Do you love Tialpia? After Reading This, You’ll Probably Stop Eating It!

Tilapia has always been a staple food on the plates of every Filipino. It’s popular for having a low price but still being of decent quality.

But you need to control your tilapia intake as your favorite fish might not be that beneficial to your body. Most fish sold in markets are not bred in the wild but mostly in fish farms where natural food such as algae and lake plants is substituted with GMO soy, corn and multitude of antibiotics and pesticide.

Now here are more reasons why you should stop consuming farm-bred tilapias:

1# Farm-bred fish pack higher content of pesticides and antibiotics.

Tilapia also contains high amounts of pesticides and antibiotics. Farm owners give the fish antibiotics to protect them from diseases which can be easily spread since the farms are too crowded with fish. Pesticides are given to farm fish against sea lice, and this pesticide can even kill wild salmon if it consumes the pesticide accidentally.

2# Farm-raised tilapia are less healthy than those in the wild.

Farmed tilapia contains pollutants; dangerous ingredients often added with their feed, a feed which is actually given to farm raised fish containing chicken feces. Consuming farmed tilapia increases the cancer risks by 10 times, so this all the more reason why you should stop eating tilapia.

3# Studies confirm that consuming farm-bred tilapia can lead to inflammation of the body.

Beware, people with asthma, heart disease, and arthritis! Eating tilapia can worsen already existing inflammation. People often believe that they’re getting their omega-3 fatty acid from the fish oil in tilapia to reduce the risk of heart attacks, but the real truth is that tilapia can be a more serious risk factor than bacon or hamburgers.

4# Farm-bred tilapia also contains higher dioxin levels.

Farm-bred tilapia also contains higher dioxin levels. These actually pack 11 times more dioxins than wild tilapia. Dioxins are not only toxic, but can also affect your proper body and can even trigger cancer development. The worst thing is that as soon as dioxins get into the body, they take a long time to get out – around 7-11 years is half of what it takes for dioxin to be removed from the body.

5# Farm-raised fish is generally exposed to cancerous organic pollutants 10 times more than wild tilapia.

Moreover, one of the main ingredients in the feed is chicken poop. As well as pig and duck waste processed into fish food is also quite common.

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Source: CentralReaders,VK


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