He test his Mother’s Love, The Result is Heart Touching!

A mother’s love is invaluable. It is unconditional and can never be measured by any amount of treasures of the world. They are the real heroes of every family. They can even sacrifice everything for the sake of their children. Your mother knows every bit of your life, every heartache, every dreams you wanted to fulfill, every likes and dislikes. Mothers keep that in their mind and in their heart. Every bit of you is a very important piece for them.

There are some misconceptions which claim that mothers only care for their children when they are still young. But this Facebook guy will prove this wrong. He made a social experiment to see if his mother would still care for although he is already a grown man.

His social experiment succeeded and it only proves that even when children are already grown up, a mom’s love for them can never be changed. How great mothers are. Their love is everlasting.

Source: VKYouTube

He Abandoned His Girlfriend on their Dinner. But You Will Not Expect What Happen Next

Women’s greatest dream is to one day walk down the aisle on her wedding gown to the altar where her beloved one is waiting. But before that much awaited moment, they’re hoping to have an unforgettable marriage proposal.

On March 14th during the Korean Valentine’s Day or white day, Soojung and her boyfriend went for a dinner date.


But for some unknown reason, her boyfriend abandoned her at the restaurant. But after a minute she received a call and you will not expect what happen next

Wife Surprised by her Husband With This! Surely this Will Make You Cry!

JoJoe Perfect posted on his Facebook account a video documenting his surprise efforts for his wife who has been with him for 6 years.

In the video, the couple can be seen holding their baby while they share their special night. He also presented gifts to her crying wife as she roamed around the room. A blue box with balloon, gifts and money summarized how the husband made his wife feel she is special.

The video was posted with a caption:

“I’m sorry, and thank you with everything over the past 6 years. I will try to hold on to have a next year, next, and next! 60 more years. .. . . . . . . . . . “

Although not everyone can understand the language used in the video, the important thing for them is that they understand the language of love.

“Kahit di ko maintindihan yung salita..isa lang masasabi ko may effort talaga” Nyl Alinecrag commented. Some of the netizens encourage their partners to watch the surprise video by tagging them in the comment section.

Source: VK, Facebook

Farmer Discover a Kingdom Under the Largest Cave in the World!

A man named Ho Khanh found the cave when he was hunting for food during a storm. He went inside the cave and saw the underground kingdom inside it and was amazed by the new world he had discovered. However, Ho Khanh was not able to relocate the cave again until after 18 years of exploration.

Professional cave explorers Howard and Deb Limbert from the British Caving Research Association, together with Ho Khanh visited the cave which is now called Hang Son Doong. The cave was the largest one Ho Khanh had seen as it can hold an entire block of New York City.

The cave is said to be 3-miles big and many different kinds of birds, monkeys, and rare baseball-sized limestone cave pearls can be found inside. Because of its size, it is now proclaimed as the largest cave in the world. The cave has its own weather system, underground river and towering that is as high as 656 ft. This wonderful kingdom can be found in the deeps of Vietnam’s Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Because of its hidden beauty, many people want to visit the enchanted place however, only 500 tourists are allowed to enter the cave per year to preserve its natural beauty.

Source: VK, Viral4real

This Short Video Will Make You Fall in Love Again :)

Its creators, Chalkdust Film, describe it as “Set in a world where wishes are granted by mythical beings that live under fountains, an apathetic wish granter is forced to go above ground to grant a wish of love.”

Well, if this doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what else will! This film is produced at the Ringling College of Art + Design by Echo Wu, Kal Athannassov, and John Mcdonald. It aims to spark the belief of viewers to the power of destiny again in a world where negativity and hopelessness thrives.

Why SM Stores Does Not have Mercury Drug Store Inside? Read it Here!

As time flies, people couldn’t help but wonder as to why there are no Mercury Drugstores in SM Malls. The only drugstore that SM Malls have is the WATSONS.

Henry Sy Sr., the one who pioneered the establishment of SM Stores, is a Chinese Filipino business tycon who’s now considered as the top 1 billionaire in the Philippines.


Henry Sy Sr was once an ambitious man during his childhood. He badly wanted to be rich so he tried to do lots of businesses, but unfortunately, most of them failed.

Getting customers has been a struggle for him but he noticed that Mercury Drug, which has been in the business for so many years, has many customers coming in and out of their store so Henry approached the owner and asked if he can rent and place his small show store there even in a small space. Unfortunately, the owner declined his request.

