Sentences Sound Much More Powerful Than Simply ‘I Love You

There is something about love, it is meant to be voiceless. It should be unspoken sometimes and contain incredible actions that bind you stronger with your partner. Even when words need to be said it should be the right words, because it is hard trusting or even giving your heart to anyone. Let the right person hear the right words. And it doesn’t have to be “I love you,” because that can make you feel cheated and seem like everybody else. To treat your man/woman right then you have to be exclusive and make exceptions to the rule. There are sentences that carry as much weight as saying, “I love you.” Sometimes these sentences go deeper and build greater trust in the relationship.

If you want to love, please love right. And do not be like every other person. Say something sweet, please and let the other person have a sense of belonging. Let them know that they are the one you have been waiting for all this while. And do not be ambiguous about it. Because when the right words are said, it means everything and could establish your place in their heart.

I think about you all the time

This is not abstract but specific. It is a doing and you are making him/her aware how they exist and coordinate your thoughts. It is not about how long you have been together, you are making them understand that the person exist so deep in your thoughts that it is sometimes distracting. And this is deep.

I would create perfection for you

This helps explain how far you are really willing to go for him/her. It tells the other person that your desire or affection doesn’t come as a simple saying but as an active to desire to always please them. It shows that you are willing to make sacrifices and compromises. It shows you are willing to go places for her. And what could exhibit your heart desires than these words?

You look impeccable

You look amazing, you look ravishing, and you look breathtaking…. Your partner wants to be noticed, especially by you. Make them aware that you see them and they always have your attention. This sentence helps to ascertain security and relevance in your relationship that they don’t only have your heart, they also have your eyes.

You are more delicious than candy

It tells your partner how sweet they are. It is the perfect image that triggers all sensuousness in the relationship. This statement sounds best during a cuddle or a moment of romantic expression.

I want you

This sentence could sound as desperation or a hungry and affectionate desire. It is best to say this during the early stages of a relationship instead of saying ‘I love you.’ But it does carry as much weight and relevance to the listener.

With you I am never afraid

Love is pure and synonymous with it is courage. Let your partner know how bold and fearless loving them makes you feel. This sentence means assurance, boldness and perseverance. It means you are willing to go all in with him/her.

You are the best

This makes your partner know that he/she comes first. It puts them in an elevated stage in the relationship. Comparatively, even when there have been others, they are the best. You give them that feeling that they do supersede everyone who has come into your world.

Life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless

There is no meaning of existence without him/her. You can’t breathe, eat or even think without them. They make you perfect and offer you more than enough reasons to live. Instead of saying “I love you” this sentence affirms the other persons position in your life. It gives credence to him/her and makes her aware why he/she will always be in your life.

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Watch these groomsmen’s epic dance moves in a surprise wedding number for ballerina bride

When two professional dancers marry, expect a lot of dances and cool moves.

Professional dancers Kirk Henning and Valerie Tellmann got married after 11 years of being together. As part of the celebration, Kirk and his groomsmen surprised Valerie with a performance of all her favorite songs.

The gentlemen danced to an incredibly choreographed mash-up of “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, “(You Drive Me) Crazy” by Britney Spears, “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins and “The World” by Brad Paisley.

Kirk said that the he planned the dance since March and shoot videos of the choreography for his groomsmen since they lived all over the country. It was Valerie who told him of the idea of groomsmen dance when they got engaged.

Valerie was surprised. She was giddy and jumping up and down like a little girl. She said she loved the surprise including the confetti, gymnastics moves, glasses and cowboy hats.

The video which is nearly eight minutes long was posted by Ginger Topham in Youtube. As of this moment, it has gathered more than 2.48 million views.

Essential Dog Care Hacks That Will Make Their Owner’s Life Easier

Pet parents know that their pup is worth every hair tumbleweed and chewed shoe that they must deal with to have the precious pooch in their lives. However, who wouldn’t want an even smoother interaction with man’s best friend? Below are 45 dog-care hacks to prove once and for all that owning a dog in this era of genius ideas and gadgets has never been easier.

1. Dog Crates to Improve Pet and People Sanity

Crates, when used correctly, can be an extremely important tool. They can help you with potty training, keeping your pup from chewing power cords and other dangerous things when you can’t watch them, and can give your dog a safe place to go to take a break from too much activity. Teach your young children to leave the dog alone if he retreats to his crate. Crates are also great to take with you to give your dog a point of reference if you travel, as they will feel safer in a car, plane, or hotel room if they already see the crate as their familiar den. It’s easy to train a dog to love his crate; especially if you feed him in it. Make it comfortable with soft bedding and keep it open in a quiet area of the house, so the dog can utilize it when needed.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 7.16.26 PM

2. DIY Pet Treats and Pill Pockets

There are plenty of DIY dog treat recipes out there for those who like to show their pooch a little lovin from the oven! But, if you have a pet that needs daily medication, and you don’t want to spend money on store-bought pill pockets, you can make your own with this simple pill-pocket recipe. Depending on the size of your pill, you can also use frozen blackberries or blueberries if you want to give your pet another healthy anti-oxidant-rich alternative. Just run the berry under water to thaw, and push the pill in! Remember, not all berries are good for your dog to eat!

