First Ever Article of Mocha Uson On Philstar Reached Likes And Shares!

Uson accepted the opportunity despite the many arguments and bashes she got from people who are enraged over her upcoming project with Philstar. She believed that it is a platform to voice out the cries of the Filipino masses whose needs and rights are being neglected or violated.

The daughter of the Philstar President earlier expressed her disappointment over their company’s offer for Uson, saying it is a disrespect to her late grandmother who founded the newspaper.

Nevertheless, Uson was granted the column: Hotspot.

And now, she already wrote her very first article for Philstar, titled “I have a right to speak”, which surprisingly reached a whopping number of shares and likes: 48,000 likes and 21,000 shares. It is about the freedom of speech everyone is entitled to even without proper education, public image, and wealth.

In the article, she also wrote about the people who are trying to bring her down with her personal blog, criticizing her point of views.

“I have never reported the anti-Duterte Facebook pages or the pages that mock me and my intelligence because I believe that we are all entitled to our own opinion. Yet recently, some people have tried to shut down my blog, they have tried to silence my voice claiming that I am spreading fake news, encouraging hate and creating division.” she wrote.

 Mocha Uson's First Ever Article On Philstar Reached Whopping Likes And Shares! Find More About It Here!
Source: philstar, VK


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