With this incident, Henry promised himself that he should no longer let himself be embarrassed and promised to never let Mercury Drug step into his life in the future, once he become rich.

In 1958, Mr. Sy made his dream a reality with an established shoe store in Quiapo, Manila, the 1st ever SM Mall in November 1972.

Looking back, you couldn’t imagine that the richest man in the Philippines suffered from this terrible incident that maybe triggered him to strive more.

Now, because of his determination and persistence, he is now owner of numerous malls, supermalls and supermarkets in the country and owns 6 malls in China and 1 SM Mall in Guam.

You can observe that Watson’s is inside all SM Stores, which could be the mall’s alternative for Mercury Drug.

Source:  VK TNP 

Old woman passed away inside the nursing home, But before she died she created a note for the nurse

For the elderly people, nursing homes are a big help to them. It becomes their 2nd house where they get the attention that they need because of their old age.

Oftentimes, these old people are eagerly waiting for their family to give them a call or pay a visit sometimes. But because they are too busy with their new lives, they tend to lack time when it comes to the elderly people.


A heartbreaking story of an elderly woman has been making the rounds on social media sites.

This story will serve as a lesson to all to never forget to give attention to the old people that you will see.

Source: VKNewsNer

She is a Garbage Collector before and Now A Crowned Beauty Queen!

Thailand. The story of a young beauty queen, Khanittha “Mint” Phasaeng, became an inspiration to other people after she admitted that she used to be a garbage collector.

The 17-year-old woman joined the national pageant in Thailand back in Sept. 25. With her beauty and brains, she managed to win the competition bringing home the crown asMiss Uncensored News 2015.



Before winning the crown, she, along with five other family members, lived in a 4-by-5-meter shack. This small space also served as a storage room for the garbage her mother collected before she would separate and sell them, reports The Star.


At 14, Mint had to leave school because her mother couldn’t afford her fees. To help with her brother’s education and the everyday family expenses, she began selling clothes and collecting garbage.


Later on, she was adopted by a salon owner who gave her the opportunity to finish Level 8. She knelt down in front of her mother as a sign of gratitude after winning the competition.


Describing her success, she said, “I didn’t believe that I will win. It’s like a dream. Everyone relies on their own efforts to support themselves. To be able to achieve success today is due to that hard work and effort.”


Source: VK, Dailypedia

He Put His Daughter Inside A Plastic Bag. What is the reason? Heart Touching!

As a parent you will do everything for your children.

In this unbelievable footage  a father placed his daughter inside the plastic bag. If you see this footage for the first time, you’ll surely be mad at the father.

After he placed her inside the plastic, he dragged it to the other side of the lake. The goal of the father is to make sure that his daughter’s uniform will be clean and dry.

The father wanted to make sure that his daughter is safe and sound inside the plastic bag as he swam across the lake. The extreme current of the water makes it impossible for anyone to cross the lake. This shows how much he loves his daughter that he is willing to do an effort like this to make sure that she goes to school.

She Saw a Moving Trash Bag in The Road. She Open it and Saw Something Unexpected Inside of it!

Last Thursday morning, Malissa Sergent Lewis was driving her kids to school as normal, when she happened upon a shocking discovery.

She said, “I saw this trash bag in the road, and I thought to myself, ‘Did I just see that bag move?’ The closer I got, I realized it was moving. I could hardly wrap my mind around that. Something was alive in that bag, and I just knew I had to get whatever it was out.”


Sergent took out her cell phone, and began to film the strange sight.

“The bag was tied off in a knot, so I carefully tore a corner and looked inside. It was a puppy. And he sure was glad to see me. As soon as I opened it up, and he saw light, he just started wagging his tail. He knew he was OK. I couldn’t believe it.”


She said she can’t take to just leave the dog at the road so she decided to take it home.

“I just put him in my lap and drove to school. I couldn’t just leave him in the car, so I brought him in with me. The principal saw me and said, ‘You have a dog!’ I said, ‘It’s a long story.’”Lewis continued.

“Who could do something like that to any animal? I don’t care who you are; everybody loves puppies. It’s a real cold-hearted person to put an animal, any animal, in a garbage bag and dump it on the side of the road. They had bad, bad intentions doing that.”


“We all love the puppy. He’s going to be loved, and have a good home with us. I’m just glad I was in the right place at the right time to save him. That’s what it was.”

Source: boredom,VK