Caught On CCTV Footage! Two Men Attacked By An Unknown Entity

There are people who do not believe in the existence of ghosts because of the lack of physical evidence like pictures and videos. But some believe that there are creatures in this world aside from us, creatures and entities that are not meant to be seen. But what do you really believe in? Have you seen or felt one for yourself?

Stories of such creatures just seem too absurd despite the claims of alleged experts who are out to prove the truth as they claim it. However, this CCTV footage will surely give you the chills and goose bumps and may change the way you perceive things and ‘ghosts’.

In the said video, two men were walking down the steps of a staircase when shockingly, the first man falls to the ground and seemingly tried to brawl with someone. Fortunately, with the help of the other man, they were able to run back up the stair to escape.

Source: VK, Viral4real


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