Duterte I believe in GOD but not in RELIGION

In an exclusive interview that the incoming president Rodrigo Duterte had with Jessica Soho, he said that he believes in God, but not in religion.
It is one of the topics that they discussed along with the issues of having communists in the government, transparency and also the hidden wealth of the presumptive president.
For the record, I believe in God, but I do not believe in religions. Period. And the most hypocritical institutions in the Philippines, guess who?” said Duterte.
He claims that he does not begrudge the Church of their right to intervene. However, he has doubts if the bishops still believe in the concept.
He then gave a question to the bishops, “I do not begrudge if the bishops would stick to it. But it is really a separation and they would have to go out if the issue becomes a moral one or if it becomes an interest… Pero kayo bishops, I would like to ask you, kayo ba ay naniniwala sa separation of Church and state?”


Source : gmanetwork


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