Financial Analyst Slams Celdran for Blaming War on Drugs On The Fall Of PH Stock Market

Carlos Celdran fired at Duterte and Dela Rosa saying the world knew that their war with drugs are “bad investments”.

“The Philippine Stock Market is crashing simply because the rest of the world knows that a drug war is a bad investment. Much less one that is run by Rodrigo Duterte and Bato Dela Rosa,” he said.

However, the remark was quickly slammed by Joseph Brian Noynay, Board topnotcher of the March 2014’s Real Estate Broker Licensure Examination saying,

“It is not a stock Market Crash, and market corrections like that are normal.”

Noynay further advised Celdran to message him in order to learn more about the stock market.

A page that professionalizes on financial investing and stocks have also slammed the netizen claiming that “tourist guides whouldn’t be financial analysts”.

“Financial Education is badly needed nowadays. Tourist guides shouldn’t be Financial Analysts. A lot of factors affect the movement of Stock Prices, not just Political Factors. Foreign Selling is evident now but this correction is expected. Never use your Influence to create Panic as it does nothing good,” iInvest Philippines posted.


Source: VK, Facebook


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