked in the Face!

Cristine Reyes recently caused quite a commotion on social media after a photo of her with a nasty big bruise sitting above her left eye went viral.

SHOCKING: Cristine Reyes Got Bruises On Her Left Eye After Getting Kicked in the Face!

ABSCBN Sports Anchor Dyan Castillejo shared the aforementioned photo. 

The incident happened during a taping for ‘I Can Do That’, ABS-CBN’s newest reality show where celebrities are challenged with difficult stunts and unique tricks in order to win a prize. 

Apparently, during one of the stunts, Arci Muñoz accidentally kicked Cristine in the face. 

“We were doing a dance routine with Arci and there is a position kasi where she has to kick backwards so ako ‘yung nasa back niya. I was about to go down and she’s about to kick, so its double impact. Iyon ang nangyari,” Cristine shared.

Arci immediately apologized for the accidental kick. Despite the injury, Cristine clarified that she holds no grudges against Arci as she knows that it was unintentional. 

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


‘Anne wag ngayon, para mo nang awa.’ – Vice Ganda Pleads With Anne Curtis:

ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime continues to deliver strong ratings against GMA’s Eat Bulaga – the longest-running noontime show in the country. 

It’s Showtime’s success can be mainly attributed to its main hosts, particularly Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis, who bring in plenty of loyal fans.

Recently, the two hosts once again went viral after sending viewers and netizens alike into raucous laughter. 

A clip from Tawag ng Tanghalan shows hem interviewing a contestant’s family members. Vice was his usual self, constantly bombarding everyone within earshot with punchline after punchline.

But the highlight of the segment was when he asked the contestant’s grandmother about a song that she would like her granddaughter to sing for her. The old woman answered “Kahit Isang Saglit“, a song popularized by Gary Valenciano.

While the band was preparing to give the contestant accompaniment, Anne Curtis started to hum a few lines. This prompted Vice Ganda to jokingly go wild as he tried to stop Anne from singing. 

The audience was sent into non-stop laughter and the video immediately went viral across social media. Many netizens noted how the show has been succesful in bringing joy to their viewers.

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Ella Cruz with Julian Trono ‘Shape Of You’ Sexy Dance Cover

A few weeks ago Ella Cruz danced a cover of “Versace On The Floor” with her Dance Partner Julian Trono.  Netizens were impressed, but wait, that’s not all! Once again we have Ella Cruz and teen actor Julian Trono with their rendition of another hip song, this time “Shape Of You” By Ed Sheeran.

Without exposing a lot of skin Ella Cruz still looked blazing hot showing off her dance moves with Julian Trono on his YouTube channel. At the moment, “Shape of You”, by Ed Sheeran, is very popular, Ella Cruz and Julian Trono Rocked the dance floor with a sexy yet wholesome interpretive dance.

In her signature short shorts and a crop top, Ella Cruz spiced up the Ed Sheeran song with her own style.

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Look! Manny and Jinkee’s New House! This One is Going to be As Huge as a Palace!

With all the hardship and sacrifices of the Pacquiao family (Manny with his boxing career, as well as in his current position in the senate, and wife Jinkee’s own political career and many endorsements) it is no doubt how the two earned their massive wealth.

On the Instagram post of boxing icon and neophyte senator, Manny shared with his fans and followers another incoming fruit of their labor. Behind this picture of Manny and Jinkee is their new house, mid-construction.

“God has been so good to my wife and I. We are so humbled by the blessings He has given us. We are so thankful for everything we have and we will never forget where we came from. God Bless everyone,” wrote Manny.

Check Out Manny and Jinkee's New House! This One is Going to be As Huge as a Palace!

Jinkee, who also posted the same photo, captioned: “And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life— this is indeed a gift from God.” Ecclesiastes 5:19″

Throughout his successful career in the boxing industry, Manny was able to acquire not only fame all across the globe but also fortune. As a world renowned boxer and his wife being a governor, the power couple were able to afford luxurious properties in the country and abroad.

Aside from their new house, the Pacquiao family also has residential properties on Laguna, Sarangani General Santos city and also in California.

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Nadine Lustre Shares Another Sexy White Bikini Photo!

People were not surprised when Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre was crowned as the country’s third sexiest woman according to FHM magazine. With the actress’ love for the beach evident on her Instagram feed, flaunting her curvy figure in sexy bikinis is inevitable.

Recently, Nadine’s bikini photos once again became the talk of the town. Although we have all seen Nadine sporting swimsuits that barely covered her up, her recent photos were different–her sexy white bikini showed her butt cheeks! The photos of Nadine were posted on a Youtube video by ‘FreeDamn’ channel.

And as always, Nadine’s beautiful body was showered with compliments online. However, her bashers also had things to say against the actress and it just cannot be helped.

“kyut kyut ng tush niya para siyang pagong sa first pic”

“yung butt cheeks niya parang milo, walang energy gap”

“Mukhang batang aplaya lang. Hindi bagay sa kanya, so stop pretending. Masyado ka ng trying hard girl. May binabagayan din ang pagsusuot ng 2 pc. Nakakaloka”

“Nasobrahan ng filter ang butt halos maerase na ang cheeks ni ateng”

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