CEO Gave 100 of His Employees A 5-Star Vacation In Maldives!

One of the perks of being a company employee is the occasional company outing. After all, an out-of-town trip is a great way to bond with co-workers on friendly terms. It gives you an excuse to unwind with the people you see on a daily basis. Company trips are also an opportunity to get know your bosses personally as well. 

For the staff of Evolve Mixed Martial Arts, their latest annual retreat was something truly special. One hundred employees were given an all-expense-paid vacation in the Maldives

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing MMA organizations in Asia. In 2016, the Singaporean company saw a 30% growth

For 2016’s annual retreat, Evolve Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong spent a total of US$500,000 (Php 24.9 million) on his staff’s 5-star resort vacation. Female MMA champion Angela Lee, along with several other MMA fighters, joined the annual trip as well.

“Every year, I take the entire team on an all-expense-paid trip to a five-star luxury resort at a surprise destination,” Sityodtong said in an interview with news site Asia One.

For the past 5 years, the CEO has rewarded his employees’ hard work and loyalty by treating them like family. They’ve gone to other vacation spots in countries like Bali, Indonesia and Thailand.

Source: TNP , Inquirer

Source:Inquirer, VK

This Tired Wife Carries by Her Husband On His Back Across The Busy Streets Of Beijing!

Many infidelity stories from China have gone viral; stories of men openly cheating. For whatever reason, many Chinese men flaunt mistresses like a status symbol.

But one man in China goes all out to prove that not all men are like that. If this doesn’t make you believe in a love that lasts, I don’t know what will.

At an intersection in Beijing’s Daxing District, an elderly couple can be seen crossing the street—with the man carrying the woman on his back! In the first pictures, it can be seen that the old woman was having a hard time and couldn’t walk any further. The old man then decides to give her a piggyback ride and carried her across the busy street.

Despite the burden, the old man gave her a piggyback ride after seeing how tired she was.


TRUE LOVE: Old Man Carries His Tired Wife On His Back Across The Busy Streets Of Beijing

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He Realized Who His True Friends after this Accident. This Will Make You Cry!

The video shows a graphic designer encountering a car accident that cost his arm. His friends didn’t know what happened to him until they went to the hospital.

The nurse didn’t allow them to enter the room for medical purposes so they exchange communication through phone. They exchanged jokes and hearfelt messages.

He remembers his struggles at the hospital but then he is reminded that his friends are with him at all time.

#ForeverIsReal Photos Went Viral Online This Will Surely Melt Your Heart

The following photos you’re about to see show the true meaning of love and commitment, a rare sight seen nowadays.

A series of photos went viral online showing an old man attending to his tired wife as they cross an intersection in Beijing’s Daxing District. The woman was unable to go on, so the husband lifted her up on his back and gave her a piggyback ride.


The old man carried his better half across the busy street. Grandpa is such a sweetie!

The viral images melt the hearts of those who sees it, as one commented, “Their love cannot be surpassed. It is built up over time like a mountain.”




Another wrote, “When I get that old, I hope I will have someone that loves me that much.”

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From ‘Bobo’ To Cum Laude: UPLB Alumni Shares His Inspiring Story!

This guy from University of the Philippines Los Baños did something amazing with the criticism that was given to him by his blockmate.

Nol Montalbo, an alumni of UPLB shared his story on Facebook.

After one of his laboratory classes, one of his blockmates compared his exam score to his: “Ang BOBO mo kasi!” When his blockmate told him that, he said it felt like boiling water was poured onto him. He was embarrassed because his blockmate said it loudly for everyone to hear. That’s the time that he told himself, “Hindi pwede ‘to.”

He studied hard and pushed himself to do his best.

While studying, he worked at Wendy’s, was given lead roles in most of theatre performances and was also awarded Best Thesis by 5 institutions and many more!

As a result of his hard work, he and his blockmate graduated Cum Laude. However, Montalbo finished college first. In just 3.5 years, he accomplished BS Biology major in Genetics. He also got the “Distinguished Alumni Award 2016“.


Read his full story story below!


