Chinese man marries a sex doll

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Getting married and building a home for our family is probably one of everybody’s goals. Everybody needs to love and be loved—without any judging eyes looking upon them. This man takes marriage to the extreme, when he actually married a sex doll. But his story behind it will make you understand how he feels.

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This 28-year-old unnamed man from China married a sex doll not because he had nobody willing to marry him, but instead he doesn’t want to burden another person. Apparently, the man had cancer and his chances of survival are nil. He didn’t want his widow to suffer—so he married something that will not ‘miss him’ once he’s gone.

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The wedding didn’t come in cheap, as the doll itself was worth £4,600. The wedding was a traditional and extravagant as well, making it look like a real wedding any woman would dream of. Even though he married a lifeless doll, he at least felt how it was to get married before he dies.

Source : viral4real


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