Watch: Super Tekla Nakakatawa At Nakakaiyak na Performance sa ‘Wowowin’

Madalas nang mapapanood sa “Wowowin” ang stand-up comedian na si Super Tekla matapos siyang gawing regular ni Kuya Wil sa programa. Ang mga tao sa studio, all out naman ang suporta sa komedyanteng mahusay magpatawa at magpaiyak.

Matatandaan noong nakaraang Agosto, pinaiyak ni Super Tekla ang mga nanonood nang ilahad niya ang kuwento ng kaniyang buhay.

This Miss Gay Pangkalawakan Winner Goes Viral! You will Not Expect What He Did!

Miss Gay pageants have slowly become part of our local culture. Communities are now allowing them to express themselves through showcasing their beauties, ideas, talent and humor.

A Miss Gay Pangkalawakan 2016 winner who comes by the name Elsa Droga on Facebook, recently went viral after netizen posted a video of him walking the ‘ramp’ while a crazy crowd as cheering him during his bold stunt.

After stripping his pink flowing dress piece by piece, he also danced to the ‘albatross’ song. As a finale, he did a stunt which instantly earned him the crowd.

Source: VK, Facebook

This is his first time in the airport and He entered on the XRAY Baggage Machine

A video of a unnamed man passing through the x-ray baggage scanner installed in an airport entrance has been spreading online.

Based on a CCTV footage posted by DJ SADIC, the Arab-looking man walk through the entrance intended for airport goers, but was suddenly blocked by the guards when they noticed that he did not put his luggage through the scanner. The guards asked him to go back and have his bag checked.

The man then entered through the x-ray scanner, seemed to have misunderstood the guards’ instruction. Of which incident fussed the airport authorities.

Some netizens found the video funny, but some expressed worry about the amount of radiation he must have gone through. One netizen noted that x-ray machines in airports do not release as much radiation as those found in hospitals.

Most airports have installed x-ray baggage scanners in their entrances which are big enough to accommodate bulky baggages. But humans are normally strictly prohibited to enter the machines.

Source: Kicker Daily, VK

These Guys Spending Night at IKEA! The Happiest Sleepover Ever

These 2 guys love to push their limits. Life is about building experiences and memories. There is a quote that says: ‘Do not regret what you have done, regret what you have not done in your life.’ Life is one big youtube video. You should better make it interesting because when it comes to an end, you’re gone and you’ll never have a second chance.

Therefore they tried to sleep for one night in IKEA recently. Here is their experience. Feel free to share the movie.

So Gorgeous Woman at the Back But Wait until She Reveal Her Face!

Nowadays people are easy to trick specially when it comes to sexy and daring pictures. Also some people grab a chance to have a pictorial with hot girls.

But if you will check this maybe you will need to check first if pictures with daring pose are really a woman.


This video is the Most Painful Prank at all. It Really hurts! LOL

This video is posted on Tambayan ni Berto

Watch why this video called the most Painful Prank 🙂

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Source : TambayanNiBerto

AWKWARD: Instead catching Pokemon , Player Caught A Couple Behind The Tree Doing Intimate Thing

Nowadays, Pokémon Go is very popular worldwide. Since its launched last July 6, the game has been downloaded more than 75 million times.

The goal of the game is to catch all pocket monsters (pokémon) by searching and moving around in the real world. Players can see the pokemon through the cameras of their smartphones. They can also take screenshots.

Because of this feature, there have been numerous pictures of Pokemon Go, from sad to funny to downright embarrassing.

Just like the photo shared by Papa Ghiiee on Facebook.


The photo shows a man and a woman caught in the act, with Squirtle right in front of them. Awkward.

Papa Ghiiee admitted the photo was edited, but it didn’t stop people and sharing the pic.

Funny edited memes photo of President Duterte & 4 former presidents

Recently, Rappler posed a challenge to the netizens to send the most creative version of the viral photo shared by President Duterte & 4 former presidents to commemorate their historic meeting.

In a Facebook post, Rappler posted the challenge to netizens that reads:

“Master, pa edit po.”

A historic photo deserves an equally important background. Can you take the challenge? Send us your most creative version in the comments!

Netizens with editing and photoshop skills gamely responded and came back to post their coolest and funniest renditions of the historic photo of the current and 4 former presidents to commemorate the meeting of the National Security Council.

Source : Rappler

This woman experienced the Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction on Live TV

It is always unpleasant to have a wardrobe malfunction when you’re having the performance of your life in front of many people.

The video of a lady is currently a hit in Facebook as she inadvertently uncovered her private part when her underwear dropped off amidst of a performance.

This kind of unfortunate incident usually happens with celebrities and performers. However, videos from different gadgets are always ready to capture every moment of our unexpected moment.

The video was uploaded by Facebook user named Trevor Clarke. On the video, a woman is singing wearing a glittery dress. Then suddenly her panty fell off and she even tried to put it back in stage.

He just captioned it, “Wait for it, LOL.”

However, some comments said that the performance was planned, including the slipping of the underwear. A lot of comments said that they cannot contain their laughter after watching the video.

This Guy Pranks his Girlfriend by Pulling Her Underwear! Must Watch

A man got mixed reactions from the online community after she pranked her girlfriend in different places.

You will not believe on how this boyfriend made a prank on her girlfriend and collated it in a video.Amber Doig and Julius Dein have different level of making surprises to each other.

They are long –time partners. If some surprises involve flowers and chocolates, the two are making pranks to each other.

The most recent video of the two that has gone viral online is the footage whereas Julius compiled the wedgie prank that he puts on Amber.
This boy just can’t seem to get enough of the wedgie pranks!
Even though many netizens got angry on this prank video, Amber assured everyone that she’s alright and she will retaliate soon!
Source : tnp,vk