David Blaine Produces A Live Frog From His Stomach

David Blaine has been performing for audiences for nearly two decades. While the magician and illusionist is always entertaining, there are times when people find the things he does to be downright scary. Whether it’s levitating, taking the heads off of live chickens and re-attaching them, or driving ice picks through his hands, seemingly with no harm, Blaine often causes those who witness his antics to scream and recoil in fear and astonishment.

Last night (November 11), Blaine appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, to promote his upcoming ABC special, David Blaine: Beyond Magic.

He tells Fallon he has been working on a trick called the “Human Aquarium.” Blaine speaks about a guy who, 100 years ago, supposedly converted his stomach into a functioning aquarium. Blaine then proceeds to drink an entire glass of water and, when he regurgitates it back into the glass, seconds later, a living, breathing frog spills out of Blaine’s mouth and into the water. Lest anyone believe the unlikely notion that he’d been hiding the frog in his mouth during the entire performance, he quickly re-swallows the frog and let’s The Roots and Fallon inspect his mouth to see nothing is inside.


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