#UPLB, maraming maraming salamat po! ❤️

University of the Philippines Los Baños

Distinguished Alumni Award 2016 🏆

Noong freshman, ako na siguro ang pinakatamad at walang kwenta sa block 22 BS Biology batch ’96. Late ako pumasok, nangongopya ng assignments, delayed ang submission ng projects, palpak ang exams at kung ano ano pa. Inaaway nga ako ng blockmates ko dahil wala akong gana mag-aral. Ayaw nila ako maging ka-group sa projects kasi alam nilang zero contribution ako. Feeling ko nga dati, hindi ako tatagal sa UP at sooner or later, ma-kick-out ako. Basta first 2 semesters ko, waley.

Hanggang sa isang araw, pagkatapos ng isang laboratory class, nagka-compare ang mga blockmates ko ng scores sa exam. Syempre hindi ako nagsasalita kasi ako ang lowest. Hindi ko maalala kung bakit nakita ng isa kong blockmate ang score ko. Itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang “Einstein”. Bigla ba naman sinabi na:

“Ang BOBO mo kasi!”

Hindi yun pabulong. Malakas, malutong at ang daming nakakarinig. May mga classmates pa ako na tumawa. Napahiya ako ng sobra. Sa loob loob ko, pareho lang naman tayong pumasa sa UP. Pareho tayo ng course. Ang pinagkaiba lang, lagi syang top sa exam. Mas kilala ang high school nya kesa sa school ko sa probinsya.

Para akong nabuhusan ng kumukulong tubig. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, hindi pwede to. Hindi pwedeng ako ang talo at mas lalong hindi ako bobo. I have to change.

Chem 40 is Organic Chemistry. Noong panahon ko, napakataas ng student mortality dahil mahirap sya. Maraming nagte-take 2. Isa sya sa subjects na kinuha ko on my second year and sa totoo lang kabado ako. Kailangan ko syang ipasa. I studied hard, I pushed myself further.

Noong kuhanan ng grades, I got a flat 1.0!

I can still remember singing worship songs while holding my classcard. May talino naman palang binigay si Lord sa akin, ako lang ang hindi kumikilos. Hindi ko ginagamit ng maayos.

That was the start of big things. For every achievement, I pushed myself even further – I joined 5 student organizations, worked in #Wendy’s, became the lead role in several theater performances, was awarded Best Thesis by 5 institutions and the list went on and on.

Katulad ng blockmate kong si “Einstein”, pareho kaming grumaduate na #CumLaude. Ang pinagkaiba lang namin, mas nauna ako. Natapos ko ang BS Biology major in Genetics ng 3.5 years lang.

Ang lesson:

#Insults can either hurt you or change you. In my case, wrong words brought me to the right places. Kapag may masasakit kang naririnig sa iba, just be quiet, baka nga totoo. Kung hindi totoo, prove them wrong.

Let them break you for a while but heal fast and mend strong. Turn those piercing insults and criticisms into lasting compliments.

Salamat blockmate. 😇💕


From 'Bobo' To Cum Laude: UPLB Alumni Shares His Worst Years At UP! This is Inspiring!

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Disabled No Legs Man Comes Out of the Vulcanizing Shop, This Make Netizens Wowed on his Work! Inspiring!

A Facebook post featuring a physically disabled man doing his job is making its rounds on the internet, inspiring many netizens to push through their everyday life challenges.

According to a post made by Trending Newsfeed Info, some concerned citizens shared their experience with a physically disabled man who was able to render them great service despite his condition. T

The unnamed physically disabled man went out to give them his service. Seeing his condition, the citizens doubted at first if he could do the job since he has no legs. Moments later, the customers were shocked and amazed as the man finished his job the way physically healthy men might do it. Stunned, the customers took pictures of him and shared it with Facebook for people to see and appreciate.

Jimmy Bacleaan wrote: “napakagandang halimbawa ang taong ito gumagawa ng paraan para mabuhay ng patas para sa pamilya!….dapat makita ito ng ibang masamang elemento tulad ng mga magnanakaw, snatcher, pusher, atibp!…..walang ginawa kundi manggulang ng kapwa! saludo ako sa iyo kapatid kahit kulang ka sa pisikal na anyo buo naman ang PAGKATAO mo!”

