Couple shares relationship goal video and went viral online!

A Facebook page, Filipino vines, posted a funny video of a sweet couple who were so real and comfortable with each other to the point that the guy even let his girl smell his armpit.

In the video, the girl was facing her laptop when the guy tried to get her attention. When the girl faced the guy, he immediately stole a kiss from her. The naughty guy repeated his attention-grabbing and kissing tactic but at the last supposed kiss, instead of his lips, he let her kiss his armpit and slammed it right on her face.


Eto ang relationship goals by Jefford Balote

Eto ang relationship goals by Jefford Balote #FVTeens #FilipinoVinerRock

Posted by Filipino Vines on Monday, December 5, 2016

Netizens were entertained by the funny couple’s video which went viral on Facebook.

One netizen commented:

“Mas nakakakilig pa yung mga ganito haha. Pangkaraniwan na kasi sa mga teenagers mga sweet. Pero sa mga couple na ganito ang edad bihira na lang or off cam lang.”

Another Facebook user wrote:

“nyahahhaa angkulit eh nakakatuwa c ate angsaya nya mukang get along cla sna lhat ganito d manlang nainis eh kitang kita na happy cla”


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