This will blow your mind. Guess if Man Or Woman? Must watch!

Many people are trying to show off their hidden talents in public competition.

And in order for the contestants to captivate the attention of the judges and the viewers they use different techniques and unique talents.

In Thailand’s Got Talent, the viewers got a bit confuse when a woman with a voice of a man stepped on their stage!

The woman named Bell Nuntita stepped into the stage of Thailand’s Got Talent and sang a song which she remixed by herself.

People expected that like other female contestants, she’ll be hitting high notes, but then, they were surprised when they heard a very manly voice coming from this beautiful and indeed sexy contestant!

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jovit girlfriend

WATCH: From Fan Girl To Girlfriend. Jovit Baldovino meet her love one.

Jovit Baldovino’s photo and videos spread online and went viral about  and her girlfriend. This video will show how they met and become couple.

He said that this girl Sarah Chavez was her avid fan, she always watch Jovit’s concert and mall shows.

Then one they in a mall show where Jovit perform he ask his fans who among his fans who are willing to sing with him, Then a girl shows that was Sarah.

Another mall shows Jovit perform where he also ask his fans to come to stage who’s willing to sing with him. Then a girl come up again, That is Sarah. Jovit remember that girl and said “Parang natatandaan kita” ( I think I seen you before?!). Then after that they started to know each other.


Look: Alice Dixson Still Hot at age of 47

Actress Alice Dixson is one of the most prettiest face on showbizness.

On her birthday she shows off her sexiness and proves that being sexy has no age limit. She showed off her toned body in the beach

Wearing her white bikini, Dixson wowed her fans and followers, who wondered how she has aged so gracefully.

“#thisishowido47,” wrote Dixson, who played the title role in the 1990 film adaptation of Mars Ravelo’s “Dyesebel.”



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Pia Wurtzbach Replied On Jessy Mendiola’s ‘Overconfidence’

Jessy Mendiola drew flak by joking she’s sexier than the reigning Miss Universe. Pia Wurtzbach defended her from some netizens that misunderstand what she said.

During the victory party of FHM Philippines’ Top 100 Sexiest Woman, Jessy said,

“I have a different type of body from the usual sexy and I am here to prove that everyone can be sexy.

To be specific this what she said on her interview:

“Talo ko pa si Pia Wurtzbach, ‘di ba? Nakakaloka iyong ganito. Sobrang overwhelming. Kung siya ay confidently beautiful with a heart, tayo ay confidently sexy with a heart,”

Some didn’t take the joke well, saying Jessy became “overconfident” while others threw insulting remarks at the Kapamilya actress.

Today, Pia came to Jessy’s defense on Twitter. She wrote


Some netizen thanked Pia for defending Jessy:

A Valerie Pearl wrote, “Jessy is getting all the accusations and hate right now, thank you for lifting her up.”



These ladies shock the audience after they start singing! Pinoy Pride!

This performance is definitely amazing. But you will get confuse if what truly are their gender.

The Miss Tres singing trio have a sexy surprise for the judges on Asia’s Got Talent!

Watch the video below

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Simon Cowell Humiliates and Stopped him, but after that amazing thing happened!

His name is Shaheen Jafargholi, 12 years old. After Simon’s typical rude behavior stopped this boy from performing his first choice of a song.

He went a different route and blew everyone away! Even Simon.

What a God-given talent.


She was judged by Her Grammar And Accent But When She Started Singing, Everything has changed!

28 year old Filipina OFW worker Mary Ann Van Der Horst stunned the judges of the X-Factor Australia after singing the ground-breaking “Halo” of Beyonce.

Her interview with the judges didn’t give them much of an impression. The judges were giving her a dumb expression as they interviewed her about her personal life.

When they found out what she was going to sing, they looked even more skeptic. However she definitely proves these judges to not be quick to judge as she shocked everyone after her amazing performance!

“I wasn’t expecting this at all,” said one of the judges looking stunned as she sang.

The judges gave her a standing ovation, 4 yes and non-stop praises for her powerful and magnificent voice that shocked them all.

“She’s not serious, She’s not gonna be able to sing.. I was so wrong. Everything about you, the way you moved in the stage, the way you were singing that song like it was your own, it was incredible to watch!”

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VIRAL VIDEO ni Veronica “Kitty” Duterte habang naglalaba

The youngest daughter of the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte was caught on camera as she was having a fun time with her family in their home.

Kitty was washing the clothes of her grandmother and auntie. She was just being playful playing around with the clothes, underwear and even the slippers.

The people could not help but notice that Kitty speaks fluently in English despite being young.

At some point in the video, her mother Honeylet teased her about being a ‘Labandera’. She was singing the words ‘Veronica Labandera’ continuously. On the said video, Veronica was also singing the hit song of Maroon 5, Payphone.

jessy vs pia


Gorgeous model and TV and movie actress Jessy Mendiola crowned #1 in F H M 100 S3xiest Woman in Philippines.

Jessy Mendiola, admittedly she didn’t expect for her to win 1st place being the s3x1est woman in the Philippines, and she couldn’t thank her fans more for voting her to win the crown.

She topped off Nadine Lustre, Jennylyn Mercado—who was the previous #1 s3x1est—Angel Locsin, and Rhian Ramos.

Upon receiving her trophy, the host of the night talks about how Jessy Mendiola actually feel about winning the place on the list of FHM, and what Jessy can say more is that she thanks the crowd, her fans, for voting constantly for her and she quoted that, “At least now we can prove that everyone is sexy.” And she also said that she think that this is the night to emphasize that everyone can be s3xy. Apparently, that is what she has been talking about the rest of the night. The host also asked that what is her secret to maintain a positive attitude and a her s3xy figure. At this point, Jessy was pretty much caught-off-guard. It is quite understandable that she didn’t expect it that much and that she wasn’t really prepared for some question-answer-portion kind of thing. Instead, she graced the answer by quoting the famous line said by Ms. Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, giving it her own twist that she said, “Talo ko pa si Pia Wurtzbach, di ba? Kung sya confidently beautiful with a heart, ako confidently s3xy with a heart. Nakakaloka.” (“I can most likely outtake Pia Wurtzbach, right? If she’s confidently beautiful with a heart, me, I’m confidently s3xy with a heart”). Then furthermore
emphasizing that if she can be s3xy, then everyone can most likely be s3xy and that everyone is s3xy.

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Funny edited memes photo of President Duterte & 4 former presidents

Recently, Rappler posed a challenge to the netizens to send the most creative version of the viral photo shared by President Duterte & 4 former presidents to commemorate their historic meeting.

In a Facebook post, Rappler posted the challenge to netizens that reads:

“Master, pa edit po.”

A historic photo deserves an equally important background. Can you take the challenge? Send us your most creative version in the comments!

Netizens with editing and photoshop skills gamely responded and came back to post their coolest and funniest renditions of the historic photo of the current and 4 former presidents to commemorate the meeting of the National Security Council.

Source : Rappler