Enrique Gil Pulls a Prank to Liza Soberano! Her Reaction is Priceless!

Last Tuesday, people from all walks of life celebrated the holiday dedicated to romance and love – Valentine’s Day. 

There are many ways a couple can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some choose to have a quiet intimate date, while others like to make surprises for their loved ones.

For Kapamilya actor-dancer Enrique Gil, he took this surprise approach quite literally with leading lady actress Liza Soberano.

Enrique shared on Instagram Valentine’s day prank he pulled on his “Dolce Amore” co-star. The video features the actor looking quite frisky as he quietly hides behind a restroom door. After a moment of waiting, Liza walks into the frame and gets surprised after Enrique jumps out, cackling in a high-pitched tone.

It’s clear from Liza’s reaction that she wasn’t amused. 

Viral! Watch Liza Soberano's Reaction As Enrique Gil Pulls a Prank on Her!

Still, Liza couldn’t help but smirk in the end after her initial shock. It just goes to show that she’s a good sport and can ride a prank no matter how irritated she gets.

Enrique’s Instagram post received 155,252 likes as of writing. 

For Liza’s own Valentine’s day celebration, she posted a photo of a bouquet of blue roses she received on Instagram. She didn’t specify who gave her the lovely flowers. Many fans speculated that it came from Enrique. 

Liza captioned the post with this heartfelt message:


A post shared by Enrique Gil (@enriquegil17) on

“Thank you for taking hold of me, gently. With love. You hand life back to me. Thank you for opening my heart,” she wrote as the caption.”

Liza and Enrique will be starring in the upcoming romantic comedy-drama ABS-CBN film “My Ex and Whys”, set to premiere today February 15.

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


‘Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nag-Concert!’Vice Ganda Did this on his Valentine’s Day Concert ! MUST SEE!

“Nagmahal, nasaktan, nag-concert!” 

This was Vice Ganda’s line when he announced to the public that he would be having a Valentine’s Day concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao

The comedian was previously involved with basketball players Kelvin Alas and Terrence Romeo, with his relationship to the latter being controversial because of how the two broke up unpleasantly. 

PEP reported that the comedian is now in a happy state and is, in fact, very much in love. The press asked if Vice has a boyfriend, to which he gamely answered “Oo. Ayan, ha! Oo nga!” 

They asked if his boyfriend used to be romantically linked to him before but he only replied with, “Every day naman, bago yung saya. Bago yung ngiti. Bago yung kilig. Kasi ang love, hindi naluluma, lagi siyang bago.” 

Upon further clarification, he answered, “Hindi, hindi bago yung boy. Dati pa rin, pero hindi niyo kilala.” Vice revealed that he’s not yet sure if his boyfriend would come to his Valentine’s Day concert.

The comedian stated that his boyfriend might have a “taping” on the day of his concert but immediately retracted when the press speculated that Vice’s boyfriend might be a showbiz personality.

“Pag nag-taping, artista agad? Hindi ba puwedeng nag-guest lang sa isang talk show?” he quipped in that usual blunt-mannered way of his.  

But upon further questioning and he stated that, “Sana mangibang-bansa na siya (his boyfriend) pagkatapos, kaya lang hindi puwede, kasi siyempre, may serye!” 

Source: ABS-CBN , PEP, VK


Guy Beats By The Girl During a FlipTop Battle. Watch ‘Til The End!

In a contest that’s usually won with profanities, obscenities, trash-talking and foul-mouthing, the Shernan versus Lil Sisa battle is actually a breath of fresh air.

The usually curse-laden competition turned into a “hugot” showdown when the two faced off on stage for a FlipTop Rap Battle. 

That is at least true for Shernan’s part of the battle because Lil Sisa did not hold back one bit. 

At first, Shernan admitted that he had a major crush on Lil Sisa two years ago. But he was quite heartbroken because she was into another rapper.

Lil Sisa then ripped him to shreds mainly pointing out how unsightly Shernan is.

But he took the high road and stuck to dishing out hugot lines which drew laughter from the crowd. 

After three rounds, Lil Sisa was declared the winner with a score of 4-1.

Good thing is that Shernan and Lil Sisa are actually married. And this is Lil Sisa’s first time to be on stage after coming back from a temporary hiatus.

Fliptop battle is the first and the most popular professional rap battle league in the country. Founded by Alaric Riam Yuson, or Anygma, FlipTop aims to promote hip-hop culture in the Philippines

Source: Youtube, VK


Maxene Magalona Engaged On Valentines Day.