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 7.21.12 PM

3. Smart Pet Doors Let in Only Furry Family

Do you ever feel like a doorman for your pet? Have you thought about a pet door, but are worried that a ravaging racoon may wander in at night? Then get a pet door that only unlocks for your fur kid. These wondrous passageways are only unlocked by a signal from your pet’s collar. This way, your pooch has full access to your house and yard, and you have peace of mind knowing that no masked bandits are entering your home.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 7.26.06 PM

4. Use a Dremel for a Puppy Pedi

Trimming back your four-legged friend’s nails is an essential part of dog care. Some dogs hate the feeling of regular nail clippers, as they can put pressure on the nail quick and cause discomfort. With a bit of patience, you can train many dogs to accept a Dremel. The Dremel bit does not put pressure on the nail quick like regular dog clippers. Many dogs, once trained to accept the sound and feel of the Dremel, prefer it to regular clippers. Just remember to trim back longer hair that is around the paws so that it doesn’t get caught in the tool. Also, use the sanding drum and constantly put your finger on it to check it when it’s not moving to make sure it’s not building up too much heat, like in this instructional video. This toe tool can then help you create a spa day with your best friend, and easily sand your dog’s nails down for the perfect pedi.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 7.39.21 PM

5. Chicken and Rice Works Wonders for the Upset Puppy Tummy

Vets have recommended it for years. If your dog suffers from digestive troubles, and you’ve cleared him of the more serious health issues with your vet, you can help soothe his tummy with a base chicken and rice home-cooked meal.


Every Couple Should Never Forget To Do These 10 Things No Matter How Long They’ve Been Together

True love lasts forever, doesn’t it? Well, at least the majority of people believe so. However, it is not only the love itself that makes a relationship work for years; it is also about the people and what they do to make it work.

Just being together and being in love may be enough for the first year, but then you will need to try harder. Here are some things for couples to do in every stage of their relationships.

1. Go on dates

Whether you’ve just started dating or have been married for years, it is always great to go out together. Dress up and go to a restaurant, to the theater or just for a walk around a park.

If it is true love, you’ll always have something to talk about, from how both of your days were, to the deepest thoughts and feelings.

2. Travel together

Wild and Adventurous? Check out this 'Outdoor Survival Crate' for your ultimate off-road adventure #ManCrates

Nothing brings people closer than traveling. You make plans together, you see new exciting views, you get great memories to remember for years and, most importantly, you overcome difficulties together.

With age, people tend to travel less, finding many excuses not to go far away from home. Don’t be those people! Travel to a new place every year; that will definitely be beneficial for your relationships.

3. Do things together

It is very important to spend quality time together, whether you prefer watching TV together, working out, taking cooking or dancing classes, going for a walk or just staying up all night talking. The most important thing is to enjoy each other’s company.

4. Have your own hobbies as well

No matter how much you love your partner, being together all the time and doing every single thing together can be quite difficult sometimes. Having separate hobbies is a great thing in every stage of the relationship.

One person can play video games, while the other one draws, for example. It will give you satisfaction from doing the thing you love and will actually make you miss your partner.

Read: A touching story about a son’s love for his father

Netizens became emotional after a Facebook user named Jace Pasigay posted a picture of his father on Facebook. He captioned a short story about his father.

Read his short story below.

“He is my father. He works as a porter in a local market. He’s a great father and a good friend.

As you see, he’s crying in the picture. It is because I gave him my medals. He is the one who deserves to wear them. I worked hard for those medals and I want to show my gratitude to him.

Despite being sick, he still managed to attend my graduation day. It was because he was very happy when he found out that his son is the valedictorian of the batch. He always brags about me. I can say that he is my number one fan.

But he’s gone…

He died last August 22, 2013. He left us despite all the hardships and sacrifices he did for us. He deserves to be loved. He deserves our overflowing love until now.

His face won’t be forgotten even now that’s he’s gone. Those moments when he became very proud of me, those moments when he said that my mom should always take care of me and no matter what happens, I should finish studying.

It makes me sad that he couldn’t see me while I’m reaching for my dreams. Those dreams that we made together.

I wish you were here. I wish you could hear me shout how desperate I am to see you again.

One year, two years, Even many years will pass, I won’t forget your name, your smile, your love, and the way you care about me. Those things will always be here in my heart.

I miss you so bad dad. Your youngest son will always miss you. I love you.

Thank you so much for everything.”

Things you need to do to make your day productive

If you are not having a very productive day, and lets face it we all have them once in a while; then here are things you can do to change that.

If you’re working on multiple projects, focus most of your time on the one that will yield the highest results.


This is often called the 80/20 rule or the Pareto principle, and it says that figuring out which 20% of your work will yield 80% of the best results will make you way more productive and inclined to work.

To burn off any anxiety you’re having, go for a run, dance, or do a physical activity for a half hour.


Working out increases your creativity and confidence, and is often a great way to clear your mind and let original ideas start to flow.

If you can, turn your phone off and put it in another room.


Or at worst, leave it on, but only respond to a text or call if it’s absolutely necessary during the time when you’re working.

Reasons why you are still single

It seems everyone you know is paired off. So how come you’re still single? There are lots of possible reasons.While I don’t have to tell you that being single is awesome – because it is – there’s still always that tiny voice in the back of every one’s mind that whispers, “I’m awesome. Why they can’t see that?” Well, the answer isn’t as simple as you may think. In some cases, it’s simpler than in others. Here are some of the most common reasons why you still doesn’t have love of your life:


You play hard to get. Don’t play hard to get! BE hard to get. In other words, don’t pretend to have a busy social calendar with plenty of activities. Instead, get involved in things with you are passionate about and actually stay busy and interesting.


Your standards are too high.It’s okay to always go for blondes or to have a thing for tall men. We all have our specific attractions and we have little control over our natural chemistry. However, don’t be so rigid in your type that you won’t even consider the cute brunette who works in your office building or the sexy but shorter guy you meet at a party. Height and hair color don’t make a perfect relationship, but humor, passion, and connection definitely do.


You’re going after the wrong guy. It happens all too often. You’re able to pull what you think is a fantastic guy — good looking, charming, a guy girls women would kill for. He can get whoever he wants. And that’s part of the problem.