‘Die Beautiful’ Deleted This Deleted Scene. Why?

The 2016 MMFF line up stirred a lot of controversy. Despite its polarizing reputation, many still supported the indie movies it featured and lauded the brilliance of its directors, actors and producers. 

One of the most talked about films was ‘Die Beautiful’ starring Paolo Ballesteros, who won the award for Best Actor. 


The films fans were agonizing over what might have happened at the end of the film, after Joel Torre, who portrayed Trisha’s father, finally learned where her wake was being held. 

To put the fans at ease, Director Jun Robles Lana uploaded a 56-second clip that was edited out of the film’s final cut on his Twitter account. He captioned the short clip with: “This scene took a whole day to shoot. But during edit, it was not working for the story. Tough decision,” 

The clip immediately went viral. Watch it below:

Source: Inquirer, VK


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