Customers Peacefully Eating Outside Resto But When Three Men Casually Walk in and Does This!

Crime is rampant nowadays and it seems that there isn’t a safe place anymore. Whether you are buying things at the grocery store, dining outside or even simply walking by the street, we can never really tell what could happen next.

In a video circulating on social media right now, women dining outside a restaurant were caught off guard because of the following incident.

The video which was caught by CCTV camera s showed three men wearing helmets entering the establishment. Moments later, these men started pointing guns at the customers outside of the restaurant before taking their things.

According to the video, the incident transpired on January 28 at 10 pm. Netizens also claimed that it happened at Reposo, Makati.

As of writing, the video has garnered almost 600,000 views since it was posted Monday.

Netizens on the other hand, were quick to share the video reminding everyone to always be alert and careful when outside.

However some others took the message rather too gravely as they warned other netizens to no longer dine outside since their own home are safer.

“Please wag sa places na open at hindi matao. This was in Reposo,” comments netizen David Ezra.

“Wag na sa labas kumain. Makati daw to,” says netizen Randy Olivar Lagmay.

“Ok lang po yan. Mapapalitan pa po ang mga cellphones. Ang buhay hindi na. At least walang nasaktan. Doble ingat. Sa loob nalang lagi kumain at sa mga mayari ng shops, dapat my guardya o police number na nakapost sa wall or accessible area para agad matatawagan sa mga events na ganito. Takot ko kala ko may babarilin,” netizen Sean Vizconde Aguilar said.

Source: Facebook, VK


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