Maxene Magalona created a buzz across social media yesterday, Valentine’s Day, after her boyfriend, Robbie Mananquil, asked for her hand in marriage.

Apparently, the proposal was a surprise. They were celebrating Valentine’s Day in Japan when Robbie popped up the question. Maxene shared it to the public through a series of photos on her Instagram account. She captioned it with: 

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” 

Maxene Magalona Gets Engaged On Valentines Day. LOOK HERE!

Robbie is a guitarist of the local band Pulso and they met through Maxine’s sister, Saab, after Maxine went to one of her events. In an interview, she shared that she had a crush on Robbie even before they met. 

“Biglang he randomly messaged me online and there, I mean things started. We really connected.” said Maxene.

Meanwhile, Maxene just finished her taping as the antagonist in the afternoon TV show, Doble Kara. The show received numerous awards after running for more than a year.

See their other photos below:

Maxene Magalona Gets Engaged On Valentines Day. LOOK HERE!

Maxene Magalona Gets Engaged On Valentines Day. LOOK HERE!

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


10 Photos of Sunshine Cruz that Will Prove She Doesn’t Age!

Sunshine Cruz might be nearing her forties, but she still can still make people swoon with her perfectly toned body and flawless skin! 

The singer-actress was married to actor Cesar Montano, but their marriage was annulled on August 26, 2013. 

They had three daughters together, Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angeline and Angel Francheska. Despite being a mom of three, many would agree that her body seemingly has no trace of childbirth. 

She became relatively free from controversy for many years after her annulment but recently confirmed her relationship with Macky Mathay

She also recently got involved in the war of words between her ex-husband Cesar Montano and his son Diego Loyzaga, proclaiming online that she supports Diego. 

Many of her photos on Instagram continue to go viral as many netizens noticed that she doesn’t seem to age. She still continues to prove her versatility as an actress when she starred in the primetime TV series ‘Dolce Amore‘ as Alice Urtola, Liza Soberano’s mother. 

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

WOW! These 10 Photos Will Prove That Sunshine Cruz Doesn't Age!

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Angelica Panganiban’Prove That She’s the Hottest Star in Showbiz Right Now!

Angelica Panganiban grew up in the spotlight and under the scrutinizing eyes of the public. She started out in showbiz at the tender age of six and has never looked back ever since. 

She has appeared in numerous films and television shows and continues to grace the entertainment industry with her versatile acting prowess, as seen in her latest projects like the remake of ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ and the Star Cinema film, ‘The Unmarried Wife.’ 

Apart from the feisty, straightforward, and no-nonsense attitude that she is known for, Angelica is also known as a lover — her relationships with Derek Ramsay and John Lloyd Cruz can attest to that. 

But nowadays, the cherub-faced star is busy taking care of herself by rocking those curly waves that hair stylist John Valle recently posted on his Instagram account. 

MUST SEE! Angelica Panganiban's New Look Will Prove That She's the Hottest Star in Showbiz Right Now!

Many netizens commented that Angelica’s change of hairstyle made her look more youthful than ever and that the golden hair color has further brought out her glowing skin complexion. 

Check it out below:

MUST SEE! Angelica Panganiban's New Look Will Prove That She's the Hottest Star in Showbiz Right Now!

Apart from the praises, netizens also inquired about what hair dye Valle used on the actress. Valle captioned one of the photos “The Look” and tagged Angelica. Meanwhile, another photo has the hashtag “#JVMuse” which referred to the stylist’s initials. 

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John Prats as ‘Boyfriend for Hire’ But He Didn’t Expect This Customer! Must Watch!

It’s Valentine’s day and everyone wants to have the best day ever.
On an episode of Banana Sundae, John played as a ‘Boyfriend for Hire‘ who was originally booked by a gay client as his Valentines date.
However, in the middle of the supposed joke, the script takes a major turn after actor Sam Milby appeared, asking the Dancing Dynamite if he was the boyfriend for hire. Shocked by what was happening, the actor was tongue-tied until Sam admitted that he wasn’t the one looking for a date.
And from this, the actor-dancer was caught by surprise when his wife, Isabel Oli, along with his “date,” their daughter, showed up catching John dumfounded.
Valentine’s, February 14 is also John’s birthday.
This is not the first time Isabel surprised the actor on his birthday on Banana Sundae. Last year, Isabel appeared on the show with his brothers as a surprise for John.
Isabel also took to Instagram to greet her husband. Not more than 5 hours ago, the actress posted a mushy photo with the actor along with a sweet and lengthy caption.
“Words can’t express how grateful I am for a husband like you. God-fearing, loving, sweet, super patient, kind and thoughtful. You’ve grown a year older today Cuff but grabeh you seem to become even more gwapo as the years pass. For me you’re the best husband a woman could ask for. You’ve made all my dreams come true and on your special day I hope to do the same for you.

