Fish Sporting Tattoos Was Spotted by Fishermen in Misamis Occidental!

Residents of the Lopez Jaena municipality in Misamis Occidental were extremely shocked when their fishermen spotted a large blue fish sporting tattoos on its body.

The pictures of the strange fish were uploaded by GMA News on their official Facebook fan page. The source wasn’t able to cite what kind of fish was it. The identities of the fishermen were also undisclosed.

The fish had strange black ink markings on the whole of its body, making it appear as if it was sporting tattoos. No other testimonies and statements were gathered from the residents and the fishermen.

However, lots of netizens speculated that it may have been the effect of water pollution or the damaging effects of chemicals being thrown into the sea.

According to netizen Steve Clark, he said, “This was probably caused by some sort of trash / fabric that had been embedded in the fish’s skin and over time imprinted this design onto its skin. Just a thought.”

While netizen Trebuh Aicarged said that the fish was probably a “blue marlin.”

Blue marlins are generally found in the Atlantic, but it is also seen in the subtropical waters of the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. It thrives on open sea, where it is far from land.  It also preys on a wide variety of marine organisms where it uses its bill to stun or injure the prey.

Netizen Roy Gonowon said that the fish should be preserved. He commented, “SAYANG DAPAT IPASURI YAN.. PWEDENG I PRESERVED YAN MGA IDOL.”

While Jher Dizon Littaua said that it appeared a drawing of Cebu hero Lapu-Lapu was marked on the fish’s skin.

Another one, Jhombi Basa claimed, “Yan ang epecto ng pag tapon natin ng basura sa karagatan.. plastic n maydesign yan na matagal na nakadikit sakanya kaya ung printed nalipat na..”

Josef Tfranz commented that it must be a “galunggong” who has “mutated.” A galunggong is also called a mackerel scad. These types of fishes are usually used as bait. They are also popular among the Hawaiians, where people call it the ‘opelu.’

Pedro Bandido mentioned that it might be a “tinapa” which was just heavily wrapped in newspapers, hence the strange marks on its body.



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