Cops Planting Drugs During A Raid Caught On CCTV!

The Philippine National Police (PNP) are once again in hot water after another controversial issue linking several police officers with kidnapping, extorting and then murdering a Korean national is now being probed by the senate.

Now, they face another issue after CCTV footage was presented by Senator Panfilo Lacson during an inquiry on Thursday.

The footage showed police authorities planting illegal substances during a raid.

The video taken on October 26, 2016 at an unidentified office building showed the cops rushing into the vicinity. Moments later, they instructed the employees to move to a separate room.

Afterwards, the cops began rummaging through the employees’ desks. This is when the alleged planting of drugs occurred as one police officer was seen on camera taking something from his bag and placed it in one of the desks.

The footage was released during the senate hearing for the PNP’s involvement in the ‘tokhang for ransom’ case. 

Former Philippine National Police chief Senator Lacson claimed that the incident is an isolated case.

Senator Lacson also called out the head of the PNP to strengthen the troops’ counter-intelligence activities.

Watch this video below for more details:

Netizens who watched the video then criticized the current administration. 

“this shows how tainted the war on drugs is. let us open our eyes. what is happening is nothing short of martial law. police powers are at its worst!! who can we trust if the police themselves are bigger criminals?” said Rish Punjabi.

“the six (6) months promises is over nothing has change! the motto of the philippine national police is to protect and serve ….not to kidnap, plant evidence, and even killing its victims,” said Boy Biongcog Jumao-as.

“TANIM DROGA EXPOSED. Bato dela Rosa should immediately resign! This is unacceptable,” said Jhie Cabanting.

Some did not forget to include the past administration as they dredged up past issues during Aquino’s tenure as president.

“PNoy, Tanim Bala. PDuts, Tanim Ebidensya! Kaya wag na wag kayong magpapaulol sa mga pulitiko! Kahit ibinoto nyo, dapat ang loyalty nyo ay sa bansa lamang,” said Jasper Bautista.

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


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