Exorcism of Young Girl Allegedly Possessed By Seven Demons Caught on Camera!

A bizarre footage of an actual exorcism of an 11-year-old girl, who was allegedly possessed by seven demons has been circulating online. The girl was believed to be possessed and can be seen struggling in agony.


The exorcism was watched by several adults, in which you can hear a male voice speaking over the video repeatedly saying “blood of Jesus”. At the same time, the healer who presides the exorcism touches the child and says,  “never again”.


The video clip was first posted on the Facebook group ‘God’s Words – the Bible’ by Petko Asenov, who calls himself as a Commissioner for the Roma in Bulgaria.

The demon expelling video went viral after it was posted on the Facebook page with 14,000 followers, surprisingly it was swiftly deleted. But local media reported that Petko Asenov has his own YouTube channel and runs a blog for the ‘National Centre for the Development of the Roma in Bulgaria’.

Watch the shocking footage:

Source: Daily Mail, VK


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