Chowking Responds to Loss of Gilas Pilipinas Against China in FIBA Basketball Finals

It was a heated competition between the two countries vying for the top spotlight in FIBA Asia’s 2015 Championship versus the Gilas Pilipinas and China, with the latter eventually winning the championship crown and solidifying themselves at the peak of asian basketball. But of course, it didn’t come with much criticism and controversy from many basketball fans especially the Filipinos considering the game was allegedly rigged by China along with the referees so that they would eventually win the championship. After a heartbreaking 78-67 loss, the Gilas team finished with a silver medal, but in the hearts of many Filipinos the Gilas Pilipinas basketball team was without a doubt their own champion as the team displayed grit, toughness and Filipino pride.


Many have come to the conclusion that the game is indeed set up for the China basketball team to win, of course playing in their own country in Changsha, Hunan, China definitely helped their cause in playing a massive advantage against the unwavering Gilas basketball team. This prompted netizens to take over the social media and express their disappointment and rage over Twitter and Facebook, with the hashtag #‎GilasTamangPanahon becoming a trending topic. They felt that the Gilas team was stripped of the victory that is rightfully theirs by the biased referee calls working against the Chinese basketball team’s favor. Chowking, a popular Chinese fastfood restaurant in the country, is humorously and jokingly getting blasted by netizens on Twitter, expressing that the Chinese restaurant should be banned for being apart of the “cooking” of the FIBA Asia 2015 Championship, all in good fun of course. And here is what some netizens have to say in regards to the matter.

Of course, Chowking decided to play the game as well, as their official Twitter account tweeted a response to netizens voicing to boycott the Chinese fastfood restaurant, and here is their latest tweet.
They amusingly made it clear that the cooking only happens in the kitchen, and they hade nothing to do with China’s triumph over Gilas Pilipinas, which they jokingly state that their chefs aren’t referees, calling for a truce and hopefully avoiding getting banned from the country, all in good humor and laughter. While the heartbreaking loss is still a lingering fresh wound for many, it would rather be best to head to Chowking and savor the flavor of Chinese style food made by Filipino chefs. And why not? They’re referees.. in their own kitchen. What do you think of the loss by Gilas Pilipinas? Let us know your opinions by commenting down below!



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