Kris Aquino Hilarious Reaction after eating ‘Isaw’ For The First Time!

Kris Aquino has one of those voices that really get heard, so to speak. People follow her, haters and likers alike watch her every move and listen to her every word. It would take another phenomenal star to have the guts make the Queen of all Media do a challenge!

In her online series, This is Real, Kris Aquino interviewed 2016’s breakout celebrity, Maine Mendoza, a.k.a. Yaya Dub. What she didn’t know was that Maine was planning a surprise for her all along!

Maine challenged her to eat isaw, a street food made from pig intestine. Kris is known to be very picky with her food and what she eats. 

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Must See! Fiancé of Bangs Garcia Gave Her a Brand New BMW 4 !

While some celebrities received fancy gifts like jewelry or clothes for Christmas, they had nothing on Bangs Garcia.

The actress now owns a brand new BMW 4 series M Sport, thanks to her fiancé, Lloyd Birchmore.

“He said he wanted to give me more and more incentives to hurry up and move my ass to UK already!” Bangs said on Instagram.

She said that her Filipino-British fiancé gave it to her as both a Christmas gift and an early wedding present.

They announced their engagement on January 2016 and will tie the knot this coming January 2017 in Boracay Island. They are also planning on having their second wedding in the UK.

Bangs Garcia's Fiancé Gave Her a Brand New BMW 4 Series M Sport! Must See!

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Viral Post Of A Girl Who Suffered Years Of Abuse From An Abusive Guy Who Is The Father Of Her Child! Must Read

A recent Facebook post of a girl directed to the abusive father of her child went immediately viral in social media.

In her very emotional and fiery post, Zel described what type of a father her partner is. Not only did she shared her resentment towards her partner but she also shared how his family treats her and her child. She claimed that the guy and his family are abusive and selfish. Zel also shared how strong she is as a woman and as a mother to her baby given her circumstance.

At the end of her post, Zel explained the reason why she felt the urge to post her message publicly. She did not want the attention of anyone but she wanted her partner to realize all her resentment as he seems to be not paying attention to her and to their baby.

With a total of 37 thousand Facebook reactions and more than 18 thousand shares, Zel’s post immediately grabbed the attention of many Facebook user. Netizens sympathized by giving her words of encouragement. Majority of the discussion in the comment section tackled how Zel managed to choose her partner despite his attitude. Other tried to give ladies like Zel some sort of reminders before entering the responsibility of parenthood.

Read her full post here:

Facebook Post Of A Girl Who Suffered Years Of Abuse From An Abusive Guy Who Is The Father Of Her Child Goes Viral! Must Read!

Facebook Post Of A Girl Who Suffered Years Of Abuse From An Abusive Guy Who Is The Father Of Her Child Goes Viral! Must Read!

Facebook Post Of A Girl Who Suffered Years Of Abuse From An Abusive Guy Who Is The Father Of Her Child Goes Viral! Must Read!

Facebook Post Of A Girl Who Suffered Years Of Abuse From An Abusive Guy Who Is The Father Of Her Child Goes Viral! Must Read!

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This What Typhoon Nina Leaves Affected Areas After Christmas! Please Pray For The Victims!

After making its landfall, Typhoon Nina with the international name NockTen ravaged Marinduque and Catanduanes, wrecking severe and extensive damage to these areas.

Typhoon Nina, with maximum sustained winds of up to 130 kilometers per hour (kph) near the center and gustiness of up to 215 kph, is moving West Northwest at 20 kph reported by the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). In this video taken by netizen Rheylan Motol Vitto and posted by People’s Television (PTV) Facebook Page, Typhoon Nina can be seen hitting Marinduque with full force when it made its fourth landfall in the area on early Monday morning. It has also devastated Catanduanes leaving the entire province with no electricity.

WATCH: Latest Video Of Typhoon Nina Wrecking Marinduque!

WATCH: Latest Video Of Typhoon Nina Wrecking Marinduque! WATCH: Latest Video Of Typhoon Nina Wrecking Marinduque!

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This 10-Year-Old Girl With Autism and ADHD Stunned Everyone When She Did This!

Kaylee Rodgers, a 10yearold student of Killard House School located at Northern Ireland, sang “Hallelujah” to the audience for their Holiday concert it could make the late Leonard Cohen rise from his grave to give her a humongous applause.

Her voice as what people commented as “angelic” moved the audience to tears as she belts the song about searching for spiritual wisdom and human desire. The song never failed to make a person freeze for a while and listen to this melancholic yet uplifting song that was popularized by various artists, particularly the late Jeff Buckley.

But what is more amazing in the performance is not only her voice but also her strength to show her talent in front of the audience.

