Evidences in Cheating Of Votes for Vice Presidential Race Were Found!

After the election. Leni Robredo is leading on vice Presidential position. But people are wondering how she get on the top.
A lot of people claim that it is impossible for Leni to win over Marcos because you can clearly see how much people want Marcos to be the next VP of the Philippines, especially now that he’ll be the VP of President Rodrigo Duterte.

However some evidences revealed that Liberal Party really cheated check the images below:

Various election paraphernalias especially ballots of some voters were found in an abandoned building in Alaminos, Pangasinan just 4 days after the election last May 9, 2016.
People then claim that this might be the reason why Leni won over Marcos.
The people are now asking for everyone’s help by sharing these photos on various social media sites because it is for sure that the MEDIA will not report about this incident!



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