Filipina Pushed by American To Her Death Into The New York Subway Train!

It was a usual day for the daily commuters in New York City subway station last Monday afternoon when a woman pushed another woman off the subway platform as the train was approaching. She was killed instantly and bystanders were petrified with what they just witnessed.

The victim was identified as a Filipina-American Conni Watton, 49-years-old and migrated to Queens, New York City from the Philippines. She was pushed off the platform just as when the southbound No.1 train was pulling off the station. She was pronounced dead at the scene and witnesses immediately seized the suspect until police officers came.

Joseph Fox, Chief Of Transit for the New York City Police Department, was lost for words during an interview and all he was able to blurt out was “What happened here today is tragic.”

Some witnesses noted that Watton and the suspect, identified as Melanie Liverpool, were talking and later got into the dispute before the incident.

SHOCKING! Pinay Was Pushed To Her Death Into The New York Subway Train!

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


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