Watch: John Pratts Acts as a 'Boyfriend for Hire' But He Didn't Expect This Customer! His Face is Priceless!

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


Billy and Coleen Turned Up the Heat in Their ‘Kilig’ ‘It’s Showtime’ Performance!

Just a few days ago, Coleen Garcia shared a snapshot of boyfriend Billy Crawford’s romantic surprise for her. It sent the netizens swooning with ‘kilig’. The surprise was a beautiful bouquet of flowers which had a handwritten love letter addressed to ‘love.’ 

The actress’ caption didn’t do anything to calm the netizens down. She called Billy her “future husband,” a reference to the fact that the couple got recently engaged to each other in a low-key affair last December 2016. 

It could be remembered that Billy and Coleen’s relationship blossomed when they were still fellow co-hosts of the noontime variety show ‘It’s Showtime’ in 2012. Two years after, they announced that they are in a relationship. Of course, this did not erase the fact that things were awkward, as Billy just broke up with his ex, Nikki Gil. 

While rumors are that Coleen was the reason for the breakup, Billy denied that cheating was involved in his past break-up. Instead, they continued to show their affection for each other, particularly on social media where the two are fond of sharing pictures and posts together. 

In the February 13 episode of ‘It’s Showtime,’ the two former hosts made a reappearance on the variety show and made the dance floor sizzle with their outstanding, ‘kilig’-inducing performance.

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


After Giving Birth, Michela Cazzola Impresses Everyone with Her Beach Body!

Women go through different stages of bloatedness during pregnancy. But as much as we love the idea of conceiving life within us, the issues with our figure don’t easily go away. 

Fortunately for some women, going back to their previous figure is not as difficult than most. Among the lucky ones Michela Cazzola, James Yap’s girlfriend

Not more than 6 months have passed since James Yap’s girlfriend gave birth to baby Michael James or MJ, but the woman was already spotted slaying in a skimpy swimsuit.

The couple shared a series of photos on Instagram showing their first Boracay getaway as a family.

Clad in her two-piece swimsuit, Michela looked as if she did not give birth to a baby. She was absolutely stunning!

Check her out!

New Mom Michela Cazzola Impresses Everyone with Her Beach Body Despite Recently Giving Birth!

New Mom Michela Cazzola Impresses Everyone with Her Beach Body Despite Recently Giving Birth!

New Mom Michela Cazzola Impresses Everyone with Her Beach Body Despite Recently Giving Birth!

Source: Kami, VK


Piolo Pascual is in Relationship with Shaina Magdayao?

On Monday, February 13, 2017, Piolo Pascual finally revealed the real score between him and actress, Shaina Magdayao. Rumors of their supposed relationship have been going around for a while. And, now, finally, Piolo has spoken up about his relationship with the actress. Fans, brace yourselves for the next line.

Piolo has confirmed that he has been dating Shaina Magdayao for 5 years. 

Sounds like they are officially a couple, right? But sources say… Not exactly. 

Despite his big revelation, Piolo maintains that he and Shaina do not subscribe to any labels. 

 JUST IN: Piolo Pascual Finally Speaks Up About Relationship with Shaina Magdayao

“Mahirap i-label I guess. Whatever it is, I guess we just have to mutually respect everyone involved and not talk more about it… I’ve been with her five years na, exclusively dating, but I know and she knows that we don’t date out of what we have. Nandun kami.” Piolo said.

ABS-CBN also asked Shaina for comments. Reporters from the network also asked her if Piolo embodies the qualities of her ideal husband. The actress replied with, “He is a very good person. He’s been a good friend to me. Sa ganung aspeto, hindi ko pa siya masyadong kilala. Kasi for me, masyadong heavy ang husband. Hindi siya random thing lang. Pero kung ideal ba, mabait.”

About her thoughts regarding Piolo’s most anticipated revelation to date, Shaina said the following:

“I’m at a point in my life na I really value the word commitment kaya siguro I’m also taking my time para the next one that comes, whoever that person is, ‘yun na ‘yon. While waiting, let’s do more productive things like trabaho.”

Fans have waited since 2012 for this announcement. Let’s just hope they accept the whole “no labels” part. 

Source: ABS-CBN, VK