Female Bodybuilder Has 0% Body Fat! Is this Healthy?

A collection of pictures showing a female bodybuilder flaunting her unbelievably fit body made rounds on the internet recently.

The unidentified woman proudly flaunted her body, flexing her biceps and showing people her muscular figure complete with rock-hard abs.

The bodybuilder claimed she had zero percent body fat.

Netizens have mixed reactions about her photos, sparking debates over her health. Some Netizens are worried that she has taken exercising way too far.

“The dietary discipline to get very low is nuts (nobody is at 0 especially a woman) but it’s unhealthy and ugly,” one netizen commented.

On the other hand, there are also people who admired her devotion in sculpting her physique to such an extent.

“It’s her life though, so more power to her.” another netizen commented.

According to the Royal College of Nursing, 21 to 33 percent body fat for women aged 20 to 39 is ideal if they want a physically fit and healthy body.

UNBELIEVABLE: This Female Bodybuilder Has 0% Body Fat Causing People To Question Her Health!

Source: 9GAG, VK


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