10 Celebrity Prom Photos That Will Make You Chuckle

Taylor Lautner


Lautner became a star in Hollywood at a very young age. After an appearance on 2003’s “The Bernie Mac Show,” Lautner went onto his first starring role in the film, “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D.” Lautner used his newfound popularity to get cast as Jacob (the werewolf) in the massively popular “Twilight” series.

Lautner was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but spent a lot of his schooling years traveling the country. Lautner attended his high school prom in Valencia Beach, California; it’s not as if it’s ancient history, either, as Lautner is only 23 years old. The girl with him in the picture already knew how much of a star he was; if only she could have warned him about what film would make him a star.

Most Relatable First World Problems Compilation

Check out this First World Problems-Piques Vine Compilation, possibly the most relatable first world problems on the internet.


Source: Piques

What weird things do you do when you are left home alone? I think I know somebody who does this

Mom buys groceries. Dad goes to work. It’s a Saturday, and you are left alone at home. What do you do? Everybody has done something weird when everybody’s gone for sure. It might be something you have been aching to do, but there is always somebody at home who can see you. Some people would simply sleep through the day, or some people (like myself) choose to do something out of the ordinary. Well I’d rather sing to my favorite tune that die of boredom!

Surely everybody tried singing in the bathroom even once in their lives. No? Then it’s just me I guess! Well, let’s be honest about it: What do you do when you are left home alone? You probably are thinking what I’m thinking right now.

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Busted! Mistress no.1 cuts off her lover’s ‘manhood’ after learning he has a mistress no.2

Many incidents involving infidelity surround China. Some men openly cheat and have mistresses on the side as a status symbol. An affair might be a secret elsewhere, but Chinese men support multiple women, in part, to openly flaunt their wealth and social status. For Chinese men there’s no status symbol like a mistress, or two, or three, or four—but that does not mean it is okay with all the women involved.

In Hangzhou city in China, police are not searching for a woman who allegedly cut off her lover’s ‘manhood’ using a pair of scissors.

They had apparently met in a hotel, where Mr. Liu proudly admitted that he has another woman he is currently seeing—aside from her. His mistress offered him a pill later into the night, which he drank despite not knowing what it was.

He fell into a deep sleep, but was woken up after feeling intense pain ‘down there’. Blood was spewing from his crotch and that was when he realized he was missing something terribly important.

Surveillance footage from the hotel shows an image of a woman holding an object that appears to be either a pair of scissors or a knife as she exits the building.

Despite being in terrible pain, he spent time looking for his missing member before going to the hospital. Unfortunately for him, his ‘manhood’ was nowhere to be found. He then hailed a taxi and brought himself to the hospital where he is now recuperating.

Police are still in search of mistress no.1, surnamed Zhang.

VIDEO : How to take selfie for your boyfriend watch this

A girl’s just taking a selfie for her boyfried

Short Funny GIFs


The Moment you thought its over



I wonder what color is it




That feeling that you want to hit him but u feel too lazy to move




Take that b*tch!!






I just want to greet you “Good Morning”, What’s wrong with my new uniform?

Most Awkward Anime You Should Definitely Watch

Watching fun, exciting anime with them is great!

But watching weird stuff can sometimes be even more fun with a group!

So I suggest you make that Facebook event, add all your friends, grab a few drinks and play russian roulette with these anime titles.

But seriously, get drinks. Its heavily needed. Heavily.png. Also you probably won’t be able to look your friends in the eye after watching these together.

Most of this stuff is pretty NSFW and risky so this is your last chance to turn back and keep your mortal life.

Still here? Good being a mortal is lame anyway.

5. Kagaku na Yatsura

This one is only 25 minutes, but can be a good warm up for a grand night of wtf. To be blunt, it’s an anime about a scientist and his two girlfriends with breast that are way too big.

There’s also a lot of tentacles just to be a stereotype and the two half-breed girlfriends always end up in the most ecchi situations that make their breast lactate.

Fun Fact: These are the least ecchi pictures I could find.