Crazy Compilation of before and after pictures of transgender people!

To see the struggle and final victory of the transformations they go through shows their strength and resilience against any obstacles. What makes these transformations so amazing is how stunning they emerge after their surgery. Check out these photos that will literary stop your heart:

Isis King is the first transgender woman to appear on the ‘America’s next top model’ reality show and her experience paved the way for others like her into the world of high fashion.

Bangladeshi-born Amelia Maltepe.

Thailand, according to a study has the highest percentage of gender reassignment surgeries, followed by Iran.

Thomas Beatle, the famous ‘pregnant man’ whose story almost broke the internet. A female turned male, who got pregnant while as a male.

German-born Balian Buschbaum was a female vaulting athlete who retired in 2007. A year later he had the surgery which changed him from Yvonne to Balian.

Laverne Cox became the first transgender woman to receive an Emmy nomination, for her role in Orange is the New Black. She is a phenomenal activist for the transgender community.

Insane before and after pictures of transgender people

Thalita Zampirolli is a Brazilian model who underwent gender reassignment and cosmetic surgery on her 18th birthday, with the support of her family.

Insane before and after pictures of transgender people


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