Did you know that First Same Gender Marriage in the Philippines Happened in NPA?

With social media and the internet still on fire about the same-sex marriage law being passed in the US, a little digging up of history showed the Philippines already has a record of its first-ever gay marriage.

Thomas van Beersum, in his post, said the National People’s Army (NPA) already conducted rites for same-sex marriage in the Philippines back in February 2005. Ka Andres and Ka Jose, two guerrilla fighters who participated in the NPA’s armed struggle against the pro-U.S. regime in Manila, exchanged their vows before their comrades, friends, and local villagers. Interestingly, the names ‘Andres’ and ‘Jose’ are names of two of the most well-loved heroes of the country.

The symbolistic ceremony showed that their love and their cause represent the couple. In this light, Ka Andres and Ka Jose held the hands of one another with a bullet held inside as a sign of their commitment not just to their other half but also, of course, to the armed struggle.


As romantic it may sound to others, however, their wedding didn’t save itself from rumors and condemnations. Representatives from the Philippine government said they lack religion and even a Spokesperson for Air Force generals allegedly said,

“this proves that they have no god and their morality is very much in question.”
Ka Andres and Ka Jose’s love story hit the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.



As for the couple, Ka Andres said,

“Gay cadres adhere to the strong party discipline. They enhance the prestige of gays in the movement. This has gained positive results through the years. Comrades (male and female) and even the masses have learned to respect and recognize gays and their contribution to the revolution.”

Ka Jose supported his partner saying,

“What we have to do now–with the help of the party–is to work on our marriage and to be strong while serving the people.”

Years after, under unfortunate events, Ka Jose passed away from liver illness and Ka Andres left the movement.

Up until now, gay rights group and progressive organizations support the fight to propose same-sex marriage in the Philippines.

Source: dailypedia,vk


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