Caught in CCTV: Car Hit And Run a Vendor Smashed His Tricycle To Bits.

This videos is recently uploaded by a netizen and immediately went viral. Caught in the camera was a hit and run incident and it was clear that he didn’t make an effort at all to avoid the accident nor have the heart to go check the victim’s condition.

In the video a man in tricycle selling a puto and other delicacies roving around the gate and suddenly a fast car hit his tricycle directly, dragged it and smashed every piece.

The car didn’t stop at all despite the accident. It just went away fast. Fortunately, the man was not severely harmed but in the video, he was clearly confused of what just happened. Upon realizing that all his tricycle were turned into bits, he just sat there helplessly. This broke the heart of the netizens and made them enraged with the aggressor.

Source: VK, Facebook


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