Do you Heard Duterte Use Gay Lingo? This how its look like! Must Watch!

This video posted by Bern Persia, well known as Bekimon has been going viral on social media. In this video he was portraying as President Duterte using Gay Lingo.
It was uploaded on Facebook last Tuesday night. Bekimon was mimicking the President Duterte as he was calling on the illegal dug users and pushers to immediately surrender themselves and  he would instruct the government bodies to reduce the red tape.

According to Persia, he was not expecting that the video would go viral overnight.
“It is actually unplanned and unexpected that this video would go viral. I was watching the news yesterday and I saw President Duterte in one of his interviews and I thought how it would sound if we hear him talking in gay lingo,” said Bekimon.
“Ngayon na lang ulit ako nakapag-trip na gumawa then nagulat ako biglang nag viral na malala. Pero medyo sanay na rin kasi this is not my first viral video naman so most definitely ready ako sa bashers, negative comments etc. Above all, I appreciate people’s time because this is a minute and fifty five seconds of their lives being wasted watching me,”he added.
Source: Facebook, ViralKicker
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