Church Pastor Impregnated 16-Year-Old Girl and Tells Her To Abort The Child!

The girl was called “Nikka,” not her real name, said that she’s currently 4 months pregnant with their church pastor’s child. The pastor is known as Enrico Alonzo.

In an interview held by Imbestigador with Nikka’s family, they said that Father Enrico was the one who lead their house blessing last May 2016. Because of that, they gave their contact numbers to the pastor who later on turned into Nikka’s textmate.

After weeks of being ‘textmates’, Father Enrico asked Nikka if she wanted to have experience with love and sex. The pastor soon took advantage of the teen’s naivety in a Nipa house just beside the pastor’s room inside the church area.

When he found out that Nikka was pregnant, he asked her to abort the baby. He then said that if they really loved each other, one should sacrifice.

Source: NewsInfolearn, VK


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