He Saved Coins for 18 Months to Buy Brand New Motor Cycle!

Jeffrey Catayas, a resident of Barangay Tisa, Cebu City, drives a “habal-habal,” a motorcycle with modified seat to allow more passengers. This type of vehicle for hire is common in the provinces particularly in areas where jeepneys and tricycles cannot enter narrow or rough roads.

8 months after saving coins little by little, Jeffrey Catayas of Barangay Tisa in Cebu, a ‘habalhabal‘ driver was able to afford a brand new motorcycle paying in cash after saving up five and ten peso coins in his bamboo-made bed.




The story was shared by Super Balita Cebu as employees of Honda Center in Cebuproves so after they helped Catayas count the coins.

Catayas earned praises from Filipino netizens on social media for his perseverance and determination.

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Handsome Police Guys Married in Full Uniform

The wedding photo of this Spanish police officer went viral online. The gay couple was wearing their complete police uniform as they tied the knot.

Spain, which was one of the first countries that legalized gay marriages, still has a stigma against gay couples. However, Chema and Jonathan, police officers from Catalonia, Spain did not shy away from expressing their love, but were proud to have their wedding vows in full uniform. The couple was so proud they even posted their wedding photos on Instagram for all the world to see. They are the first ever gay couple to marry in police uniform, and their story has gone viral on the internet and social media sites.

Chema and Jonathan are the officers from the Catalonia, Spain who’s not embarrassed to show their love for each other. They proudly expressed their love and affection towards each other. They even uploaded it on Instagram for the world to see.

They even got a saber arch by their colleagues.

“If it helps someone who is being bullied in school for their sexual orientation to see it as something normal, then that’s great. It’s not something that should be hidden just because you belong to a particular institution,” Chema said.

It is like a dream come true.

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Before Become a Lawyer He Served as Mcdonald’s Service Crew. Inspiring!

“When I became a lawyer, I just knew that I have to be that kind of lawyer that I admire back in the days when we were struggling. I don’t have to be the smartest or the most prominent. I just want to be one of the most judicious and moral.”

Attorney Howard Chan used to work as a service crew of McDonald’s before he became a lawyer in 2015. The journey towards achieving his dream is not easy.

Based on the story that he posted on Filipinolosophy, his family came from the working class. Despite having other relatives who are rich enough to help them, he chose to ignore them during the times that they had not food, water and electricity.

Because of this incident, there is a barrier for him to the rich people who are not offering help to the needy ones. Though he stressed out that he is not anti-rich, he just said that he is more impressed with the people who mae efforts to help out others.


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She Think That Her BF Was Just Going To The Bathroom. But What Happened When He Left Was Surprising!

For every woman, one of their dreams is to get married and to be with their love ones for the rest of their life. But before that happens, he needs to think of a way to eagerly show that he wants to be a part of his life. He needs to look for a way on how he could possible get her sweet, ‘Yes!’.

Liam is one of those men who wanted to make their girl feel special as they pop the question. Ever since they were in high school, they have been together. Tons of their friends were recruited and asked to be inside the cinemas.

The video of him started playing after he goes to bathroom.

He has his own version of Rude asking for Amy’s father to give him the blessing.

Older Sister Always Asking Money From Her. But When You Found Out The Reason You Will Cry

A series of photos which were screenshots of the conversation of two siblings caught the attention of the social media users.

Based on the conversation, the older sister constantly texts her younger sister asking if she could borrow some money from her.

A lot of hurtful messages were said by the younger sister saying that her older sister is a burden to her for asking money from her.

Until one day, the younger sister was fired from her job. She immediately texted her ‘Ate’ saying that she will be a burden to her for the following months because the money that she has left was the one she will be using for her fare back to their town.

The woman knowing the lifestyle of her younger sister saved all the money that she sent to them so that she could use it in the future.

Read the full context below:

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Must Read: How This Teen Mom Fought For Her Little Angel’s Life!

“A baby is never a mistake, a surprise sometimes but never a mistake.”

Teens nowadays are getting engaged in pre-marital s3x that sometimes result to a early pregnancy of teenagers. There are some teens who chose to give up and undergo abortion, but there are still some who chose to bravely face the consequences of what they’ve done.