Some netizen tapped drug users and drug pushers who used being jobless as an excuse for their criminal acts.

Divine Egipto said: “Tapos sasabihin ng mga drug addict at pusher wala daw sila choice kasi wala silang trabaho. Eto oh example si kuya kung gusto niyo, mahiya naman kayo sa kanya uuuyyy!”


Source: Facebook,VK

Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos Created Their Own Rules At Home For Their Kids!

These days, is it possible for kids to be gadget-free?


What celebrity parents Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos did was set some rules, which must be followed by their kids Yohan, 11, and Lucho, 6.


“They are still into gadgets, but they have disiplina,” Agoncillo said during his interview with (Philippines Entertainment Portal).

“Early on, siyempre, noong maliliit pa sila, okay lang na you expose them to digital world,” Agoncillo added. “They’re digital natives, there’s nothing we could do.”

When they were asked about the rules, Ryan Agoncillo said, “One of the basic rules for Yohan and Lucho when they started to go to school, they can’t do the iPad thing, they can’t go on the laptops, they can’t touch their video gaming consoles.”

“They can make research though on their iPads or their laptop, but only if it’s for school and we’re always covering,” he added.


Judy Ann Santos, on a separate interview said the same thing.

“Puwede sila mag-iPad only to research on something. Hindi puwede mag-games, hindi puwedeng mag-YouTube, nothing,” Juday said.

“So they always research on something and they have to learn something from that research,” she added.

Judy Ann also shared that Lucho is now researching about dinosaurs, piranhas and also frogs that are poisonous.

“Ganun, siya, hindi ko naiintindihan pero nasasakyan ko naman,” Juday joked.

“They can go to the playground if they want. Pero ang bawal ay iyan, television and gadgets,” he added.


What’s the reason?

“If you’ll ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he wants to be a parkour guy and a scientist, so parang Spiderman,” Juday revealed.



“I think it’s inevitable. But if you’re asking me if they have social media accounts, no,” Ryan said.

He also said that it’s not healthy for their age to engage with social media.

“There will come a time that you don’t have to impose rules already. They’ll do it on their own, I think,” Agoncillo added.

Source: PEPVK

Mechanic in UAE with short leg and one arm, Watch His Inspiring Story Here!

Juan Samujo Briza is working as an electrician and A/C technician at Star Auto Care Motors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has been working for 3 years already as an Oversees Filipino Worker despite his physical disabilities having short legs and only one hand.

During a Gulf New TV interview with Briza, he shared his life experiences. He said that he faced so many struggles due to his disability, but it didn’t stop him from persevering

Watch his inspiring story here:

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Wife Was Amazed After She Saw Her Husband And Daughter Doing This In The Kitchen!

A video went viral on the internet showing a father and a daughter in the kitchen dancing through Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

The special closeness of children to their fathers is a marked phenomenon.
A father’s love is not often showy but their children always know. They just know. That’s why mothers are starting to feel envious of their husbands.

In the viral video, the first thing that’ll come up in your mind when you view it, is the both are just preparing meals in the kitchen. But when the song played, the father and daughter began dancing.

Source: VK , Youtube

Look: Boyfriend Proudly Posts Their Love Story With His Plus Size Girlfriend! So Romantic

While some men are more attracted to girls with a 24-inch waistline and screaming butts and breasts, one netizen proves that size really does matter as he proudly shows off her plus-sized girlfriend on social media.

Facebook user Jeto Guanzon posted sweet photos of him with her girlfriend and told the world wide web how he loves her very much despite her being plus-sized.


Guanzon said:

“She’s my girlfriend. She’s the one I love. Yes she’s Big. Yes she’s plus size. Yes she has great curves. And Yes I love her. I just wanna tell you that not all men want party girls and sexy girls. I love her just the way she is. I feel like I’m a better man when I’m with her. And to whoever wanna bash her you gotta deal with me. Because she is always, always worth fighting for.”


His shared photos of him and girlfriend which basically sums up the great relationship they have.
Many netizens shared their reaction on the post saying that they were inspired by the love story of the two and it made them believe again to the true essence of love. They even shared how are it is for a man like Guanzon to appreciate the beauty of his girlfriend even though she is not what the society wants.



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