Change is Here: Zero Snatching and Holdapping in Metro Manila from July 1


It’s always a pleasure to live in a safe city. A city where you can walk around the streets knowing that nothing bad can happen to you.

Police officers can see that Metro Manila, specifically the big cities such as (Manila, Mandaluyong, Makati, and Quezon City) are better off without crimes. The officers have seen a gradual decline of small rate crimes in these cities and all may be credited to the strong implementation of laws by President Duterte.

Even in Divisoria only unjust vexation, illegal possession of deadly weapons and malicious mischief are has been blottered.

They said all holdupers’ and snatcher was scared because of too many police rounding the whole city.

Also in Pasig there was no crime happened only a dead body found lately.

As much as 70%-80% decrease of crimes was recorded, a huge number indeed.

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