Do you Know the True Meaning of Pak Ganern? Read it Here!

A photo shows the ‘real’ meaning of Pak Ganern and gone viral on social media.

It was posted by a netizen named Anna Michay Valdez Barauya to the page of Showtime. The post saying that the phrase ‘Pak Ganern’ came from the Latin words, ‘Paccracssius‘ meaning, ‘be with me Satan‘ and Ganern is from Ganri meaning ‘eternal‘.

Based on the post every time a person is saying the words, ‘Pak Ganern!’, they are inviting Satan to be with them eternally.


However, the UP Diliman professor Felipe Jocano Jr said that the context of the words ‘Pak Ganern’ is the -gay lingo for the words ‘Tumpak’ and ‘Ganoon’.

Some people are even using it to replace some of the words in the known expressions such as:

– “nasa Diyos ang pak, nasa tao ang ganern”
– “ang hindi pumak sa pinanggalingan, hindi makaka-ganern sa paroroonan”
– “Birds of the same feather, pak together ganern.”
– “Pak of the same feather, ganern together.”


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