What people don’t know about little Kaylee is that she has autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Her principal, Colin Millar, described Kaylee as someone who had been struggling to communicate effectively to her peers. He said that she would not talk and read out in her class.

Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy organization, defines autism and autism spectrum disorder as complex disorders of brain development, resulting to difficulties of social interaction, verbal, and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors.

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Pinoy OFW in Dubai steals from a money exchange center


As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. We often hear good news about Filipinos returning lost items to their rightful owners.

Neverthless, this one would tell a completely opposite story. An unidentified Filipino working at a money exchange center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was caught on CCTV stealing from a customer.

According to GMA News, the Pinoy employee took Dh1,000 (P13,612) as reported by Khaleej Times on Monday.

Taken last November 3, the footage shows how the Filipino secretly drops the Dh1,000 into the cash register from the Dh2,000 given by a Chinese customer.

The said customer handed another Dh1,000 after being told that the money was short.


Photo from

The National reported that a Jordanian administrative executive saw what the Filipino did through the CCTV.

“He waited until the employee went to the toilet and took the money from the register. When we reviewed the footage, he confessed to taking the money and never paying it back,” the executive noted


Camille Almost Slapped by Angelica Panganiban!

Who could have forgotten former child stars Camille Prats and Angelica Panganiban during the peak of their childhood careers? Recently, Camille revealed something about her childhood friend. 

Camille shared that one of the things she hates about Angelica is that she always touches her underarms. “I hate it! As in, sobra,” Camille exclaimed. 

One day, she saw Angelica wearing a sleeveless shirt. She decided to get her revenge by giving Angelica a taste of her own medicine. Angelica reacted harshly and almost slapped her! 

“Muntik akong masampal [pero] buti na lang nakailag ako. Nakita ko siya sa mall [na] naka-sleeveless siya. [Ginawa ko sa kanya at] pag-ikot niya, na-realize niya kung sino [kaya] tinuluyan niya, Mars,” Camille shared. 

“Nakaganti ako kasi hate ko siya. Ayaw kong hinahawakan sa kili-kili [or] anything [na ginagawa sa] kili-kili. Basta nagspa-spark siya ng buwisit sa akin,” She added.

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Girl Enjoys the Groove So Much She Did not Know Her Butt Pops Out!

It is easy to forget and drop everything whenever we’re at the bar enjoying the music. As the beat gets faster and we start to lose control – that’s when the real fun begins. 

Yet for this girl, what was supposed to be a night of partying and enjoyment turned into a disastrous night of embarrassment as her butt got exposed – or did it? 

Source: TNP , Facebook

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Photos Of The ‘Sexiest Baseball Pitcher’ That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Online sensation Choi Seol Hwa is now regarded as the world’s ‘hottest pitcher‘, and her photos hit the cyberspace by storm.

Choi Seol Hwa hails from South Korea and she is now being considered as the second Clara Lee after she threw the ceremonial first pitch in a professional baseball game. Clara also became an overnight online sensation when she did her first throw in 2013.

On the other hand, Choi bagged the crown for the year’s Miss Muscle Mania Bikini Contest. According to reports, she had experiences of ballet dancing which made her fit and flexible.

Here are the 25 photos of Choi Seol Hwa that proves she really owns the title of being the ‘hottest pitcher’:
MUST SEE: 25 Photos Of The World's 'Sexiest Baseball Pitcher' That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

MUST SEE: 25 Photos Of The World's 'Sexiest Baseball Pitcher' That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

MUST SEE: 25 Photos Of The World's 'Sexiest Baseball Pitcher' That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

MUST SEE: 25 Photos Of The World's 'Sexiest Baseball Pitcher' That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


Baby Was Injured After a Snatcher Tried to Steal His Mother’s Phone! Unbelievable !

This CCTV footage of a merciless snatcher harassing a woman and putting her infant child in serious danger has gone viral. The short 34-second clip was uploaded on the Facebook page ‘Cebu Flash Report’.

The incident took place inside the Atillo Subdivision in Labangon, Cebu City. In the video we can see a woman using her smartphone while cradling a baby in front of a sari-sari store. As she sat on the concrete bench, a motorcycle rode up to her with two men riding in tandem.

The man wearing the blue shirt got off the vehicle and walked over to the woman. Suddenly he began reaching for the lady’s phone. While they struggled for control, the baby accidentally slipped out of the woman’s grasp and fell head-first onto the hard floor. 

Many netizens expressed their various opinions on the incident. Some were outraged at the snatcher’s cold-blooded actions. Others were disappointed in the mother’s concern for her phone over her own baby’s wellbeing.

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