Cop Done This Unlimited Shampoo Prank Hottie Loses Her Mind!

Just like in his recent shampoo prank, Hooman Nouri waited for someone to shower and kept pouring shampoo on their hair.


As expected the victims were hilariously confused why their shampoo won’t rinse off. One of them even got pissed and smacked the shower repeatedly.

But here comes the funniest part, Hooman recruited a movie police officer who escalated the tension on the poor victims. The fake cop approached the victims telling them that they were “wasting time, wasting water, and polluting the area.”

The victims tried to reason out with the cop but he stands firm. One guy even asked him, “Are you doing this because I’m black?’ – enough to induce laughter from the people witnessing the prank.

Source Elite ReadersVK


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