Diana Meneses Did Not Expect This Disaster To Happen On the Dress She Was Wearing!

One of the worst things that one could experience is a disastrous wardrobe malfunction while the camera is rolling. However, it is always interesting to see how an artist could redeem herself from such an embarrassment.

This is what happened to the Brazilian model and actress, Diana Meneses. The 29-year-old TV host went viral when a video featuring her on the verge of a disastrous wardrobe malfunction circulated online. It has garnered the attention of many netizens as she remained classy and graceful while her sizzling attire failed to cooperate with her.

The footage was a clip of her guesting in ABS-CBN’s celebrity game show, “Minute To Win It”. The actress was on full concentration on the ‘Bouncer’ game where the contestants were asked to shoot a ping-pong ball inside a glass. As she tries to shoot the ping-pong, Diana’s dress started to slip. Despite the possible disaster, Diana remained focused on what she was doing.

Watch the video here:

Source: Youtube, VK


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