China claims that Yaya Dub is a Chinese National!

Inspite of the bad image of our country all over the globe because of the “Laglag Bala” in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)  there are still some things that Filipinos could still laugh about. This only means that Filipinos are known ti the world as one of the happiest people all around the world.
Maine Mendoza or best known as Yaya Dub, the other half off the phenomenal love team AlDub which become popular not only here in the Philippine but also in other countries because they are always trending on twitter worldwide.
Maine Mendoza was born in Sta. Maria in Bulacan on March 3, 1995 where her parents are a pure Filipino’s. She became first known on social media sites as the “Dubsmash Queen” because of her good dubsmashing skills on the popular dubbing app “Dubsmash”.
She was discovered by Eat Bulaga and had given the role as Lola Nidora’s (Wally Bayola) maid but tgen accidentally partnered to the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. Their split-screen romance never fail people to get rattle that’s why the tandem had gain so much fans.

As we can see on facebook, other Filipino’s that have great imaginations are making some memes on some national issues which only proves that Filipinos are not that threatened on some issues. As Yaya Dub or Maine Mendoza become known worldwide, the imaginations of Filipinos become more naughty.

Image Source: BNN Philippines

On a photo that was posted on social media account facebook, there is a photo of Maine Mendoza and a Chinese with the template of CNN Philippines on it but was spoofed and was changed as BNN Philippines with a headline ” China, naninindigang  chinese si Yaya Dub” in rough translation, “China claims that Yaya Dub is a Chinese National”.
The said kind of memes started when China saids that the “Baho de Masinloc” was part of China and claims that it is a property of China.
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