A 16-year-old girl named Jewel Fulgueras was among those teens who chose to bravely face everything that have come her way.

She told it to her family, they got mad, but eventually, they accepted her.

The time has come, it’s already time for her to deliver her baby. It wasn’t really easy because she’s feeling painful contractions in her belly.


But like what she said, all the pain were washed after she saw her little angel.

The story doesn’t end there. After giving birth, the doctor told her that her baby has to be admitted for a week because of the unusual color. But after a few days, she was able to bring her home.

But then, after a month, her something’s happening to her baby. She’s acting unusual and after a few days, she was alarmed when her daughter vomits blood. They rushed them to the hospital but then no findings were found.

The following day, she noticed that her baby was a bit pale. They brought them to the hospital but they were too late.

Her baby passed away and she broke down after hearing such news.


This Man Saw him Carrying His Lifeless Daughter.. He Did Something that Will Surely Touch Your Hearts!

 Julius Broce Barellano managed to help this poor  with the help of the people, father give her daughter a decent burial.

The father was caught on camera as he was carrying the lifeless child on the streets.The daughter of the said man passed away after suffering from sickness.  The said footage went viral online as they were touched by how this man loves his daughter so much.

Julius Broce Barellano a local radio DJ in San Carlos City asked for the help of the community. Their goal was achieved as they got hold of the proper funeral and burial for the daughter.

On the caption of the compilation video, Julius wrote: Salamat sa lahat ng tumulong sa Tatay na ito na karga ang kanyang patay na anak!”

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They found a Stray Dog In The Woods with abandoned Kitten!

A woman alerted animal control services when she heard intense barking for several hours coming from a nearby wooded area. But what the team discovered when they found the source of the barking filled my heart with warmth.

A Shih Tzu and a cat melted netizens’ hearts worldwide with their heartwarming friendship.

Michelle Smith, an animal control officer, received a call, saying a dog has been barking in the area for two days now. She checked the area and saw the barking shih tzu with a kitten lying beside it.

Beside the female dog lay a small, abandoned female kitten. The dog, which could have easily left the area, instead chose to stay by the kitten and call for help.

It quickly became clear that the little dog had adopted the kitten. She had washed, protected, and cared for the kitten for several days. Animal control services took the two little animals to Anderson County P.A.W.S., where the pair remained inseparable.

After seeing a segment on TV about the dog and kitten besties, a local couple decided to adopt both of them.

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Dog stays on his side even on his Death.

Sometimes we just hope that our dogs also have nine lives. We wished they could be with us from the moment we were born, and we just hope they’ll die the same time with us. People around the world consider dogs as man’s best friend. When we go home, they eagerly wait for us in the doorstep. They protect us. They make us happy when we need it the most. And we must admit, wives and girlfriends may leave, but a faithful dog stays and never leaves.

Our pets are not only pets they are also part of the family. They have feelings too and but hey cannot express it in the same way how human do. But on this video it will show how this dog love his owner. Watch the video below:

TRUE STORY of Couple Who Fell in Love Through “Clash of Clans (CoC)”

Real story behind CoC couple

A story behind a couple who fell in Love through COC (Clash of Clans) was went viral on social media today particularly on Facebook.

It was first reported by satirical site Pinoytrending.altervista.com which earlier dubbed Mitoy and Mika as “CoC Couple”.


But on Social Trends PH revealed the their story was not really started on COC.

Based on the website, the girl in the viral photo is named Althea Beruya Ronquillo and her boyfriend is Pat Esconde Patricio. They were not really playing Clash of Clans.

She said in an interview that she and her boyfriend were used to be workmates in Makati City.

Althea shared that their romance started while Pat accompany her to their house in Taguig. Pat did this early in the morning as much as 4 am at the end of their shifts.

Pat on the other hand hails from Alabang.

Althea said that she was amazed by the effort of her now prince charming until last April 28, 2015, he told her “Sana akin ka nalang” via a text message to which Althea responded “Oo” which marked the beginning of their fairytale-like love story.