‘Espiritista’ Exorcised Three Evil Spirits from Ruffa Gutierrez’s Mysterious Illness?

Ruffa Gutierrez shares the good news as she claims to be healed from her strange illness after a trip to an ‘espiritisa’.

According to her mother, Annabelle Rama, the strange sickness even rendered Ruffa lifeless for five minutes back in 2016. Ruffa collapsed twice due to the illness.

Ruffa also shared that the illness was keeping her awake during the wee hours of the night from time to time. However, doctors couldn’t find any specific health issues that might have caused her symptoms.

Today, Ruffa welcomes 2017 with hope for greater things as her battle with the mysterious illness is over. With the help of an “espiritista”, who allegedly exorcised three evil spirits who were following her, she is grateful that her ordeal is finally over.

“Kahit anong klaseng medicine, kahit anong klaseng ospital ang puntahan ko, wala silang mahanap. so it’s just, it’s just really na gano’n,” Ruffa shared.

Ruffa Gutierrez’s Mysterious Illness Now Gone After an ‘Espiritista’ Exorcised Three Evil Spirits

Source: PEP, VK


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